Izuku Midoriya – Genius Color and Costume Design (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya – Genius Color and Costume Design (My Hero Academia)

Throughout the history flashy, colorful costumes
have always been a part of every super hero’s wardrobe. But a costume can be much more than a way
to differentiate between those who are normal and those who are super. Some heroes wear their costume in order to
hide their real identity, in an attempt of protecting those dear to them but also as
a way of running away from society’s criticism. Others wear their costume as a uniform, a
symbol of where they came from and the people that they represent. And for some a colorful costume can be a badge
of pride and a way to combat discrimination, showing that it’s okay to be different. But what My Hero Academia does differently
from all the classic super hero stories is that it creates a world FILLED with inhabitants
that poses some kind of super natural ability or as the show calls them, quirks. Standing out in this kind of society is a
difficult task, because as Syndrome from The Incredibles puts it But a unique, well designed costume can be
exactly what an ambitious young man aiming for the top needs in order to get an edge
over the competition. And competition is key when it come to My
Hero Academia. Unlike most other shounen anime, where friendship
is typically the most important value a character can have, Boku no Hero does a great job at
displaying that while friendship is a great quality, if you want to be the best, you will
have to surpass those around you as an individual. At some point you will face your allies, and
your closest friends may become your greatest rivals. In this highly competitive environment where
everyone is trying to be in the spotlight, our protagonist, Izuku Midoriya does a very
bad job at standing out. In fact, Kohei Horikoshi, the author of My
Hero, said that the plainer Izuku looks, the better. But while Deku is a plain character inside
his story’s verse, if we were to take him out and compare him with other anime protagonists,
that may no longer the case. So many shows in the last few years attempted
to create this ordinary, generic main character that the viewers can relate with, and they
all have a very similar, at this point watered-down visual design. Deku is different. He stands out among them, one of the key differences
being the primary color of his design: green. Green is an odd color choice for a lead character,
especially for a shounen hero. The most popular colors for this kind of story
are red, orange and yellow. With the exception of Yoshihiro Togashi (who
apparently likes green quite a lot) most other authors deliberately avoid this color. The reason is simple. Bright colors like reds or yellows make your
character attract attention, and basically scream to the viewer: “Hey, look at me! I’m Special!” Green on the other hand, in this kind of setting,
is typically associated with commonness and with characters that have no particular talents
or out of the ordinary abilities but are hard workers and have a strong sense of what is
right. Some good examples of this would be Rock Lee
from Naruto, who doesn’t have any talent whatsoever as a ninja, but is able to keep
up with the rest by pushing himself harder than anyone else is; and also, Mumen Rider
from One Punch Man, who in spite of not having any super power, is the bravest hero of them
all. When it comes to Deku, he is green in every
single way. His hair is green, his costume is green and
even his name, Midoriya comes from the word midori which is the Japanese word for “green”. And this was Horikoshi-sensei’s vision from
the start. He wanted to create an ordinary looking, hard-working
protagonist who could inspire the viewers to go and pursue their dreams. Izuku stands out because of his actions and
not because of his looks or costume. When it comes to Deku’s costume, it is a
very simple one inspired by the 2 most influential persons in his life. His mom, who gifted him the jumpsuit which
is the base of the costume and All Might who has been his idol ever since childhood. Over the course of the story his costume undergoes
some changes but it does not deviate too much and stays true to the original design. Izuku doesn’t wear his costume to look cool
or in order to gain an advantage in battle, he wears it because it’s a symbol of his
mother’s love and a badge of gratitude towards All Might. He more than anybody else understands that
this hero society is able to exist only thanks to the people who support it. Deku is plain and at times a boring character,
but in an industry filled with flashy, brightly-colored heroes that seek for your attention, he is
a refreshing one to follow. Among shounen protagonists he sticks out by
being a normal, unremarkable character and not the “chosen one” type of lead, which
is quite ironic when you think about it. But more than anything he is a madman and
one of the most genuine characters in shounen. And this is why we love Izuku.

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  1. I just subscribed, this was so beautiful to watch! I would say that Deku and Tsunayoshi Sawada are very similar.

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