Jaguars unveil new uniforms

Jaguars unveil new uniforms

the wait is over we showed you earlier in the news the Jaguars today began showing off their new uniforms during the team’s annual state of the franchise presentation those Nike uniforms feature three Jersey options three pant options and two sock options there’s four jacks Sports Reporter cold pepper joining us live Col along with these new uniforms there’s also a new helmet yeah it’s the new helmet but it’s also the old helmet and here it is this is the quietest jaylen Ramsay has ever been by the way the number 20 version of the teal on teal and this is the color rush and you mentioned the two different stock options you’ll only see the teal Sox for the color rush game but you can see these others in other combinations and Steve’s if the Jaguars vice-president marketing digital joins us Steve let’s first start with where this all started and how what kind of a message you wanted to send with this this new uniform sure so it started back in 2016 when we really started to have the opportunity to discuss whether we wanted a new uniform and how the players felt about the current one what their thoughts were and I think we really you know this is even pretty the time at pre time coming and we started to talk about wanting a more classic and timeless approach to our to our current design and when we began that process it really looked at like how do we build a much more globally inspired brand for the Jaguars that everyone can look back and look forward to and say it belongs in the NFL forever and it always has and always will I think that was kind of the starting points of the process and part of that is even something as simple as how the numbers are put on the jersey right you know you just what you look at the design of this uniform you know it really does hit on the most important things that we we hallmark tonight key which were classic and timeless we wanted things that could last a test the time the font itself represents a font you would see back in 1995 and it could also be a font you would still see as a modern version of the full block the original full block 20 years from now so we felt really good about where we land and having a custom design font that represented the past well and made us a big part of the NFL and also represented a place that other NFL teams could go in the future now there are a couple things we don’t see anymore obviously we know the helmet doesn’t have any gold but there’s other than the logo there’s no gold really on the the jersey itself on the on the uniform itself yeah you know we talked about that a lot as in through the process gold is always going to be part of our brand is represented on the logo which is one of the reasons the logo is on the body of the uniform one we want to make sure that anytime you look at this person coming at you or going side by you is he’s running for a touchdown you can see that logo so that’s one of the reasons the logo is more pronounced than on the chest trapped in the shield it had to be significantly smaller so we wanted to freed from the shield for this purpose exclusively the shields still a big part of our brand and we will represent it it represents our connection to the military locally but for the uniform specifically we wanted people to see the Jaguar anytime they anytime a player was running at them well we will see that shield and other uses as well as you say so it’s all part of it and I’m telling you I love the teal on teal look forward to seeing a lot of that coming up this year Steve thanks so much that Steve’s if the vice president of marketing and digital for the Jaguars and that’s the new uniform right here at EverBank Field guys call last night on the ten o’clock news we told everybody how the uniforms had been unintentionally unveiled last night at the airport did you ask the team how that happened yeah all they would say was that it was a miscommunication a little bit of an oops moment mark lamping made light of it today a little bit in the state of the franchise address saying hey act like it’s Christmas morning and you’re a kid and get excited about it I think for sure folks will be excited about this and they’ll get a chance to really take a closer look at the draft day party on Thursday when the official roll out the full-bore public roll out of uniform will happen guys Col Pepper reporting live from the stadium thanks Cole

15 Replies to “Jaguars unveil new uniforms”

  1. jags flubbed this up. The hype was about adding more teal in the theme, but only the color rush focus on teal. These are dull not classic. Helmets are a huge improvement…but overall this was a huge FAIL!!

  2. Too much teal just looks bad. The 90s uniforms worked because they balanced the teal with just enough gold. Too bad we have five years of this.

  3. Those are so much better, now we actually look like an NFL team. Not a arena football league team. I wish they would have thrown some stripes on the pants, outlined the numbers. Then they would be perfect.

  4. The uniforms look great to me and hopefully all of the uniform debates can be a thing of the past with a classic look that will stay for the long term.

    I will say I liked the previous ones as well though. All of the Jags uniforms from 1995-2011 were awful.

  5. I like the old ones better. The only thing keeping these ones from looking horrible is how good their colors are

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