Japanese PRO Advice【Fighting Game Characters】

Japanese PRO Advice【Fighting Game Characters】

If it’s a female character, you can put this here When you add bottom lashes
-makes it look realistic. Nice Thank you for coming
-Hello We have Hinoe here again for the Discord advice series Hello It’s not Discord, but it’s a character that I just drew I drew a recent character for a fighting game The way to draw the hand, or the nose part is too simple I’d like advice on getting the shape nicer For the length of the arms, the perspective was difficult I wanted the arms to be coming out forward but I don’t know if it is long enough or not. So hard Also need advice on the eyes I drew the eyes in quite a simple way Maybe the mouth is too simple as well Please give me advice
-ok First up, Hinoe is checking the position and the angle of the face Looking at it again, can’t see the collar of the shirts. It disappeared Oh yeah, the left arm of the character is raised up so… I thought it was better to raise the shoulder as well It’s actually ok to raise the shoulders, but if you raise it too much it looks unshapely Next, Hinoe is changing the angle of the left arm Right now it’s hard to tell, but the overall proportion is like this Going to add the clothing now It was quite difficult
-The cap is… The the bill of the can can be like this Changing the angle makes the shape of the cap clearer to see When I don’t know the position of the ears, is there anything I can do? Let’s say you have the eyes here Usually the ears come to the same height right?
– yeah the bottom part comes to the same height of the nose around here Oh right. Checking with my own face right now, and it’s true For this type of character, find the face line and cheek bones like this, When you look at in 3D, it extends around to the back like this If you look into those parts, you will understand it in three dimensions I see I’m curious about this. It’s a line you see often in Anime Starting at the nose and rising up behind it Well, you express it like this, but in reality it is like… It’s quite a bulky way to draw the nose When you make it 3D, the line is like this Well I’m drawing the rear view here Ah so that’s what that is!
– yes The real lump of the nose is, when you draw it with a line, It’s too realistic so in animation you cut the details and do deformation Even if you like the Anime style gotta refer to reality as wel or else you won’t know what is the deformation of what
-that’s right That’s nice. As a habit of animator, even for eyebrows that you can’t really see, you draw them anyway When you animate it, without this the animators will have a rough time that’s great Next, something that interested me, the shape of the eyes First, you’re making the eyelashes thicker
-Yes, that’s better When it’s a female character, you can add this here
-bottom lashes? – yes will make it more realistic
-Nice Now for the eyes, you don’t have to draw again. It’s quite nice I see You have fixed the collar there was no need for it to disappear behind the neck The part I was worried about was the jacket folds It wasn’t looking natural. The material was…
-That is true it wasn’t quite right The folds I drew were drawn too evenly Rather than a simple curve, this sort of shape looks more natural When you draw the base of the body well, you can add the clothing with confidence
-yes yes it’s great that you get info about here character when you see the pinky finger lifting up like that You often see the pinky finger moving around on its own Oh that’s nice. The jacket button get pulled results in a fold too How are you adjusting that now? Thought maybe the hands could be bigger This part of the hand Adding this bumpy part of the hand Nice. The thickness of the jacket is much more visible now Overall, something like this I see! Amazing. Many parts have been modified Basically the pose looks better set The original drawing was like this The position of the arms were moved down The shape of the chest is more visible too The part I was worried about was this part of the jacket Probably it’s a thick garment so the give the folds some roundness It looked unnatural due to the evenness But looks really nice like this These parts look really thick and This part looks cool, and this part is gathered as well More natural like this What I drew was just curve, curve, curve. Such basic shapes This one has different shapes and looks more natural These lines are really good You can tell from the wrinkles how tight the clothing is The angle of the arm I drew was this kind of shape but the shape that Hinoe-san drew was There was this bend here very natural The eyes have not been changed much but with the modification to the eyebrows it has a more impact Even in very very small areas like this Just adding little details is great Would you connect it like this? Or not? If you connect it, it will be too much. Well it depends on the character So this is plenty
– yes Recently some characters don’t even have that line
-That’s true For this line on the nose, it doesn’t have to be straight but dashed lines work too or it can come down like this, and as you had explained, this part can go like this It’s simplified and becomes a very nice shape The original mouth that I drew was, well it was a mouth somewhat but now it’s a very calm and natural shape Very nice You draw the hair like this, and add a curved line at the end, makes the hair looks really natural If you want to draw girl manga, you at least need these skills! Even though I don’t want to! Plenty of improvements to the cap The overall shape was adjusted the angle adjusted too When it is this angle, how do I say it… When the brim of the hat is at this angle, you the shape is better defined Very nice Put a wooden block on the front and it becomes Fatal Fury What a great lesson! Thank you very much If you want any advice, you can get into the Discord group for free so, If you post something there it could become a video like this Please subscribe to the channel as well There are many other videos in this series so please watch them! Bye bye
-See you

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  1. Just curious: @4:21, the word douga-san got translated as 'animators', but in a previous video, I'd seen it being translated as 'inbetweeners'. Which one is more accurate?

  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate how in-depth your videos get, while still being family-friendly. My childhood art teacher asked me if I knew any really informative 'how to draw anime/manga' channels to recommend her current elementary through teen students, & DokiDoki Drawing was the first one that came to my mind. Even though I'm a professional artist now, I still learn a lot from this channel, but I also feel like it's perfect for beginners as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sorry I have to say it now,everytime you guys caps the words "pro" or "amazing" or whatever,it gets kind of annoying. Everyone perceives art in their own way,so calling it that in your sense is not inclusive and quite downright misleading at times

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