"Japanese" way to fold a t shirt EXPLAINED IN ENGLISH!!!

"Japanese" way to fold a t shirt EXPLAINED IN ENGLISH!!!

okay okay this is the Japanese way us folding a t-shirt but spoken in English first what you want to do is take the bottom of the shirt lift it up and straighten out the sleeves notice the front of the t-shirt is showing okay if your left hand if you're right-handed you should be facing left if you're left-handed you should face right sum-sum right hand I'm going to face left I'm going to take my left hand pinch at the nipple of the front of t-shirt I'm going to go straight up with my right hand and and pinch up here notice my index fingers are both facing left and then I'm going to come down my hands going to go underneath the t-shirt I'm crossing my arms I'm going to lift it up uncross my arms while still holding the t-shirt my fingers are still underneath the t-shirt I'm going to let go of that now just pinch onto it and straighten it out and here we go

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  1. How does the folded shirt look behind? As per my comprehension, the right sleeve dangles, thus the fold gets disturb everytime I pick the shirt or displace in my drawer. Please provide feedback.

  2. thats how they do it at starbucks only they pinch the shoulder first then move down to the middle of the shirt

  3. Awesome I got it on my first try. And then right after for my second try I also got it on the first! I'm left handed, THANKS!!!

  4. Ohhh ok thank you for the explanation because right now i have to pack up since im gonna go on a cruise tommorow, i'll subscribe. Thanks!!! 🙂

  5. the same for me after 5.7 japanese trie ,you help me up realy after the second one …yes ,thanx!!!!

  6. The first 10 times I tried it, it didn't work and I was starting to feel really dumb. But I finally got it! Thanks for your explanation! 🙂

  7. thank u!! ive been watching the japanese one over and over still couldnt figure it out lol and awesome shirt! lol

  8. can i hear u speak japanese. and also, id rather learn how to fold pants and shorts in a nice way such that it doesnt blow up

  9. I've been trying to understand the textile dynamics of that old Japanese vid FOREVER–THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THE TECNIQUE IN ENGLISH!!!

  10. dude thanks soo much….i used to rool em up and throw em n…coz i never could fold em…thanks you soo much

  11. When i first saw the jap gril fold the shirt it was on Wimp but now that that is gone I havn't been able to find how to, and this is awsome, Thanks for the english version, My friends and I tryed and tryed to do it the japanese way but all we got was a pile of wrinkled clothes!

  12. thank you so much for explaining it in english! the japanese one pissed me off, because i it went way too fast for someone who isn't fluent in japanese.

  13. Thanks lol that was great. I learned how to do it in like 5 mins and then showed my mom grinned at me and said whered you learn how to do that im like Internet, she simply grinned and said "Guess whos going to be folding their own clothes from now on" lol

  14. Thanks, my problem was I was doing it like the Japanese lady, only facing the wrong direction! By the way…you're kinda hot!

  15. It only took me 5 minutes to get this to a near-perfect way of folding. Thanks!!! At last I can impress my mum 🙂

  16. Nah nah I was quoting you sorry for confusion. "…if you are lef…righty, if your righty you face left and if youre left you face right, and since Im a right, ill face right" There, i think i fixed it 😀

  17. Wait wait wait! Im lefty, and you said if you are lef…righty, if your righty you face left and if youre left you face right, and since Im a right, ill face right, whaaaa?

  18. wooooooooooooooooooooow its half six in the morning having to get ready for college and that seems soooooooo amazing…. why am i on the computer? i need to get ready, bollocks!

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