Japan’s Amazing Construction Sites! Safety, Precision, Organization and Funny Uniform Guys!

Japan’s Amazing Construction Sites! Safety, Precision, Organization and Funny Uniform Guys!

[Music] hey everyone Steve Steve’s POV here you know I’m just taking a minute I always want to come back to Japan I always see things that kind of amazed me necessarily but just tell me how different Japan is with the United States here’s an example of something that’s very very different between the United States and Japan Construction obviously is something that goes on everywhere trucks are here cranes are here there’s all kinds of stuff but what’s the difference in Japan is one you got really narrow narrow streets these tiny little streets and you got to have small trucks that have a lot of versatility similar to these type of trucks right here look at these trucks they’re equipped with cranes they’ve got mega cranes that go all the way up I’m not sure what kind of work they’re doing right here but I’ll kind of give you an idea of when they’re working on stuff in Japan the difficulties that they face this is a two-way street right here we’re in it look at how narrow the street is they need to close it off to do the work they’ve got a crane up there but look at how organized safety is a primary mount yes in the United States and other countries too safety is primary of course – here you have bigger challenges because of the amount of people you have in most areas because of their lack of space you have in most areas so you need to work very efficiently within very very tight quarters something you see always in Japan that you never see anywhere else is people like these guys right here check out the guys here there’s always on-site people who are guiding you through different things check making sure people get through safely that there’s no concerns about people’s safety in the midst of a work environment something that’s very Japanese something you don’t see everywhere else also uniforms uniforms uniforms Americans don’t really get into real uniforms or Japan everything is about Unova cat this guy he’s blocking off the street put the crane right now is coming over the top look what they’re carrying up here you’re in a small small space with a truck with a big coming around moving things in this narrow narrow area and people blocking areas off for people safety around here quite amazing what they’re able to do in such small small space in a country like this this just happens to be one place right now where they’re working I want to go and find some other weren’t Shinjuku right now kabuki Joe from Kabukicho we’re gonna go over to the to the station and we’ll see there’s some other work areas right now get an idea of how this construction amazing construction is done in such tight tight spaces here in Japan let’s go check out the station alright so now we’re in front of Shinjuku Station this is on the east side of the shinjuku station you can go up this way and head over to Kabukicho but here’s an example of one of these construction areas in a tight tight space look at all that’s going on in here right now check this out first of all everything is blocked off so you really don’t see much it’s gated and everything else they have some cement trucks in here right now that are pouring concrete and looks like they’re doing cement and pumping and stuff like that but the difference is this look at the space that they’re working in safety is primary they’ve got two people here this trucks gonna pull out this guy is going to hold the truck back and he’s going to stop traffic until it’s safe for that truck to go ahead and leave this area actually doesn’t look like he’s leaving it looks like they’re still pumping some concrete in but this is a very small area not sure what they’re building here but it’s an amazing use of small amount of space to build things in and again Japan’s a very small country space is at a premium and safety is paramount because with all these people everywhere look at all the people that are walking around in this tight tight space it’s very dangerous it’s a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful that’s why in Japan you’ll always see people with these uniforms on they’re marked they’re there you always wonder I used to say what the hell are these guys doing they’re everywhere they’re not doing anything well they are doing something this is their job is to protect the public and and the area that’s under construction some people getting hurt that’s what it is check this out by the way to everything is usually closed off in a way that this is here when you see it the wall usually closed up gates usually closed these trucks to get in these guys are gonna be here to move people out of the way and make sure that safety is the most paramount thing of all pumping concrete in these are some pretty cool concrete concrete trucks they’re mixing and they’re dumping right now I wonder what they’re building not right sure but pretty cool love construction sites you can see how Shinjuku has changed over the years to Santiago Casilla in 1964 show a 39 this is what this area looked like in 1994 you could see how its developed and changed over the years from nineteen sixty four thirty years later to 1994 and then 1999 kind of more of what you’re seeing right now in this area but I can imagine with the new construction now the next door we’re gonna see is gonna be 30 years later it’s gonna be 2000 and maybe 19 is that my math correct yes I’m sure it is maybe that’ll be the next sign that will be up here Shinjuku is changing Japan’s changing construction is happening all the time I think this is a country where if you don’t build things consistently if you don’t break things down and build new things again you will see that the country just stops this is what I’m talking about watch how these guys watch that they do very polite you see they’re apologizing to everybody that they can’t go through right now because the truck is coming out that’s whose job watch him it’s a professional like this very polite bowing apologizing to people for the inconvenience and getting things out but that’s what you got to do in a country with things of that type we’re not used to it in America because spaces spaces we got space we have a lot of space in most places not in Japan almost nowhere in Japan they have this kind of space so all right actually good timing here comes another truck now you’re gonna see what they’re gonna listen to this sound go chewy good outside come on anything ready mister that’s telling us that right now a truck is on the way here here it is right now a new truck coming in you’re gonna watch this guy again they’re gonna block traffic off and I’m gonna make sure that the safe here again apologizing to everybody for making an inconvenience people can’t walk but here comes a truck backing into the site again you got to do this type of stuff in an area where there’s so many people that’s what Shinjuku is about check this out you know if you’re in the cars and trucks and you’re like me and somebody’s into that kind of stuff you know what you got to love stuff like this it’s so cool guys are backing up safety is a premium truck drivers are professional space is very blocked off so that nobody can really get in there and see what’s going on what it’s about you gotta love Japan for some of these things that they’re able to do in such small small space I don’t think as an American you can ever ever do that kind of stuff we’re we’re from when I used to need me to do stuff in such compact tight places this is part of life here in Japan and the truck is in and let’s see blocking it back off the people can’t come and job is done well done well organized and yes people like that just standing around they’re not just standing around they have a purpose they all have a purpose here for what they’re doing so kind of an interesting little comparison that wanted to bring to you today thanks for watching [Music] [Music]

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  1. 工事をするにあたっての安全策、狭い日本の特色…なのでしょう。

  2. コンクリート車もクレーン車も子供の頃飽きずにずっと見てたなぁ🎵

  3. せまいって言うけど… まだまだまだ広い方ですよ~❗ 左右のミラー折って 出入りは窓からって現場も有ります❗(笑)

  4. 日本のことを自国に説明してくれる人はホントにありがたいですね
    海外にはガードマン=セキリティなのでしょうか? 交通誘導員は確かに今現場で少なくなり重宝されてます

  5. Nice construction site report and explanation, super stabilized camera! Awesome! Surprised they don't complain about being filmed, in Japan that is sometimes an issue…

  6. 都心ビルの現場事務所とかで4階建てとかあってビックリするよ。スペースの有効活用極まれり。

  7. マジか警備さんいないんですか❗あの制服が出始めたことは良く警察と間違えてました😓〰

  8. #0:45 現場のおじさん、こちらに手振ってくれてる?笑

  9. 建設現場で警察が交通整理していない事が1番違うね。セキュリティの言う事を日本人は守るけど、、、他の国は、、、security? What a heck! R u own this property? とかってね(笑)セキュリティの言うこと聞かないからね。

  10. This is truly something Steve would pay attention to! Definately awesome though. Its truly I cant imagine this anywhere but in Japan 😎

  11. いつも楽しみに拝見しております。素晴らしい動画でした。安全を確保するために整理、整頓、清掃、清潔、躾なんて言葉もあります。

  12. 当たり前だと思ってた事が、米国みたいな先進国でも当たり前じゃなかったんですねw。

  13. 建設現場を誉めて頂けるのは建築家として嬉しいです!

    “世界ランク1位” を奪還した会社は日本に有ります!

  14. 普段見ている普通の光景でも 他の国の人から見たら珍しいものに変わる。

  15. いつも当たり前に見る光景なので、こうして客観的な視点で見た意見はとても新鮮で良いなって思います👍

  16. 一般人・車の通行がある所では、警備員が居ないと警察に確認・注意されます。

  17. 警備員がいるのはどこの国でも当たり前のことだと思ってました。アメリカは警備員居ないんですね。初めて知りました。勉強になって良いですね、ありがとうございます😊


  18. 現場仕事は一回してみたかったなーなぜか日本だと下に見る人がいるけど日本がここまで来れたのは職人技を認める文化なんだよ。外国だとこれがないから技術が未熟に成らざるを得なかった、いまの日本はすこしマズイと思う。

  19. 4:51 日本はスクラップアンドビルドの亡霊に取り憑かれています。アメリカみたいに残す文化もあっていいと思いますし、そのスクラップアンドビルドが局所的だから今の日本は少しおかしかったりしますね。日本も視野を広くすればまだまだスペースあると思うんですけどねぇ

  20. 我々日本人が日常で当たり前に見過ごしている風景をスティーブ的視点において客観的に感慨深く見直すことができる。ありがとうございます。そしてサムズアップ!!👍

  21. 欧米には警備員はいなかったのか?交通誘導員はいたかな?まぁいたとしても確かに日本よりはざっくばらんでキッチリとはしないけどね!

  22. 実は法律でも最低一人はおくように定めてますが まぁ安全ですよね。

  23. 私はこういう現場の作業員さんとか、とても尊敬しています。夏の暑い時でも冬の寒い時でも、雨が降っててもずっと外で立ち続けてるでしょ。だから側を通るときは、必ず「お疲れ様です」と頭を下げます。こういう方もいないと社会は成立しないし、でも大変ですよね。
    あとはゴミ収集の方とか、浄化槽の点検の方とか、そういう方々を尊敬しますね。犬のお散歩の時とかに、こういう方々を見かけると、ちょっと元気がない時でも「私も頑張ろう」って勇気を貰います( ´ω` )

  24. この人・・・英語メッチャ上手いなwww

  25. 古い建物を建て替えたり、警備員を雇ったり、意識しないまでも、これも雇用促進、経済効果もあると思う。

  26. 外務省および駐米日本大使館はこの人に活動費(航空チケット)ぐらい支給したらどうだ

  27. 制服を着て人々や交通整理をしている人はド底辺で、一番給料が安いんですよ。

  28. 紹介、ありがとうございます。僕も警備員の一人で、現場に入って作業をしています。高速道路の道路維持の仕事です。PAやSAのゴミ拾いの仕事ですが、警備員の教育を30時間(机上15時間+実技15時間)やらないと仕事が出来ないようになっています。また、警備員の資格は1級と2級があります。ゆくゆくは警備員の資格を取りたいと思います。

  29. I aways see these people on the street、but I don't know how important their job are after watching your video !

  30. 私がアメリカにいた頃、ラスベガスのMGMグランドホテルの建設現場を見たことがあります。
    When I was in the US I have seen the construction site of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Americans' construction workers were also quite polite and helpful.

  31. and yet if other places followed suit by creating jobs like the ones these guys are doing , with as you pointed out theres always some construction going on , wouldn't that help cut down some unemployment

  32. 交通誘導員やってますが真剣に任務に就いている隊員もいますが立っていれば稼げると勘違いをしている(簡単に考えてる馬鹿)が多いのも事実です。

  33. 制服は便利なのですよ。

  34. スティーブさん、日本人が当たり前だと見過ごしているところに目を向けてくれてありがてう。当たり前の向こうには沢山の人達の仕事に対する厳しさと気遣いと、そしてたゆまぬ努力があります。感謝しかありません。

  35. スーパーゼネコンは厳しいからね。

  36. Jeez that truck managed to squeeze into that tiny space between the other trucks… I can barely reverse park 'smart' little car in a massive parking lot at Target lol

  37. Do you know that you can not work unless you take the classes of the time specified by the country to work for security guards and do not pass it?
    They all have their classes and are qualified as traffic directors.
    Japan is a particularly good rule of law among developed countries.
    Various rules are stipulated by law so that people can live peacefully, safely and richly. I am proud of Japanese with courtesy, order and samurai's heart.

  38. 敷地や道路含めて使い放題の広大なアメリカと違って狭小なのに人や車の往来が多い日本は更に厳しい法律で締付けられ使いスペース使い放題のノホホン育ちの米国人と違って運転手含めて気遣い含めてレベルがうんでんの差だわ

  39. 思いやり予算で日本国が血税で在日米軍の為に提供してる住宅って糞程デカイ広々した芝生の敷地建ってるけど郷に入れば郷に従えって言葉知らんのか?って未だにオキュパイドジャパン感覚なんだろうな!

  40. Your face looks familiar to me, so does your name Steve. Do you happen to live in gaijin house in nishi-ogikubo like 30 years ago?

  41. 日本は他人に対して非常に厳しい国です! 他人に対して寛大な外国とはここが違うんです。 要するに、完璧主義者集団に対する保身として、丁寧な対応をしなければならないのです! 他人に厳しいデメリットとしては、笑顔やユーモアの余裕がなくなり、非常に疲れます。 しかしこの様な考察をされると嬉しいですね😃

  42. 工事現場における日本ならではの風景だと確信するポイントが他にもあります。

  43. 日本の小学校の日常もご覧になっていただきたい。
    This is nice video.Thank you for finding Japanese originally thing.I hope you will find more funny and unbelievable thing in Japan.Also I like your videos about cars.

  44. こういう警備員の人って笑顔で、こちらを通ってください~って言ってくれる人がいるからこっちもいい気分になる

  45. Communications are everything in small space like that. That is one of the reasons why the Japanese culture emphasizes being polite, being considerate to others and being a team member… also, it's all about showing a sense of appreciation, providing peace and safety for everyone! Thumbs up for the Japanese communications and the Japanese culture! I have huge respect for them.

  46. 日本は地震が多いから、昭和59年以前の耐震設計の古い建物は怖いんだよね。フランスみたいに昔の建物をそのまま使ってるのを見ると、羨ましいなと思う

  47. 今、深夜の2時ですけど、家の前で電気工事始まりました。


  48. 工事の警備員は資格がないと働けません 警備員は制服を着ることを警備業法で決まっているのです。股、警備員には警察のような権限はありません。通行者の協力でなりたちます。北海道では猛吹雪でも立つのです。

  49. 建設会社で営業の仕事をしています。もちろん、担当している現場にも立ち入ります。日本の工場現場を取り上げていただき嬉しく思いました。建設現場では、たくさんの職種の人達がそれぞれの立場で頑張っています。これからも安全最優先です。

  50. ここの公園前よく通ります。

  51. 工事現場に限らず(駐車場出入口等)、警備員は、万が一に備え、危険から歩行者などを未然に防ぐ為 合図やお願いをしています。が、現場次第で、警備員を軽く見ている(邪魔にすら思ってる)人が居ます。


  52. だいぶ昔の歌ですが、岡林信康の歌った「山谷ブルース」

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