Japan’s school uniforms YES or NO? Japanese girls and boys on school uniforms.

Japan’s school uniforms YES or NO? Japanese girls and boys on school uniforms.

What will you do if school uniforms disappear? What? I’d rather die. I didn’t have time to make a new one, so I didn’t understand why my teacher told me off. If you were told to wear it now, would you wear it?
– I would! Hey guys it’s Cathy Cat and today we are gonna go and ask Japanese people if they prefer to wear school uniforms or not, when they go to school. So let’s go and Ask Japanese. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos from Japan. School uniform VS normal clothes! Do you understand the meaning?
– I do. You get it too, right?
– No clue. She is asking us if we prefer normal clothes or school uniforms. Which one do you prefer? Please give us a vote. School uniform. School uniform is here, right? You seem to have your own style, but you still prefer uniforms? Why so? I like high school girls. THAT’S your REASON?! That is my reason. I will see cute school girls in the mornings on the train. Just seeing them, I feel more happy. They are so cute. That’s why I prefer school uniforms. I believe that high school will save the world. That’s why we need school uniforms. High school girls. Why do you like school uniforms? Thinking about what to wear every day was pretty tough. That’s why school uniforms are much easier. You said it WAS hard to think about it every day. Does that mean you didn’t have uniforms? I went to a specialized college and had to wear normal clothes every day. It was specializing in beauty and esthetics, and especially because of that we had to look after our visual appearance . But I found it really hard to think of a new style to wear every day. Made me realize how much easier I had it with school uniforms? Because it was a beauty school, you got a lot of pressure? Yes that’s right. After graduating I started dressing properly like this but… When I was still in college I dressed black all the time and didn’t really care. We were just talking, saying that he has gotten a lot brighter these days. In our college people would talk a lot about what people were wearing, some people could even tell which brands people we were wearing. That was… a real pain… I didn’t wear any exciting brands…
– Some people wore Gucci Gucci in college?
– Yeah. Some also said “There is a brand fight. That person is wearing Valencia!” I just liked Uniqlo. I tried to keep it secret.
– Well that secret got out fast. Were there some rules with your school uniform that you didn’t understand? The restrictions were really strong. We also HAD to wear a belt and such. That was quite tough. We had to wear a belt and weren’t allowed to open the second shirt button. The girl’s skirts were too long. I prefer shorter skirts. My high school was very strict. We had to wear a shirt but not a belt or specific socks. We could wear any socks and shoes we liked. Nothing else that bothered me. Just that the skirts were so long. What do you do if school uniforms disappeared? What? I’d rather die! I don’t want to live a life in which I can’t see school girls from time to time. No use living. They are a symbol.
– Japan’s kawaii symbol. What type of school uniform is the cutest then? I like blazer ones. My high school had blazers. You too right? I also had blazers. Blazers are cute, right? Do you prefer neck ties or bows? We had neck ties and bows.
– What do you prefer? My high school had bows for girls . But I personally prefer neck ties. I think bows are cuter. We had one vote each. Why do you prefer normal clothes? When I was in high school, I had to wear school uniforms and my sister didn’t. When wearing school uniforms, you get looked at differently on your way to and from school. Buying school uniforms is very expensive, and you can only wear them for 3 years. I think it would be better to wear what you want to wear. How much was your uniform? I bought mine second hand. I don’t know how much full prize is. It goes around 30,000 Yen. That’s quite expensive.
– It is. You also had to buy all accessories, the badges, the pins, even the socks. It’s expensive. Why do you prefer school uniforms? I simply think it’s a hassle to think every day about what to wear. I think wearing a decided coordinate, is a lot easier. Furthermore… … you can only wear a school uniform for 3 years in middle or high school. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime privilege. I liked wearing school uniforms. What type of school uniform was it? I had blazers. I never wore a sailor school uniform. What type of school uniform was yours? In middle school I had a sailor school uniform and in high school a blazer. Were there uniform rules that you didn’t get along with? In middle school… I was growing very quickly… In one year I grew 20cm. Because I grew so much, my skirt didn’t cover my knees anymore. I didn’t have time to get a new skirt. And my teacher took me aside to tell me off. I didn’t think that was fair. That’s unfair.
– Only girls that grow fast are getting into trouble. There weren’t any rules I didn’t agree with but… But there is one thing I found funny. The school was loose on the rules, but there was a set time in which we had to wear the uniforms in the strictest way possible. For one week we had to wear it 100% according to the rules. We had that and that was quite interesting. A restricted time experience. And at other times it was more loose? Yeah, some girls even died their hair brown, shortened their skirts… But during those weeks we had to have black hair and close our ties tight. It was kind of strange. I wonder if the reason was that teachers from another school came to check? Once every 1/2 year they wanted to give us the experience to wear it properly. In the UK, girls get the choice to wear trousers with their school uniform. What do you think about that? I think that’s good. Japan should have that choice too. I envy the UK. Especially in winter. The male teachers will wear warm trousers… and he will open the window for “fresh air” and only the girls in their skirts will suffer. It was tough. I wish we had had the choice to wear trousers too. Why do you like school uniforms? When I was wearing school uniforms, I envied schools with normal clothes… But thinking about it now, you save time to select clothes all the time. Wearing the uniform for 3 years has become part of precious memories. You never had to think about what to wear because it was all decided. It was convenient to not waste any time on it in the morning. Extra question. In the UK girls get the choice to wear trousers, but not in Japan. If you were offered to wear trousers, would you have done it? I prefer skirts. Even in winter? Even in winter.
– Wow you are strong. If it was normal for girls to wear trousers, I would have liked to wear trousers. You wore school uniforms?
– I did. What type of uniform was it?
– I had a blazer type. The one that you wear on top. What school uniform was yours?
– In high school I had sailor uniforms. Even in high school?
– Yes. What was good and bad about wearing one. The summer school uniform was so cute… I did like it. But the winter uniform was black and like moufuku. It wasn’t cute. What is mofuku?
– It’s a black mourning dress, black and simple. That doesn’t sound very cute. How about you? The summer sailor school uniform was very cute. But in winter it was really not cool. In winter it was also sailor. My school uniform was all just one color. So in winter the sailor collar and all was one color. It looked uncool. Any advantages you’ve had wearing a school uniform? What? I wonder what. Do you?
– I got a part-time job because I was a high-school girl. I went into the interview with my school uniform. What kind of job was it?
– The drugstore. Why did you get a job, wearing a school uniform? The owner of the store was simply into high school girls. You voted for school uniforms, why so? I am in university now. When I overslept in school, I would just whack on my uniform. I wasn’t late there, but now I have to choose my clothes… I get late for school now. When you don’t have much time in the morning, it’s pretty tough. So in tight mornings it’s convenient?
– So convenient. You can only wear school uniforms in school. Now I can’t wear it anymore, I wish I could. Why do you want to wear it again? It’s a privilege. If someone offered you to wear it now, would you?
– Oh I would. I will wear it for a day in Disneyland. I won’t wear it to university but… I would wear it for a theme park. Theme park school uniforms are a thing. Do you have an advantage when you wear a school uniform? You get lots of likes on Instagram. Did you ever have any trouble? If you don’t go straight home from school, it will get out. Is that against school rules?
– It is. Our school forbid making a side trip after school. So when I was wearing my school uniform, I didn’t do TACHIYORI. Tachiyori? What do you mean? Tachiyori is when you have food with school friends on your way home. You were forbidden to go to shops or restaurants on the way home. You had to go straight home. Why is that so? I actually… never questioned that… it’s just a rule. Those were all questions. Sorry for taking you time. Cue? Cue? Not yet? Ok school uniforms! Big win for the school uniforms. Only one person said non-uniforms are fine. What some people said actually, school uniforms they are practical you don’t have to think so much about it, though they are very expensive, it’s an only-once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’re able to wear them. Apparently there are also a some girls who select their school depending on how cute the uniform is. Interesting stuff. So how is it for you are you for school uniforms or against it? Let us know, I personally never had school uniforms, in Germany they have been taken off or banned, no school uniforms for us there… I wish we had had some cute school uniforms, so we didn’t have to actually… wear brand clothes and have other people pick on what kind of shoes you were wearing. That was a total pain. Let us know, how is it for you, School uniform yes or NO? Looking forward to your comments. Don’t forget to subscribe for more stuff from Ask Japanese… Hit hit hit subscribe and the notification buttons so you don’t miss the other things we do. Hope you enjoyed this. Catch you soon! That was Cathy Cat… bye… peace.

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  1. I wore school uniforms at my schools in USA! When I was younger, I never had a problem with it. It just felt like a part of going to school. But as we grew older, we wanted to express ourselves more! Still, we accepted it. I think it gives a sense of togetherness within the school population too! Keeps everyone equal. We could still express ourselves on weekends and after school.

  2. When I was going to high school, my first year was normal clothes but the second year it went uniforms. Even though I hated looking like everyone else, it was much easier having a uniform so I didn't struggle with what to wear. We could wear pretty much any brand but labels couldn't show. Forgot to wash clothes, spray it with some smell good and be on your way. No one would know. 😂 My children go to a school that has uniforms and getting them both off to school is easy for me. We can buy a generic uniform and be in code, we don't have to buy from a specialty shop. They have a choice of several shirt colors and either navy or khaki bottoms. The girls can wear pants, skirts, or jumpers. I wish ALL schools would adopt it because bullying may decrease a bit due to everyone wearing pretty much the same thing.
    Great video as always, keep up the great work! 🤗🤗🤗

  3. I had a uniform in high school here in Canada. It's not common here and they only did it for the 4 years that I was there. Personally I loved it because our uniforms had a lot of options and they looked great. Also, it was always easy getting ready in the morning. Once per month we would have a no uniform day and it was always stressful deciding what to wear that day

  4. japanese girl's highschool uniforms are justice, a world without that is a world without light.
    Ahh~ I'd die happy If I could see Cathycat-san in highschool uniform

  5. I'm currently in High School and now that I think about it, school uniforms really are comfortable than normal clothes 'cause they're there, like morning routine-closet-uniform-done unlike morning routine-closet-piles of clothes- oh another pile-chosen clothes-done-wait, the day's over.

  6. I went to a private catholic school and we hated uniforms! Every other Friday we had an out of uniform day. Depending on how hard a week was for certain years, we would either go super all out with it or we’d just wear our pjs to school.

    I think that might be another reason Japanese people might prefer uniforms. I heard that it’s kinda against social norms to wear pjs around in public. If that wasn’t a thing I’m sure everyone would love to come in comfy clothes to make school just a bit more bearable.

  7. I never see School Uniforms here in germany but i think it would be a good thing if all kids have to wear it. Same reasons like in japan.

  8. japanese people are lucky. our school uniforms were ugly.. we had oversized neon blue shirts. would be nice to wear a skirt and a blouse

  9. Never had school uniforms here (in the U.S.), but I do think the idea of them is good. It keeps everyone on equal footing and don't have those social pressures of what brand or style you wear. I grew up in a pretty low income family and had a lot of second hand clothes from thrift stores and such, so I would get teased a lot about it. Kids can be pretty cruel like that, if someone couldn't afford a certain brand of shoe or wear just the right style, they would get harassed constantly by those that did. When I hit high school, we were able to afford newer clothes and such so I didn't have to deal with it, but I still saw it happening to others all the time.

  10. Mass produced clothes are like a sort of uniform aren't they? Millions are wearing a uniform everyday without knowing it.
    Personally I think the whole world should shift to uniforms similar to space ship uniforms.

  11. Yeah tbh I love those girl uniforms!!! the girls who wear those outfits allways look sexy and also stylish!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr XD!!!!!

  12. I am against uniforms. I had to wear two for 3 years. They were ugly and uncomfortable to wear. I hated it so much. But I also don't need to think about what I wear, so I don't find it time saving.

  13. I like guys in school uniforms. And I wanted to try school uniforms like in Japan. But unfortunately not gonna happen.

  14. If it was a cute blazer (or sailor) uniform I really would have loved having one, when I was still at school 😀

  15. I'd rater prefer a dress code than a classic Japanese school uniform. Girls that wear skirt in the middle of winter with snow…. brrrrr😨😷
    I would be ok if the school uniform for boys and girls is the same😊

  16. In France, uniforms are a rarity. The only person I know who had to wear one was in a military high school (type "lycée saint cyr uniforme" if you wanna check their uniforms out – basically navy blue top with black trousers/skirt and black shoes). Personally, I hav mixed feelings about them. On one hand, you get to have the occasion to really represent your school on a daily basis, which is pretty cool (I mean, just being part of the art club in highschool made me feel like I was part of a bigger community and it was great. I imagine wearing a uniform could also gives that feeling). Plus, people don't get judged on the way they're dressed, which can help having a more homogenous school despite potential inequalities. On the other hand, since we're talking about inequalities… Uniforms are expensive and not every household can afford them, especially if there is more than one child in the family. It can be especially expensive during the years when the kids go through a grow spurt. My own brother would probably have had to get a new uniform twice or thrice during his middleschool years because he grew so much and so fast during that time! In that regard, getting to wear regular clothes to school is more practical.

    About the "but you don't have to choose your outfit, it's already done for you", sorry for the harsh tone, but I think that's bullshit. If you don't want to bother too much with your clothes, go for a simple wardrobe with tops, jeans and shoes that are easy to put together. The trick is to think "with how many clothes in my wardrobe would this article fit" before buying it. It's foolproof and really helpful when you want to be reasonable/are on a budget/are too lazy to properly pick your clothes in the morning. The trick to give the feeling of wearing something "expensive" is to pick the cut(s) and the colours that suit you best, as well as taking good care of your clothes and shoes (washing them at the proper temperature, regularly taking care of the shoes to keep them clean…). With that in mind, you can basically go full capsule wardrobe and still look good.

  17. When I was in yochien, we did have to wear uniforms, but in shogakko, we didn't. Even after a few decades, I still remember my yochien school uniforms and how much I loved wearing them. I wish I went to Jr High and Highschool there as well so I could have worn the uniforms again <3

  18. School unifoms are nice when there's certain flexibility.
    At the school I studied we had to wear dark blue socks, I wore black ones (the difference was barely noticeable) a couple of times and a teacher called my parents!! 😂
    Also, all the guys had to have really short hair, wear belts…

  19. I also want school uniforms in the Netherlands. If you have small clothes, it is super difficult to choose clothes for school. I would also like to have school uniforms …

  20. When I was in Egypt I wore for 4 years an uniform and the good thing was that we had an option to either wear skirts or trousers and we had even an uniform for sport lessons and the uniform didn't cost a lot and it saved for sure my time in the morning. It didn't look pretty or ugly just normal like a white thsirt and blue skirts or blue trousers. I didn't really care if they looked pretty or not I just focused on learning and school. Here in Austria well I didn't had to think a lot but I just didn't like it to think about if it's fine to wear the same clothes that I wore yesterday or not but other than that I was fine with and not wearing an uniform.

  21. Had it in prep, pre, junior, and high school in the Caribbean. College, in the US, no. You save money on clothes and makes sense during your early education career.

  22. We had uniforms in Turkey, it's been like 4 or 5 years since then, students no longer wear them. Every school would decide their own uniforms or make a contract with a brand for them to design it (meant more costs for us) and almost all of them were awful 😂 and we would buy extras because we would grew up and new ones would be needed so the skirts would be gigantic originally to be tailored according to the customer's sizes and we would get the extra ones we bought tailored again when we grew. And the uniform could and mostly would change every year. And all this was really expensive and families would have a hard time buying them for their kids and I knew a friend who didn't have the money to buy them so he couldn't and were scolded in front of everyone else. Thank God he wasn't bullied for it. Also we had trousers for girls as well and skirts weren't allowed to be worn without tights, ones that won't show your skin and only black and white ones were allowed. And the skirts weren't allowed to be shorter than a hand above the knee (putting the hand perpendicularly above the knee). Some schools wanted neckties, some schools wanted "okul arması" (the symbol of the school hanging on a thick string or ribbon that you wear around your neck). On my last year in highschool and half a year before that we could wear normal clothes, the law was repealed. And it was comfortable for everyone and nobody had to get cold with those clothes and I felt comfortable and like I could be myself and boys are gonna wear suits when they have work anyways, you should let the kids have freedom and enjoy themselves. I also preferred skirts because trousers were just never comfortable and would tear easy so I wore skirts mostly but my issue was with the shirts we had to wear, it's the least comfortable thing a busty girl can wear, finding a size for that shit was almost impossible, the shirt gapping that happens would drive me crazy. But these were my experiences. I also saw that some kids who had a poor family were bullied for their clothes after that law was repealed. And it also was a hassle to pick what you were gonna wear and it was hard to please the teachers since everyone had a different image in their minds as "appropriate". It seems like they both have advantages and disadvantages to me, at least in my country 😀

  23. The tachiyori rule doesn't sounds great to me, that's the school just being worried their student will cause trouble & everyone will associate the school with it due to uniform. Doesn't sound great for socialising & building friendships outside of school, which i think is important. But I always favoured the school uniform system.

  24. This is my last year wearing a school uniform and to be honest it's quite sad because I love my uniform, I think that even though it's pretty basic it's still cute. And when I wear my normal clothes on the weekend the bus driver always gives me an adult ticket (which is twice the prize) since I look older than I am so wearing my uniform at least lets me pay less for the bus. And after this year I am off going to study fashion meaning i'm gonna have to look presentable every single lesson so picking clothes everyday will be a pain.

  25. That blond guy with the black shirt is such a creep and doesn‘t even realize it probably „I‘d like shorter skirts“ Ew, they‘re not for your pleasure, dude. I hate how normal it is for some ppl to fetishize young underage girls („I got the job because the owner like high school girls“ like what)
    I like the idea of uniforms but hate the sexist approach in most countries (both ways). Like in cold winter, why the necessity to still wear a skirt, some strict schools don’t even allow the students to put on their blazer even if it‘s cold. Like the concept is great, but why not design them in such a way that they can be worn by everyone?

  26. I am quite impressed none of them mentioned things like freedom of expression. It'd have been the first thing I'd have said.

  27. I liked the comment when she said you get lots of likes on instagram gee i wonder why lol 😂 i like uniforms myself but i also like normal clothes as well i think Japanese schools need to just lighten up and allow the students there to have dress down days this way they can have the best of both worlds!

  28. If it's a cute uniform I'm sure no one would mind wearing it.I had an ugly blue button-up and a red tie,an upperclassman of mine told me I look like a postman lmfao

  29. i had never a girl wearing skirt in my life. anything that reveal a girl’s sexuality is banned where i live, japanese girl’s seifuku are my sunshine on cloudy days

  30. The black shirt guy either meant something else than what most of us got from it or he is just sick if he meant what i think he did.

  31. Guys, this was the best clip of yours I've watched in a while!
    PS That dude with the HS uniform fetish, respect!
    PS2 I had to wear one as a kid. Wasn't a big fan, kinda missed it later.

  32. I wore a school uniform (in the US I went to a military school) and everyone hated it. It’s not like they were that unattractive and they had lots of choices to choose from like jumpers, skirts, trousers, and shorts but everyone felt so dead on the outside. There was no way to express yourself and keeping up with the uniform believe it or not was actually a hassle for us. One thing wrong and u were always called out. Never pulled to the side or anything. They finally implemented an idea where you can dress out fully on fridays if u pay two dollars and u barely saw people with uniforms on those days. Everyone was desperate to express themselves and the uniforms just restricted that.

  33. In American schools, the types of clothing, be it color, logos etc. designates what gang you're in. So yeah, school uniforms would address that issue. I'm gonna take a WILD guess and say that gangs are not an issue in Japanese schools.

    I remember watching the news a long time ago about a school district debating school uniforms. One school official was against it b/c it prevents a student from expressing their creativity. Um, say what??? How about a student expressing their creativity through their work???

  34. Lol nobody cared what you were wearing, you didnt have to wear brands or stuff. I would sometimes just wear joggings and a simple t shirt

  35. I'm 100% with that guy in the beginning! School girls in uniforms with skirts are so cute, you know? <3 I love that about Japan! And when they're not at school, they often wear really nice looking, fashionable clothes! Girls here in my country are incredibly boring by comparison… -_-

  36. Cathy, how did you get so good at Japanese? Your pronunciation sounds so natural to me (granted I'm not Japanese, so I could be totally wrong), it doesn't sound like you have a heavy foreign accent or anything. It's really impressive. I'm going to study Japanese myself in a few months, at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.

  37. Omg I remember commenting this question! I feel so validated because I love this channel so much! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    AskJapanese is my favorite way to improve my Japanese and get exposure to Japanese attitudes! I literally mention this channel to all people interested in Japan

    I remember watching a whole playlist of these videos over and over at .50 speed until I understand all the dialogue. But even then it’s beyond that; CathyCat is thee best and of course cannot thank Director enough !!!!

  38. I went to private school from PreK-8th grade and had to wear a uniform. I absolutely loved it thinking back at it. When I switched to public school it was embarrassing to pick out clothes to wear to school and just became a pain. Idk, just me I guess

  39. At my Catholic High School the girls would bend to borderline break the dress code more than the boys. For the boys, some would wear dark Jean's instead of Black pants, including really skinny Jean's as well as the shoes not being entirely black. For the Girls, it's more far than that. Some were flip flops or sandals, some wore short shorts instead of the skirt. I guess the reason is the boys including myself didnt care about the looks of wearing a uniform as the girls.

  40. We had school uniforms from 1st grade through senior yr in school at a private Catholic school in Pennsylvania. Looking back now I appreciate them.

  41. "Don't have to think about what to wear". That's exactly what the system wants…for people to do things without thinking, reflecting, questioning or reconsidering. Depriving them of that opportunity is a method of brainwashing. Given everyone's responses I'd say it was a successful endeavor.

    Something simple as being able to choose what to wear on a daily basis, even if parents choose their clothing for them at the mall, nurtures individuality & reflects their true feelings & mood. However, I do think there should be rules as to what's acceptable such as skirt length, showing midriff etc.

  42. Japan is sick, men dressing effeminate, immoral unmodest women, sick child perverts, you name it, (America of course aswell) this whole generation is just a confused wicked mess! Sick I tell ya.

  43. I like uniforms my school in the US had uniforms but they weren't cute they were ugly, my high school uniform was a polo shirt in 4 different color options (dark green, black, white, and grey) and khaki pants. As long as we wore one of the polo options and the pants it was fine we could wear whatever shoes and socks and accessories we wanted. And dying hair and tattoos and piercings was also allowed. I wish I had a cute school uniform, although our uniforms aren't that expensive that actually quite affordable.

  44. most chose school uniform because ,school uniforms play a large role in Anime and to not wear them will take their tradtion away

  45. I think uniform is good in the idea but there's a few things that would need to change like, skirt in winter ( even if it looks good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). I like wearing my cringy anime shirt and just do whatever I want, but I wouldn't mind wearing uniform for school, actually that would be cool. In swiss I've never seen a school with uniform, there's probably some private school with it, but never seen a public one with uniform, and idk that have some good point and bad points, but I think uniform is better. Also the whole thing of representating your school and school reputation doesn't exist in swiss ( idk if that's bad or good on this ) but there's no "community"

    Also high-school girl will save the world. Blond guy is right, even if he say it in a creepy way.

  46. Damn in my country school uniforms are the ugly phase of school life. Many parents would buy a size or two in younger grades so that you can wear it for some years despite growing tall. But again, we have a tradition of writing messages with markers all over your friend's shirt on the last day of school, so that shirt scribbled all over is a keep sake we'll preserve for the rest of our lives. Good ol' school days :/

  47. I really relate to the No Uniform woman at 4:44 to 7:49 a lot

    I used to attend a Catholic school in the US while I was growing up, and my parents and I were consistently worrying about the expense of buying new uniforms every year to every couple of years, the fit and condition of my clothes, the growth of my body, and how cold it would get out in the winter. No girl was allowed to wear anything but short socks and short skirts as our school uniform, and girls would end up catching colds a lot in the winter. That's on top of being bullied by boys and reprimanded by teachers over how much our skirts do or don't cover. I'm still self-conscious about how much leg is showing when I wear anything short in public. I'd rather wear trousers and long jeans for life.

  48. when I was living in Tokyo, I worked in a Private school where the students were allowed to wear whatever they wanted. And yet, on any given day, about 70% of the kids would show up wearing uniforms. They were "fake" uniforms, the type that you can buy in Harajuku, and all mismatched, but still. At first, it was really weird to me, but I grew to think it was really cool. In the end, Seifuku is a fashion in itself. And it has a status in Japan that I feel like it's really hard to understand for people abroad.

    (My school also allowed makeup, dyed hair, nails and piercings… probably an otaku's wet dream hahaha…)

  49. school uniform is definitely much better to have so the students would focus more on actual studying rather than waste their time on fashion and trends and social media likes and shit >_>

  50. I vote yes for uniforms at the higher grades 5th and up because that's when kid's need to focus on their study's and not picking on those poor kid's who can't afford the trendy stuff..They can express themselves to their heart's content after school let's out..

  51. Ahhhh I wished we had school uniforms! I feel so envious about high school kids here. My cousins in Turkey had school uniforms and they looked sooo pretty! I was always a little bit jealous and really wished we had it too.

  52. maybe this is a weeaboo thing to say but like American school uniforms kinda suck like I dont wanna wear a bright red shirt with kakihs no thanks. Japanese uniforms usually are still really nice to look at and yeah??

  53. I wore school uniforms a bit when I was in jr high. They were pretty ugly haha. Maybe if they were cuter, I would have liked it more, but of course that would have made them more expensive. They weren't too bad though.

  54. A school girl got bullied because her clothes weren't washed. Her mother was an alcoholic and her family was really poor. The girl had to care for herself. If she had school uniforms, at least she wouldnt have been bullied so much, I believe..
    Edit: I would have loved to have school uniforms too

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