Jeffree Star SUING Burlington Coat Factory??

Jeffree Star SUING Burlington Coat Factory??

Geoffery star is suing Burlington Coat Factory after finding some of his stolen products for sale in stores Watching what’s trending. I’m KC Spivey Don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more social media news daily and ring the bell to stay up to date with our videos you Can also follow me at kaykai’s Geoffrey star is a controversial YouTube creator turned multi-millionaire with a beauty empire that specializes in extremely high quality Products amidst the release of Jeffrey stars blueblood collection a massive robbery occurred in one of Jeffrey’s Warehouses one of my stock and shipping facility warehouses was broken into and over 2.5 Million dollars of product was stolen from me. Jeffrey believes an ex-employee tipped off the burglars they’ve seemed to have knowledge of this particular warehouse was not as secure and when you watch footage of this stuff it is so gut-wrenching to see people just take yours and put it in a truck and steal Something that I have been working on for so long Among the items stolen was an entire shade of soon to be release magic star concealer and a pile of expired products Jeffrey has fans to keep an eye out for Stolen products and to let him know what they found and boy did his fans find his stuff So you a lot of the urban tweeting me in st. Girl. Is your lipsticks at Burlington Coat Factory? I’m like is my was excuse me somehow These mother lipsticks that were stolen from that pile are now in Burlington. How did Burlington allow? Stolen items to be sold in any of their stores Jeffrey revealed that he will be suing Burlington Coat Factory and will continue to investigate Jeffrey previously revealed He is working with the FBI to dive into the world of black-market makeup The FBI has tracked down the person who took this image, and that person is now in jail In fact, Jeffrey has revealed that he has sent four people to jail. How many lawsuits can I serve in one week? I’m like I have four people in jail currently, who were Who received my stolen goods from my warehouse and how I got a deal with this company? I’m like Geoffrey as that if you see anything that is stolen or Counterfeit to report it and continue to share it with Geoffrey on social media as far as the launch of the magic star concealer Geoffrey has decided to push up its release date and we’ll do a full launch in a few weeks I have spent so much time love and energy and so is my entire team on this from the campaign images We haven’t shown yet to the product shots to the new feature on the website to everything So I’m gonna do the reveal on my terms in a few weeks and I cannot wait for you guys to come on the new Journey of the jeffree star cosmetics first-ever skin product. Meanwhile, the blue blood collection is available at morphe stores So what do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments section and for more of us trending head to what straining comm you can also follow us on roku Amazon fire and Apple TV just search what’s trending?

35 Replies to “Jeffree Star SUING Burlington Coat Factory??”

  1. Lmao he isn’t suing them. He was mad and didn’t approve, yes. But unlike you guys Keemstar actually has facts. Jefree Star said he wouldn’t sue them

  2. i hope he sues everyone that did him dirty in this. even if you're a friend and you steal off him, your ass should get sued as well. he's worked way to hard to get where he is to get treated like this.

  3. DEFINITELY time to look for another job. I love Jeffree, stay there any longer and I'll feel like I'm betraying him.

  4. Jeffree isn’t suing Burlington but is in conversations with people there regarding this issue and working to resolve it. He even shared this information on his Snapchat.

  5. He's so full of shit. I don't believe him for one moment. Plus his products are tacky. Seriously? What makes him think he's so above everyone? I bought one of his lipsticks. The packaging broke, and the formula of the lipstick was nothing special. He needs to get over himself.

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