Jennifer Lopez | Moments of Fashion: The Versace Dress

Jennifer Lopez | Moments of Fashion: The Versace Dress

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  1. That was so nice, what she did for Mr. Luigi. Wow it would be nice to auction off a dress that he made for you. Give the money to his children.

  2. I need to know you decided on the pink velour shorts suit for the "I'm real" video. I'll never forget seeing it for the 1st time…, and after that EVERYONE owned one. But the no muss no, fuss bun, huge gold hoops and minimal makeup was ICONIC 2000s

  3. The income generating streams these celebs exhaust. Money money more money. To take where? After all the hunger is never gonna quench

  4. Happy 50. Now you can help younger artists to learn from your creative talents . Thank you for all your years of great music. Loyal fans.

  5. I just loved the video. JLO is very geniuin very humble when talking.and gotta say all her fashionista that help her dress for special events or concerts do an amazing job!!😃👌💃💅

  6. Ok, so this is supposed to be intelectual Jlo? So she wants the librarian look to teach us what? Oh more of herself of course😴…no thanks! I have real life issues to deal with. This is not about the impact of fashion. This is about the impact of "in your face" sexuality which is what your career mainly consists of. There was a lot of negative backlash over that stupid dress as well. The truth is, her team knew she was not going to win any Grammy that night, so she had to do something quick for shock value…and there you have it! No la aguanto!!

  7. Yeah right. When did the story change? Puffy got & made you wear it. He said so himself. Also, he provided paparazzi buzz for you. You didn't run in quickly, I remember. You took your time on the red carpet. Puffy made this girl. After puffy, she kinda lost that 'it'. People think Bennifer was it, but nah… it was JLo & Puffy- they were pure glamour. Young, fresh & everyday on page 6, parties & clubs & dazzling jewelry. She even wore cornrows. Haha. And I think no man after puffy could bring the magic back. You know… no one to help her with dope looks, dope hooks,she all of a sudden wasn't spoiled anymore. It was like the way Vince just made Tamar shine except if Vince was a pretty boy like Puff, Tamar would have stayed. Coz just like JLo, she was in love with the lifestyle not the man.

  8. Yea, right JLo! You and your team knew good and darn well that infamous Versace green dress was going to cause shock and awe on that red carpet that night at the grammys…lol I’m not buying it that you had know idea what the uproar was all about that night! Get outta here with that! LOL. You are beautiful and your gowns are gorgeous, you probably could still rock that green gown. RIP Luigi.

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