Jersey Battle of Flowers good quality

Jersey Battle of Flowers good quality

it's the Battle of flowers and one of Jersey summertime highlights for locals and tourists alike it rocks its way down the main highway of the Capitals and Helia think floral floats and marching majorettes and had street performers from across Europe there's people all the parishes they get together for days for weeks they just work it's enormous fun you have to be there to really enjoy it because it's really unique in all of Europe I've traveled the world part from Brazil you won't see anything like this close your eyes just go with the flow the history of the battle started in 1902 in celebration of the coronation event of the seventh and then this is what we've built since then investment in time I hate to think but there could be anything that hundreds literally thousands of hours of free time being put to it flowers 150,000 blooms on a major float magnificent the floats are all depictions of various characters cartoon characters funny moments and that kind of thing and they were all carved out of things like paper mache and we are looking first of all for the design of the float and then of course the workmanship and finish Xzibit also finished our judging by looking at the overall impression that the exhibit makes it's the biggest floral parade of his client within Europe which amazes me considering how small the island is within Europe itself float this year is entitled powwow and the theme is around native Canadian Indians I've tried to kind of go for a very authentic seed with the chief on his horseback on top of the mountain with the teepee the totem poles the guys in the kayaks and all the sort of Canadian wildlife you'd expect to find within that scene I think anybody who hasn't seen it when they hear of this floral parade on this tiny island I think probably imagine it's going to be like well dressing or some kind of little village fete until they actually see it so they then appreciate the sheer size and scale of the event according to locals it never rains on battle day that's because the carnival is held when Jersey is in its sunniest the choir Island is also a hive activity so it's a great time to visit but you won't be alone over 30,000 descendants and Helia for the event Jersey's parishes societies and families vie for the top prizes there's also a crown princess she's called Miss battle and is selected from the local parishes the pageant goes on well into the evening that's when the moonlight parade takes center stage it's more atmospheric than the daytime and it's when locals turnout in their droves for a street party the pageant is about community over 10,000 people are involved in putting on the show it's also about friendly competition and rivalry a flow can cost 15,000 pounds and although each team is given a grant people raise more monies they can top their competitors and now over a century on its a world-renowned parade the evening ends with a firework display and then they start all over again making floral floats for next year if you can't make it to Brazil check out jerseys battle this carnivals got flower power you

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  1. i never knew this was one of the biggest carnivals in europe! i hardley ever go cause 1: im pretty scared of noisy places full of people and 2: its pretty boring, and im allowed to say dat cause i live on Jersey ๐Ÿ™‚

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