Jersey Boys – Official Trailer [HD]

Jersey Boys – Official Trailer [HD]

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  1. Great movie!!! Amazing story as well…. For some reason I really like this movie, I've always loved their music but this movie was great between Clint directing and the actors that played the four seasons…. Great job….

  2. What can I say from the first time I saw you in newyork I loved your show and I brought your merchandise from you I adore your voice and it gets to me every time I don't get bored CDs and DVDs 😍

  3. AWESOME MOVIE I saw the Broadway show and it was great! The music was legendary! Clint Eastwood never dissappoints!

  4. I saw Jersey Boys for the first time last night . It was amazing!!! Always loved the Four Seasons. Just ordered the movie and a best of FV&TFS CD!!!

  5. Fantastic as every Clint Eastwood's film, each time He finds a special feeling and a magnificent way of tell a story.. A real Master in Filmaking

  6. Saw the movie at a screening in Dallas last night – AMAZING!!   It's up there with the best bio pics out there – even Ray (IMHO).

    Prediction time: I think it will of course be nominated… costumes, best pic, director, music, editing, etc, etc.  But that's not my prediction… My guess?  Will WIN Oscar for either Best Director, Best Picture.  Maybe or maybe not both…. but maybe…

    In any case, for me this makes Clint a legend, all over again.

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