Jersey Cows

Jersey Cows

my name is Robert Grimm chairman of Grimm's family diary I started in the business with my father when I was a boy of 10 years old delivering milk to the houses in reserve Alan the head was started here about 50 years ago and they at that time it was like animate Coast which was the Holstein or the Frisian Tate and then about 25 years ago we thought we would have something different we changed them to Jersey coast Jersey cows give this luxury milk which is a little bit high in fat is 25 percent higher in protein and 25% higher than calcium there were normal cows milkis and we felt by pretty on those codes we would be able to offer something different in the marketplace I was started off with their just about 40 cows we were know at 300 milking plus another 300 young stop which are following our infant Lea here we are standing at the moment who will a new casts of stomach the cast of sterling is known for growing he that's known for growing luxurious grass and for cows and to make the best milk you must have good grass and it's absolutely ideal for producing the best of mailman the co has got to be well bred she's got to have all the his stake here and say no I sure had a meet up to produce good milk if you look after the code and keep the code in good health and fared well she will look after you and it's also important that the food that we produce for these deer codes are produced within this area if not this farm the neighboring farm we try to keep mileage in that dough for them but a cow food the older codes because they've been around the farm for a lot longer you know the memes much easier much better whereas you know when we have 300 cows it's quite difficult to keep up with the young ones the cows that were here for 10 years or so or to you you know them everybody knows there an animal is just like a human if we are stressed we don't work to our potentials and the co is exactly the same that gotta be comfortable when they come into the parlor the milking parlor which is autumn I think if the clothes are comfortable been fed well the milk if we use just seems to have something else to it I can't explain it but it just seems to be better than normal milk you

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  1. One day raw milk could be the norm if people tasted the difference they would never buy proceeded milk I e pasteurised again.

  2. With the greatest respect to diaries I have to say it is a pity Jersey milk cannot be sold unprocessed i e raw.. This is an amazing food raw.

  3. Gorgeous milk and it looks like the cows are very well looked after. Just a shame that this health giving Jersey milk has to be pasteurised, as it would be so much healthier if it was unpasteurised.

  4. I've got a cpmplaint about grahams gold. Its sold in a bottle suggesting its from jersey rather than from jersey cows – the reason people buy gold top is because its unhomoginised which I believe the gov restrict scottish farms from supplying. Please stop selling gold or make it the real unhomoginised stuff people think they are buying – it verges on fraud what your doing selling it at a pound as if its imported. Ideally sell me scottish unhomoginised milk but failing that import it or stop gold

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