22 Replies to “Jersey Devil (PS1) Gameplay Part 1 (Intro + Museum – Museum Madness)”

  1. 7:20 I wish I knew the name of that laser blast sound effect. I've been searching for it for ages.

  2. I’m trying to find all the games I used to play on the ps1 when I was young. And I’ve always remembered this game in a demo disc but I could never remember and I’m so glad I found it. 1 out of the many more games I need to find.

  3. i loved the demo of this back in the PS1 days..something about this game i know is harmless and all but i always thought it was creepy as fuck..the cartoon at the beginning is so creepy.

  4. Anyone remember the commerical where he's like in a diner causing trouble or something? Lol every time I've brought this game up nobody remembers it.

  5. Played the demo when I was a kid. This game always caught my attention but never played the full game. Might have to find a copy to purchase.

  6. 24 extra lifes just in the first level… this game is dificult or something? I've never played it before.

  7. What the actual heck 🤯I honestly up until now thought this game was just a strange fever dream that I had as a young child born in 94 and must be my earliest gaming memory ever on PS1 holy crap 😅

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