Jersey Girl (9/12) Movie CLIP – Caught in the Shower (2004) HD

Jersey Girl (9/12) Movie CLIP – Caught in the Shower (2004) HD

39 Replies to “Jersey Girl (9/12) Movie CLIP – Caught in the Shower (2004) HD”

  1. Oh the days before redbox and then Netflix. I miss that shit. Blockbuster had the best smell combo of candy and popcorn. Just like the real thing, going to the movies.

  2. Jersey Girl (2003) (9/12) Gertie Get Buzz Shower (Keanu Reeves, Julianne Moore, Chloë Grace Moretz, Danny Boyle)

  3. Even though I always though this movie was pretty stupid. I loved that little girl and of course the always funny George Carlin. They stole the show in my opinion

  4. Remember how they played that shower scene every time a cast member was on a talk show promoting this film? No other scenes in the movie, just this one… every single time. Really fucking annoying.

  5. It didn't sound like she did anything, by the way. And also, wouldn't the daughter realize flushing the can would make the shower water hot for her dad?

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