34 Replies to “Jersey Justice FULL CHALLENGE | All Stars 4 Episode 4 HD”

  1. The bottom should have been Trinity and Latrice, Monét should have been safe and Valentina's should've been at the top with Manila, her jersey was fucking crazy funny

  2. black girls this season were FIRE !!!

    Well…… only monique, naomi and monet , and latrice has Healt !!

  3. Monet really wasnt that bad. She only had one line, that was like meeeeeh but all in all she was funny haha. Trinity was just herself. She and Latrice should have been in the bottom 2..

  4. I saw Stacy interviewed and she said she was led to believe that she was going to be on All Stars as a competitor. She said she found out afterwards that she was going to be doing cameos. I'd love to see her come back and compete.

  5. Manila and Naomi should've been top 2 honestly.

    They were both funny and consistent with the case.

    Monique was funny, but the entire group failed, giving a inconsistent case.

  6. Valentina was like I don't understand the writing on the cake .I was like this is coming from the girl who doesn't know the words to greedy

  7. I didn't realise until now that Naomi's name is a reference to Lady Gaga's full name, Stefani Germanotta.

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