1. a big day for big Jers! his first train ride AND one of the largest ferris wheels in the world. wow! he's getting awesome life experiences:)

  2. Ring around the Rosie is a bad song because when you say ashes it because the fire and then what are you say we are far down that means you’re falling down a deaf

  3. I saw Jersey video of him swimming he was incredible he is getting so tall u all look like u all had a great time

  4. what happen here comments are turn on….now for the twins comments are turn off ..why do you always talk about the same thing…how people cant tell each other apart… me i can tell them a part..their faces look different Ava. has a around face and smaller lips the other one has an oval face with bigger lips…..So eazy .to tell the girls apart.

  5. jubbadubbadub… thanks for the grub…. The food being language. I didn't know (or even know of) the word facetious.You enriched my vocabulary. Thanks for that…Also I love how you expose your children at a young age to various things, teaching them not to be afraid… of water… of hights.An airplane has airpressure, which is lower than we are used to on earth. That is why your ears pop, but that might also be the reason of Jersey's crying, him feeling something is really off, and not knowing that it is because of the circumstances, and that it is going to end in a few hours. Do you want to test it? (haha!) Try singing in key on an airplane!! πŸ™‚

  6. So glad y'all were able to enjoy it. That song is about the Jewish children dying during World War Two .

  7. Is this Panama City beach Florida? My daughters and I rode this Ferris wheel in Panama City beach!! I guess they have more than one. So Cool!!!!

  8. Can you do the Bear wolf thing on the McClure twins channel I had to comment here cause the comments are disabled..

  9. Maybe Jersey could drink a bottle on the way back flying. They say the sucking motion helps their ears. He might not use a bottle anymore but sure worth a try for a good flight back for him since he can’t chew gum.

  10. He is so adorable and I am not being fake because I will tell you if you baby is not cute but he is so adorable wish he was my little brother just so adorable

  11. Hi jersey this video was a good I can't believe jersey is not scared of heights what a brave boy good job jersey

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