'Jersey Shore' Cast Reacts to Snooki Getting Punched in the Face.

'Jersey Shore' Cast Reacts to Snooki Getting Punched in the Face.

how are you today I'm fine um when I saw that honestly it looked like it really hurt and it did hurt and it looked like I broke my jaw I lost teeth nothing I just got a little bruising but I did take a really good punch it's really hard for me to watch when I first saw it start hysterically crying I was like what happened it came out of nowhere if you're on a reality TV show and people are around they're gonna want to be on camera they're gonna want to start trouble just to be seen the guy he was like it was a good night it was a good vibe all the roomies were bonding like it was a good fun time and this drunk guy we didn't I don't know who he was but he kept coming over to us and you know talking to us I think he just wanted to be on camera so um you know I was ordering shots for my roommates and here he got caught off by the bartender so he couldn't have any more drinks and I don't know why he was still at the bar but he was so I ordered drinks and he stole all my shots so I was like listen you're cut off first of all if you want your own shots you can buy them because these are for my roommates so I kind of got into his face a little bit because he just wouldn't leave and out of nowhere clocked me in the face take me to that he hits you do do you realize right away what has happened were you knocked unconscious I think I blacked out for a couple seconds because I don't remember getting punched all I remember is being on the floor holding my mouth like what just happened and then when I realized what happened I just started hysterically crying it was chaos everywhere everyone was running around trying to beat this guy up I blacked out take me back to that night as you're there you're out having a good time next thing you know you look over and your castmates on the floor I was calling it with a little like two hours prior to it I was saying that this guy was getting real irritable he didn't like the cameras he was hating on all of us I was trying to get him away and he on the other hand was trying to defuse the situation by feeding him more drinks and free shots you to alcohol in the fire you know what you know what I don't know if it was as much as that just we have previously gone to a couple arguments you know previous nights yeah and instead of us shutting out the crowd or whatever like we met a man who I said you know what let's see if we can befriend these people so that there isn't a fight there isn't an argument okay sure and sure enough that didn't work it didn't work anyway it was horrifying hey we all thought it was like were somewhere was when I picked her up and I was bring her to the bathroom my arms everything was just covered in blood so when I brought her into the bathroom I you know by that time we were panicking – my nails ripped off so I was panicking because my real nails were just missing and I thought something worse I could she was missing teeth and everything so until we got to cleaned up we didn't know how bad of the state cuz it is it was a grown man hitting yeah a tiny tiny girl we had a good time until somebody gets punched in the face that was an unfortunate situation that um but that did in fact bring us all closer together I mean some unfortunate circumstances happen like that happens I mean that's crazy like a guy should never hit a girl it's that's beyond crazy but um it did bring us closer together lifestyle whatever there are gonna be some some arguments and stuff like that but at the end of the day uh well you know we come together as a family and you guys are gonna see that this show has generated a lot of controversy mm-hmm right you tell me where's the controversy lie within this show from your perspective okay I don't think there is any I mean I've registered you a bunch of young adults you know for the for the summer we live we work together and obviously throughout the summer there's you know gonna be some arguments this is life he knows the Italian organization is taken out of context like I was trying to say before is the house being the scene but our lifestyle as a scene and the Guido guita term we necessarily don't use it but there is thousands of people that act dress look and play the same part that we do and we're just eight people like depicting it in one house and you know I don't understand why they have a problem with it it's if we're proud of it and at the end of the day we can say we're proud of what we did not necessarily proud of it boyo sure we love that as you look at the show is it a fair representation of who you are you guys are just getting a little picture of behind closed doors of some young adults pretty much going out and I mean already good morning for the summer having a good time and I'd like to find somebody that says that they didn't do that when they were younger mm-hmm I agree with Mike I mean Mike's everyone says it I was absolutely the same person I am at home as I was out there just so happens I was with perfect strangers but I got to know them I still was myself I still party like just didn't work my part as much so we don't have like the day job and we know the nine-to-five anything so as far as that um organization um if they don't like it or if they're thinking that whip we're portraying them in a bad way it's not the case I'm very proud to be Italian and I come from Italian family and I would never want to portray my family as anything yummy this is from unico their statement saying they and I assume producers they are blatantly as well as subliminally bashing Italian Americans with every technique possible and then they go on to say and this is more of a personal attack they are an embarrassment to themselves their heritage and their families I'm not Italian oh that's very interesting because I would never bash my own family or miss reference represent them in any way and I heard a quote from one of the guys that was calling us baboons and bimbos now that's kind of um contradicts himself because look at that that's a bad term you're gonna call it an Italian cuz you're Italian calling another of Italian a bimbo or buffoon how do you feel about sponsors saying I'm out that's a stupidest thing that you've ever done yeah well if everybody's watching the show the ratings are through the roof now if I'm an avid type if I want to advertise I'm gonna have a tais on a channel at every gonna watch I mean we cook for each other the Sunday dinner this family all they see is the real drama the stuff will they'll see how we all come together and they're gonna regret pulling I'll tell you that

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  1. That motherfucker was in the wrong . He was to begin with and it’s not like she even hit him for him to retaliate,

  2. I t hi,k snooki is a clown however that fartbag punching her in the face like that ….act of COWARD not sure why the rest of the pussies did nothing …had I been there that donkey would have been hospitalized period

  3. I think Ex Wives of Rock should have been more famous now that I think about it. Look it up. Now that's reality TV

  4. sammy punched ron, jenny punched mike, but it's a bigger deal that a drunk punched nicole. what's the difference

  5. It was wrong but that shit was funny and yeah its never ok to hit a woman… but still that was some great trash tv.

  6. Americans are racist against Italians. Period. I’ve expreinced it and so has my mother and father when they first came to this country and after being in this country for 20 plus years

  7. Where are all you feminists screaming about equality now? If Snooki was the one who punched that man and he did as society expects which is cover up no one would care

  8. Jenny was the only one who hit back too!! All the other house mates were fucking shitty for not jumping on him.

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