Jersey Shore Family Vacation S3E4 The Dude Ranch 18 July 2019

Jersey Shore Family Vacation S3E4 The Dude Ranch 18 July 2019

eat up last night in the parking lot are you serious sorry guys sorry oh yeah maybe you like kind of stops meeting yeah really Jen did it would you say no oh hi buddies agenda I think you said that my heart is racing right now but at the end of the day needs a whole ahead hi I just can't imagine what they're going through there is there is look at that bird dog looks like John Gotti market Michael Sorento pleaded guilty to these charges nine months ago and all that time they know that this day is finally coming even spoke to the judge he addressed her in court he says that he changed his life she says she understands that do you understand that he understood his mistake but that he chose to make those decisions and that he must face the consequences who is kidding me Oh two years [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh my god she made an example out of him who is Jewish years don't work exactly and make him pay a fine he's been doing so good for two years is it excessive that's a joke they're making an example out of him I understand you if you do the crime you have to the time but that's too much time you say to somebody like I don't know you know I don't know I've no idea I thought he was only gonna get up to 14 months he doesn't deserve to be in a position where you know he has a chance to possibly get pulled back into his own of where he had his demons I'm Jamie I can't because we're talking about right after getting married they wanted to start having kids and now they wait until they're two years I just can't believe that Mike is gonna be doing two years and he's not gonna see my son being born like thinking about everything it's just my heart is broken broken hey I got it Jersey Shore stop Mike the situation Sorrentino brother sentenced to two years in prison brother they got the same no no this is his brother oops let me read this Mike's or Mike the situation Sorrentino 'he's brother mark has been sentenced to 24 months in prison I'm creating his own ruling it says bro we almost just thought Mike that to you lady says please get fired the news reporter basically up and said Mike's going to jail for two years instead of mark so we were all freaking out Ron was punching things who does that like I feel like we have PTSD from that I mean that's not cool that lady was wrong pronounces names I'm feeling why they on the same day this is crazy I damn near flip the table feel like I'm in like Ronnie's relationship right now I'm on a roll or closer it's up its down it's up its down it's two years thirty years it's mark it's not Mike it's like what is going on this is killing me call me up and do it don't let there be an update I know the suspense is killing me I hate I'm very impatient I can't I'm literally like my legs are shaking I mean we're sitting here right now waiting but I mean like this isn't the judges hands like you can't do anything bad but like if it takes longer is that good oh is that bad thing like if it would go quick that means you got it off like I don't know I'm fencing I'm thinking I don't know this sucks wait they well why would I be taking this long something's going on I don't know if if they all do they usually take this long everyone this is my first one no I don't think so I don't know so he was just any probation they wouldn't when you're in trouble it takes longer than when if you're not in trouble I mean he's definitely in trouble I'm just trying to get this update but nothing so wait I just got a text from my friend that her pop hits a cop in Lindon that Mike got eight months I don't know oh you got any months my good eight months Jersey Shore stop Mike the situation Sorrentino sentenced to eight months in prison you got eight months that's a lot that's a long time that's almost a year I cannot believe this he's become such a better person he's done everything correctly just doesn't make sense that's I'm heavy he's going to jail prison not Jail you want prison jail is you do overnight J he's what a prison like no joke he's not me he's not made for prison oh I feel like he just deserved probation or an ankle bracelet I don't even know what to do I don't know what to say this is it's not good damn he really got sentenced stake the judges lock them both up by truck like I'm pulling deep positivity and I can always find the good in something and I gotta look really hard to find the goodness we can't picture me in jail I can't do like I can't I can't see it I can't see it I wonder how he is show it off were you shocked whether it's the detectives how you make the much mad – sir has significantly to knowledge is unwell being the Madoff is greater community progress ravine about the prisoners inside an anti-social environment under the circumstances doesn't set up are you gonna I need to go get my head together everybody makes jokes jail jail jail but sit there and think about that you know I'm saying like going to a federal prison in that isolation in that harsh environments like I just don't want more of my best friends to go through that I'm honestly like my soul has left my body like I am lifeless right now my heart hurts for them they went through the steps they've been through the process they're not the people that deserve this eight months Oh Vinny Jenni how is he obviously coming um I really just can't believe that happen again he went home you wanna live all right I figured that he's going on like it's just I just don't see I don't see it being fair how is he we need to know everything oh my god they were like turning it back into a trial like prosecution would go up and then the defendant would come up it was like watching a friend like and like in a boxing match like a fight like you that's the worst Wow and then at the end it's like the you know when they have seen who won yeah and they David the prosecutor one she went and like the lawyer and she's like no I don't want to hear anymore and I was just like oh my god I'm very disappointing the justice system I feel bad for Mike he's a rehabilitated person you should see that so I think I deserved for patient I was not happy with the result but I have to be accountable and responsible and I have to handle it I have to move forward yes I'm going to get that much needed rest on eating species another thing about last night they stole my Jen exchange the last time I saw you you got to take care of about like oh you got job yeah who are your people I can't do process one thing at a time Oh char your eyes look at it space jump to random Jenny person SME a cacophony so caucus see you you could do eight months maybe we were to actually fix your life but Mike Matt Mike did you get a good lickin no I went down was jet and her friend got involved and I didn't Jen was here last night so long got jump mm-hmm okay we're going with that one tonight alright okay guys Ronnie has a call do you think it really yeah I don't believe anything Ronnie says about Secaucus so whether Ronnie is telling the truth or not who knows he's like the boy who cried wolf at this point I have so many speculations on that yeah I think Jen that's up and he said he got hit in the back of the head he has a black eye and it's great for you like I've been in plenty of fight I never got scratched by a guy ever I mean who gets scratched by a guy it doesn't happen you scratched by a girl you guys ready to go quite a day Jersey Shore family another day and other sentence it drains me probably drained all of you yeah I just need to go home and lay down babe I gotta go to Urgent Care when I go back now so what the cash in the back of my head oh yeah on space by forever big what I scratches in other guys yo he got his past whoops by her right yeah [Applause] together where are they I have like these chefs I hope like this makes me smile so us roomies decide let's go check on Mike see how he's doing and you know if he is down on the dumps maybe we can raise his spirits a little and now we're just waiting for the rest of the roommates to get here we're looking for all of Mike's favorite foods right now you know all the bright colored food that looks like you would bring to a children's party there these three on Betty cake Doritos you know all that little little kick that's what Mike loves thank God guys Paulie had a bounce to DJ this morning so I couldn't make it work is work I don't know how we got three fun fetty's Doritos ice cream cake diet changes everything basically even the keto Guido will take a bite of this stuff for a Mike today I honestly don't know how Mike's feeling today part of me wants to say he's doing good but like the human side of me is saying how can you feel good I feel like a good funfetti some chips just some garbage food on a day after Court morning is Mike's needed medicine [Applause] it means the world to me that my homies came by to check up on me we got snacks and I have the best roommates ever Mike you hungry I actually am Mike ice cream cake we'll start with one oh my god you guys are the best gonna be living my best life for a couple days let's all take a doughnut I'm gonna live my best life with him – Mike living you know what I'm not gonna be able to do it him for a while you don't mean so I want to get it all in by Ken oh my god give me more oh my god calm down I love a good diet soda so dramatic I appreciate you guys coming to support me in the world to me in the beginning when I first got to court and I saw you guys and I started to hug that Nicole and ID know I got a little emotional really quick because you guys looked emotional I'm like in life there are important things and those things are the intangibles family love and friendship and I have all three and I'm holding my head high right now I have I have a couple weeks but to just gather myself they tell you no it's usually it's 30 to 60 days you have to like surrender yourself so but I'm gonna see if I can sir into myself after the holidays maybe like January like January 15th you know I mean but guys the end of the day the most important thing is I got the girl and we have a wedding to plan yes aim now the court is over it is time to concentrate on the wedding and we have to do wedding planning we have to do seating charts we have to make sure that we have groomsmen gifts and lots to do Ronis onion heroes today it's about Mike wait wait wait what happened Ronny Rob the other night ready to go in chatter daddy yeah we're uh Secaucus what a sin in Secaucus today it's about Mike what happened Ronnie that robbed the other night my daddy where Secaucus dude I'm more worried about my situation and Ronnie tells me that he got jumped in Secaucus you were out in the open and somebody saw you and targeted you and jumped in that's crazy that is right guys you heard me right Secaucus I've been the Secaucus great place of Ronnie he got jumped oh sure Ronnie did you guys go in like kind of preparing for the worst by like hoping for you were just I was just happy that it was over yeah that day it was over like we've lived every day for five years because it's been four years since the arraignment but it's been five years since the investigation started but I year from now it'll all be like officially over yeah yo this thing that happened to you is like the best worst thing that's ever happened to you right and maybe said that yesterday yeah who you are today because of trial they really held me accountable and because of that I am the man I am today you know and you know grateful for that it's a telling sign of Who I am today for me to say I'm excited to pay my bills for me to say I'm excited to pay my fines because I'm being accountable today I'm doing everything right I just want to live a healthy happy positive life I'm a little bit of a sugar rush right now from Doritos and cookies but I am excited for tomorrow yes I took the initiative to poke a dude ranch for an aster Corps oh wow make a few days no sir he wants to go to a food ranch bunch of weed O's in a dude ranch what that's gonna be like I'm actually really excited I am I am excited I told I told the wife yesterday I'm like all right honey I'm gonna take a couple days off and not really speak to anyone and just chill with the family sex on it she's like it's like sorry she's like you're going tomorrow at the dude ranch II would want smaller good food and family that's all I need I cannot imagine what Mike is like truly feeling because at the end the day he's human I know he is being super positive for his friends his family his soon-to-be wife but yes he's human he's nervous and this Mike in my eyes doesn't deserve it and I feel like at the end the day he knows that too I really let you guys relax feeling you again tomorrow there – you look beautiful pregnant Eddie's homeless man thanks for the foods Julia I'm very grateful that they came by to check up on me but after my sentencing I don't know if they'd ready for this trip to Lake George so we'll see wait where is Mike Mike that area where is he I thought he was with you oh my god wait he really didn't come no oh hey guys hi protection so here's the deal Mike's having a little bit of a cough Laurie that would be due because this boat trip is for Mike operation Bree the situation mic like I saw like when he was walking into court and he looked like really nervous but he got eight months you know so I wasn't the outcome that he he wanted everybody is meeting at my house and then we were all going to go to the dude ranch together like one big dysfunctional family the judge like she kind of set an example I thought that it was a little harsh huh I'm glad we're going up in the woods in nature Mike can breathe some fresh air like meditate I think that's what might need that's what I would want in such a tough situation before he goes you should make him like some cutlets or something of course I'm excited I've never been to a dude ranch before in my life oh yeah yeah we hittin the road what the I knew she lived here it's not surprised she's always been my son in love I knew your choice you could automate ah makes me happy you gotta get that the mother-in-law's approval hello hello why do you look saying hello to you I don't know it's hoping that even on hey Jake [Applause] yeah I mean I've actually gets good for Mike's good range I'll help him take his mind off it yeah a little distraction this trip I think it'd be good for Mike get him away from paparazzi there outside his house get him away from self-service get him away from everybody Claire said and way to do that dude ranch hello neighbor oh my god each other thorns Lina took you so long daddy got in the road yeah where's Jenny I feel like I'm like a soccer mom right now cuz I'm rolling up and I'm like picking up all my soccer kids with a banner on the front and the big oversized minivan good hey guys we're going to our first tournament is that the thing a soccer like tournaments I don't know yeah we're going camping I couldn't get it aren't V ladder we're gonna get a Winnebago RVs here but that sprinkler we're gonna be inconspicuous Oh Jenks where's Mike wait where's Mike wait here yet yeah is he coming he's not here Mike's I hear ya okay really where is he really he's not here yesterday Mike was in good spirits so I don't understand like where he is I thought he was with you oh my god oh god this is everything for now area yeah where is he really he's not here I thought he was with you oh my god oh god this is how the guy I mean he was a little weird about call a luxury cold cold but he really didn't come no I'm gonna pick my heart I feel like yesterday Mike was in good spirits so I don't understand like where he is I can't show up not here should we call him or what so here's the deal I got a call from Mike's person this morning okay Mike's having a little bit of a tough morning now what do we do what's the next step because this whole trip is for Mike it'll get him yeah let's just go to his house man just get him up yeah maybe she does to be happy just let him decide if he wants to he wants to if not you know I think for us just support regardless you want to call him first you just want to show up show up all right operation free the situation lucky we're taking the shot at the dock right now because we don't know if Mike is gonna actually come with us but I think that coming on this trip would be good for Mike nobody's hitting with you she's a wife and amazing all right I love you love you ice everywhere Jenni watch the pole no no don't do that to her sorry are we almost I like George scale one to ten how bad is it that we're rolling up good bad we had this whole thing planned like that spirits were high ready to go everyone you know getting Mike away for the weekend and then all the sudden it's like he's not coming this whole thing was for him so we're all like just like kind of waiting anticipation this is the first time I really don't know how he's gonna react imma be honest to you like I think Michael be happy to see us I don't know if you're not welcome find out we get this Mike I feel like we don't come on to too strong I actually am nervous I don't expect right now I used to be sleeping what if you like sprawled out in his bed naked with a pizza yeah guys we're here oh my god I think we all should not go up absolutely not the married couples who go out yeah I think Vinny Appice your approach I don't want to be too aggressive me and Pauly just kind of know how to talk to Mike where he won't feel imposed on he won't feel bombarded as it wasn't saying in here cuz there are amazing beats get it fast forward press the pound for the next page oh wait you guys did you see Sorrentino know right now the Samsonite Pesci hell it's for zero to nine how do you will you how do you not the call no see I don't know how many Guido's it takes to press them button well we can get this thing to work my night that was not Mike without the his name rehearse let's just call his phone hello Michael [Applause] stand back I'm gonna break the window hello Michael so we're at Mike's apartment last we checked with Mike he was coming to the dude ranch and now he's m.i.a we don't know what's going on um little bit of news so we are me and Pauly are actually downstairs right now yeah I'm with Pauly D yeah we didn't want to make it like like we're coming to kidnap you or anything cuz we know that you're taking a time doing your thing Oh what if he's like he needs today and then tomorrow he's good yeah I don't know what to do I will be honest I'm really nervous because I don't know how Mike's gonna take this he did not call text or warn any of us then he was not showing up like he might not want to see us but you know we just wanted you to have the option and he wanted to suck up to you you know that's a score I told you they should have sent us oh that's what's up BTS is in the building it's coming he was like since you guys are here I'll just come down I'll pack my bag come down okay I feel like life is perfect right now like we got it all and we're gonna hit the road and we're gonna hit the road on a high note we have a 19 hour drive when I get lunch the cafe over there I think Stuart's is actually like a burger joint oh there's our key two options you can get something at the cafe it's huge huge I honestly thought that we were just gonna have to go and then Mike maybe will meet us there enough Oh Ronnie fact that he's saying he's coming with us right now I'm just like yes you like turned the whole day around we're ready we're ready no no fructose corn syrup oh my god can I get the boardwalk cheesesteak but I can I just get it in a plate without bread yeah change uh I've had another cup of ice please Wow way we don't know yeah couldn't leave all him off the aisle is this guy just asked for ice on the side after my sentencing I'll be honest with you guys I did not expect this result or this outcome to be handed to me maybe it's a good idea and I get some time with my friends up in the country upstate New York one with nature could be a good situation they're coming [Applause] that's from Goodfellas and I thought it was hilarious because these Guido's can always make me laugh was that my guy gotta come get you my guy even in the craziest of situations oh he had a last couple nights I really didn't get too much sleep why the weather yeah last night I just I just wasn't able to get packed I was making sure that one was okay for the last day or two she's been a bit sensitive and I'm just trying to just be there for her and be strong you know for my family I'm seeing so many different things online you're gonna be there for three months you're gonna be there for five or six months laughs we all play if I have something was committed I was part of of a crime but my involvement was extremely minimal I believe they wanted to make an example out of me I'm the first person in my crime that's a blow like my I get thrown in jail blows my mother ever as the other dates have been so much worse I only had eight months it could have been 14 mike has his health is happiness who are in a good place what blows my mind is that you fine yeah I did he is debt-free he is correct paid restitution restitution fun have we did interest everything and what sinner wasn't good enough you know what I mean no way to appeal yeah no I don't think so that costs so much money lilius costed me I would think close to a million dollars to defend this case that has five years it's crazy I'm this sober so maybe you'll change some lines while you're in there you know I thought about thank you out here no no he looked good on the news oh you had like a gangster yeah front page you want World News or CNN we're happier here yeah hey I'm ready to go yeah all right oh yeah get ready to go to Lake George right now Big Data sisters feeling in a really good way because I'm getting away from the badness getting away from the cameras and I'm able to get some time with my friends it's free situation in the front says free states on the front yeah we got a whole back row for Big Daddy since BDS is in a beauty Shh Mike's in a good mood thank God you know this is gonna be a nice vacation for Jenni's driving yeah I'm super excited Mike's here and he's coming and getting together with everyone and it's amazing we hittin the road BTS is in the building there's water in the sides and we only do one stop for the bathroom so please hold it until then VDS is in the building you were just sleeping feeling good we're a little bit behind schedule but it's fine because we would not be going if it wasn't for Mike so I'm just Denning I'm overheating I don't understand what the vents are yeah check to see if they're oval that would make matter what I am a driver I'm gonna get everyone there whether it's 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. oh my gosh I fly oh that ladies man in your chest I saw me ask you from job great Secaucus sorry I've been holding it for a very long time he's got a potty they're gonna go to your phone so stick all against do you feel it's a lot cooler it feels great so our first rest stop you know we're going to pee get our foods I think right now he's just sitting on my bladder so I can feel it I'm gonna go get a wine let's get on the road oh yeah a Stoney Creek Ranch yeah we stopped three hours left I'm excited to have a glass of wine sit by the campfire and tell ghost stories why can't we do anything right I could break the window we're in the middle of nowhere at a rest stop and we're locked out of our truck what else could go wrong Thunder this is gonna be the road trip from hell now this is amazing we cannot make this stuff stand back I'm gonna break the window I want to interfere and fish how you know if the fish is coming leaders are not very good at fishing damn it we're going to the boat you might be pregnant don't pull them out great road trip why can't we do anything right you did it somebody left the goddamn keys in the van and now we're stopped stand back I'm gonna break the window what don't even have Jersey yet we're locked out of this car this is amazing we cannot seriously doze do not go on road trips like get up the whole trip the whole process even getting there let's go back into hot out here I'm having a cheese stick I'd have to blame my phones in the truck desperate times call for desperate measures and thankfully our gas station had one of those card breaker fingers in and Pauli's you know Pauly's gonna get it I have faith sister the only person I can't get this car open it's me I'm not gonna like Deena do it she's pregnant only yes I'm not gonna have any Duke sense no idea this is like a illusionary thing why he'll probably break the window all right well Mike can't get caught doing it he's on probation okay okay so here we go it's my turn [Applause] Holly since the day we finally get into the boss Lake George here we come feels like a real road trip Emily it does Mike C is in my mouth [Laughter] all the windows are open why am i overheating really bad back here I feel it now she says ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall 99 going down pass it around look you will drink all the beers on the wall [Applause] the longest drive undertaken in the light I see life oh my god civilization oh my god this was definitely the longest ride ever but just really happy we're here all together right got it we got to get there get off I despise just clench it I cried you know no to Clint your ass it's really gross oh yeah I wish you wouldn't just wait in a cup of night ride but you know Annie is the friggin worse not only ours Quito farts disgusting but he just chooses the time to freakin let him loose [Applause] because it's freezing I love it it it's so fully where's all the dudes well welcome to cowboys and cowgirls welcome to the Stoney Creek Ranch Resort my name's Scott I'm the owner of the place and anything you need just let me know I know you've had a long drive your cabins are ready to go you're gonna come around over here to our outgrown cabins for you wait we're on the water you're right on the water overlooking the Hudson we can fish man so exponents a spot and you're gonna have a great getaway awesome thank you all right thank you guys to the cabin I'm excited I grew up in upstate New York this is like like my childhood like I love fishing kayaking boating and you know tipping cows but we don't do that anymore cause it's 2018 thank you girls and boys yeah so and I think of a good time back in the day I think of this and that's why I want Mike to enjoy yeah all right let's go see your cabin this is so fun I'm like oh my god this is so upstate this is so cute oh I like that little outside with like an a wine it's reminding me of dirty dancing welcome to the cabbage yo if you need me I'll be kicking it on his boat we ran into caucus no mom that is my miniature house mommy the shore house Oh smells like the shore house all right way to food app oh I think this is bigger so there's three beds so how's this gonna work I'm so confused we got Dee her own spa oh yeah I have a long time that's gonna feed you want to go check out the other one yeah so I got three bits for Angelina myself at occult and then I got a cabin by itself since she's pregnant Deena said she'd like to be alone yeah I'm rooming with Mike oh hey tradition going big daddy sits came out here to relax I'm trying to live my best life lost my freedoms these drug dealers I'm so excited to have a chill drama-free peaceful get away with my best friends after one of the biggest events of my life this reminds me of my house in Seaside I mean I like it I just I'm like nervous I might be scared yeah I would a civil only Jenni was super sweet and got me my own cabin but I thought it was gonna be like I would be with everyone in a house but I would have my own room like in Manalapan just sit with us you shouldn't stay here it's in the middle of nowhere whoa okay so do you want to make Angelina leave other counts what we doing I don't understand how this is working right now this is so annoying Avery we got to pull out would you take a pull out like I'm not gonna my back is a bad back I can't like not on the ground why am I the only one that has to sleep on the floor like why is it that like Jenni doesn't offer or like Nicole doesn't offer I mean I really I'm gonna be honest – do pull out as hard I'm not doing it I can't just tempur-pedic oh nice don't argue about Beverly it's fine I'll just say no no you're staying with us we'll figure it out I don't feel comfortable not having a bed it's not cool what if we taking the mattress what do you mean on the floor yeah I'm not doing it oh my god it's like I asked Angelina to sleep on the dirt floor outside double mattress I can't and I'm like are you kidding me dude you know what move it is Lina I'm giving you my bed have at it I'm the one that's that's got to deal with this right now just wanna go home at this point I'm pissed so go home then I carried a bed over here just in case this doesn't work I'm gonna borrow this one Tina's room let me carry it right over see we're going not a big deal bigger problems in this world our friends going to jail for eight months she's our something I don't mean right now it's to 12 almost 13 hours of all of us Angela it's just not you know I know but I'm the one that has to deal with the master situation no you're not we were all trying to discuss who left me in the woods and listen I am over the bed situation no one's telling Angelina chance to sleep on the floor on the mattress or on the couch and she's just going on about herself I literally am bed of the bed right Dina is the early purple screaming over the bed situation I've never seen a pregnant girl so red she literally looks like an eggplant that's actually really cool I like nature Alex wait smells the fire and like yeah I love that smell like being with my I want a good time I don't give it about a goddamn bed bed is the lease come on let's move on I'm sleeping on the couch it's fine oh my god you guys are so crazy right now you get over it dude Dina should have just slept in the cabinet she asked for cuz she's the pregnant one and we wanted her to sleep alone and nice but all of a sudden she did want to be alone my life Mike what happened big problem what happened Dina's flipping out why because they wanted to give me a mattress on the floor they want to get you a cot a mattress on the floor out of all the Jersey Shore seasons how was the loudest I've ever done you know that someone she's annoying you just think like an adult and be like okay let's cook let's go to the front desk and say hey I need a bed thrown in here seriously why don't you come in here and sleep with Vinny no I'd rather kill myself all right Mike shut up all I heard was sleeping thing is anybody hungry over there I'm hungry I'm hungry oh my god what didn't I I don't want to fight with the pregnant girl that's the last thing I want to do but it did happen and you know what does happen and I feel bad about it but hell no I'm not sleeping on the floor what am i dog it's not cool I'm sorry I yelled at you but I just felt like you were going crazy about the thing and I was getting overwhelmed and when I'm pregnant and when my hormones I just lose it I know I mean but I just gotta understand where I'm coming from a little bit because where are you coming from I don't talk about say just not gonna I just I don't really want to speak about anybody at least we're gonna take care of it that no one's gonna sleep on the floor yeah maybe if I wasn't pregnant and I could have a wine I would be like all right this place is okay but I'm gonna be sober Sally here with the little baby in my belly that I need him to be comfortable here's my bed moving on not bad I'll set my Casio if art you sleep no let's go I hate drama and fighting so let's go have a drink and move on from this see they have a little game of gentlemen's pool in there instead of a fake row straight up body they got that easy yeah oh I hear it come true oh they're jamming the beats oh this is fun oh my god leave this I need another bottle of wine this right this to the dude ranch in the dog but why you so used to it the teacher I am all about line dancing I'm not good at it come on but I still enjoy it come on come on guys those girls dance they're scared I know it's not bad challenge it I mean I'm more of a fist pumper myself but everybody here is doing line dancing okay what are you doing I messed up when I turn it line dancing is harder learn they gave us to be honest with you isn't the most coordinated when it comes to hands in eye coordination maybe in the foot [Applause] line dancing is very easy I'm a cheerleader and it's very natural to me so I look like a professional on the dance floor even if I'm spilling my wine everywhere I don't care big good sis has always had very very good kicks so now that the kicks have been incorporated into the line dancing let the fist pump beat again [Applause] the cella stony creek ranch style we're late okay we're okay organ [Applause] Jenny came up with this idea about coming to this dude ranch maybe she just wanted to find a dude [Applause] Johnson Jenny's definitely doing what I did in all the went down with me Jen I just try to act like it was fine that's like it was fine but you're going through a divorce with somebody you love it doesn't make sense I really if you want to like you know how do you feel but she's gonna wanna act like everything's peaches and cream and everything's good there's no way that you are happy right now we just run away I think we should go they can't find a story yeah let's bring your chairs to my porch I wanted to buy the fire I drink so much I'll meet you down at the fire yeah this is actually put some Guido's up in a ranch like this yeah I had lying dancing goodness gracious alright we all listen got some activity to do about that there's bonfire get some Florence and uh scary stories about Angelina this is some real Ranchi right here sitting by a fire y'all oh this is nice I wanna hear a scary story Vinny and Angelina are going are they good bumping uglies they're bumping uglies ooh I'm trying to get prey on there but you think I am again you might be pregnant shut the wait what like with me right now so are you serious oh my god honey is pregnant again what are you baby oh my god you might be pregnant yeah right now though are you serious she's late Oh Ronnie informs us that he might have another baby Nick I don't my mind's bo9 out yo baby Ronnie's pregnant right right to the gag yes he knocked up Jen again are you serious yeah well pull them out what the hell were you it's definitely crazy to think Jen's pregnant again because we just never know what where they are in the relationship if they're happy or if they're fighting in the public or she's dragging him in a car I mean I just want them to be good before they bring another baby into the world how are you gonna feel about that good you guys are like you guys are finally good and now you could I love being a father now be a good thing then I mean I did it one just like second time will be the same thing I told her to wait for me she wants to take one now but I told her to wait I want to be there she does it I'm excited about it you know it's like I would rather have another child with Jen then have another child with another woman you know it's like why do I want to have three babies mom it's like let's have kids go one baby's mom and then that's what it is I promise you guys are in a good place to that's great yeah no we're fine we were listening we tried to not make it a but if it does happen then we gotta so you said the first time you know I feel like they need about five years of therapy before another child it's my opinion I'm allowed to have it this is America but apparently they're fine as he's sitting there with a black eye well thank you for finally telling us well she had that she got the birth control things she has the DUI if she got a DUI she's good I came up here and I'm like yo dude ranch wild like I thought we were gonna be in a judgment-free zone like come on like what me having a kid is a joke since when has that become a joke yeah Wow rah you knocked up a game that's insane okay no spooky story oh I got a story there was this kid named Ronnie who got with this woman where he needed a met her in Vegas they didn't know her past mm-hmm fast forward a year from there had a baby together when they had the baby yeah things turn toxic I'm talking craziness what people getting dragged by cars TVs being broken Road Rash craziness and then he know what happened he was on vacation with his friends and he had at least suddenly because his house got broken in they put it on Instagram live for real you put it on Instagram life of the world see it on the Quran yeah oh you know what happened look which is a miscommunication oh thanks her nice and calm he got back with his friends okay yeah not back with his friends was hanging out one day it was in this hotel room all right all of a sudden next day all bloodied up shiner on his face caught in the back of his face guess where he will he go Secaucus Secaucus Secaucus craziness yeah and then it happened again oh my god there's another little spawn growing inside of that girl and many ones who were doing ranch who knows if he's coming back his story is still untold no I know it's crazy I'm sorry guys I mean to freak you up we had to go in yeah I already finished story was terrifying I don't have any more scary stories I'm out goodnight guys alright goodnight yo that's a scary story bro no bro I hope you can sleep at night plagues our circle I'm ready to go back something I sleep on the couch attorney gets so cold can't feel my nipples I was gonna take a shower I'm doing the wine IM the frank war champion and that does not change because I don't know it I'm putting some bugs and babies bed so when he wakes up he can wake up to some creepy crawlers what there's a bug in my bed that's no way here all night so yeah with me piggy laid eggs in my boy today I want to like drink beer and fish you know cowboy that's got my can go I'm ready so today we gonna take advantage of this ranch we're out here we're gonna do everything it has to offer that morning wood tanning Jim Longy we're gonna go horseback riding fishing canoeing possibly shovel some we're actually jumping to canoeing sort the paddling you don't do it I need to help Mike right now keep his mind off of prison bitches we going yeah I'm ready we're the boys they're all down there those are the boys yeah yeah shut up I thought those were like real cowboys no boys oh this is nasty oh he's alive that's how you get salmonella no it's not how you get warts oh my god you just now you have salmonella he's squirming like a Widow's you know we are city people we're sort of out of our element palliate give me that thing we're not really the fishermen tight but when I was a kid Easter fishing my father so I can get this it's like riding a bike you never forget the fish I'm about to catch me some dinner right when you go here we dose the Guido's are not very good at fishing we know how to fist pump we can beat the beat up real good fishing mm not so much doesn't it look so pretty the mountains with like the fall colors this is gorgeous it really is want to jump in the kayak I do like to Canada let's get away together this [Applause] [Applause] one person moves in that boat they all move they're going down like I need a food I definitely want to provide the horsies but I hate doing scary ride sober so I feel like get my drink on how did you water please I just had a Dr Pepper so I don't wanna get too crazy or throw out the bar Oh Ronald hello already you got a drink with us sure it is amazing how you can put Ronnie and Nicole in the middle of nowhere and they will find a door my god I don't wanna go too crazy because still you know early but like once I get my spiral partner it's our never know the shot you can't get a DUI on a horse right wait a I'll go my drinking was Ron like really really drunk last night I'm making up Ronnie dropped that bomb on us last night he lets us know that his baby mama could possibly be pregnant like what the dude you haven't learned yet he was going on and on about like an IU thing and not trying no it was like that's an excuse yeah yeah I know he's like bit perfect like you think yeah what better thing she's like I love him so much we had a rough patch but we're perfect miscommunication that's how you know I mean their relationships a rollercoaster last thing they need to do is have another baby Ron says he's fine with it but we all know it's only a matter of time before he falls a pup I just hope doesn't ruin that trip for Mike and Ronnie he'll be fine though he doesn't drink and you get lunch I guess right wow look at this spread bro help yourself if you wanna do something just let me know yeah brownies what a country okay oh hi Michael Sorrentino dinner before dinner are you guys ready yes whenever you guys are ready make him head up I mean my cowboy hat yeah why don't you have a hat can't ride a horse on my cowboy hat I'm not really gonna work with my hello oh my god you see what I can do you can't ride a horse around a cowboy hat everybody knows that problem is go ahead doesn't fit or just blow up so I need to customize mine I'm agreed oh my god this is amazing howdy partner Wow okay a blowout friendly cowboy hat Junior we're a roommates are not real Cowboys like me the horse girl is outside we impress while we going now another shot before I go see horses oh my god so the spiral squad in full effect at the dude ranch actually I'll have this is their work that girls waiting for us Oh God can I have my liquid Kurt Joe some tightly excited to go horseback riding I love the horsies and I've done it one family terrifying but I prepared myself [Applause] straight line I apologize for the tardiness of my knowledge on science so we're gonna start pulling horses for you guys so who is riding so what we're gonna do is just the three of you guys today because you guys were at the bar drinking so what yeah Nichole's never drank in her life the horse was like my drunk wine brass and went throw up on the horse and I don't want to get a DWI on the horse so I get it might get on the horse okay I'm ready let's do it to see Mike up on that horse I feel bad for the horse cuz that boy is thick you know what I mean like I don't know who should be riding who this is the first time Big Daddy sitch is riding a horse and to be honest with you like I'm getting the hang of it giddy up horse we're going to Canada to get him two dogs get my kick whoa cool it's like the gas which one's the brake so we're going on a little bit right out let's go no don't yeah let's go on the petting zoo and then let's go back into the barn come on I'm onna no no come on you're gonna work out on my hips right now yeah I just want to let you know I was a professional it's so funny I used to going 50 miles an hour when I was in the second grade I was a competitive horseback rider I won second place good boy so I feel very comfortable and confident on this horse right now okay go around it peanut good boy so gonna make it a buffet ready guys watch this crushes oh we better watch out because he will bite off your new face these crazy coats and animals are fighting with each other being weird and I'm like oh my god this is all this drunk in the Jersey Shore house when we were all single they're just trying to get it in so let him get it in that's going out with my rock we're good does nothing really talk about because real annoying regeni wants to always talk about my relationship but then she won't talk about her going through a divorce we obtained horse can never made this kilt rubbish whoa farting again you have Guinness a beer I started but I love dark beer but did you drink beer I only drank I like I could have it all sour in the country you're so hot well overall I think Mike's doing amazing here he's nervous my way up he's getting into his element if any a great time I feel like we should do like the bachelor party but like a low-key fun one up here I think that's an amazing idea does it do like something cute but not like typical because you might end up drinking enough craziness we don't want strippers I was thinking cute stuff well do look games I like that no strippers kids lots of food so I was just really fetty's yes no what's wrong you sounds like a going-away party not a bachelor party no strippers Ron Jenny's takes control over everything so well I want no you can't have that this is what you're gonna have relax you're married already worried about your divorce oh I need to ask you a question it's generally pregnant Wow no I didn't celebrate even outside it's a to be a job it's it's to be determined I mean obviously it's like it's just real annoying but Jenny wants to always talk about my relationships but then she won't talk about her going through a divorce now let me ask you a question yeah what's going on with anything rocket what goods nothing really talk about I don't want to make it a thing it's not that big of a deal you know look so low news like I know but I'm not talking about it okay I'm not trying to be disrespectful I'm not trying to say hey let's put you out there put you out there team Z cute fab People magazine Us Weekly Enquirer Playboy it's everywhere like you're out there so why are we acting like it doesn't exist my back is killing me I'm gonna go Brad laughs and just play game oh my gracious don't get it like you're going through a rough time so we are family we're roommates we're here to support each other they support Annie be supported Mike we support Deena like why aren't you letting us support you it's crazy I just want to know how she feels it's the thing that's like what do not address it guys address my relationship so why so what's the difference all right pregnant again you know maybe she is maybe she's not but I don't know all right so I wasn't ready old but I'm sending either but I had to that's on you that's not on me is I'm you guys did you guys always talked about everyone it was always brought up and saying you guys never asked me hey Ron do you guys feel about comfortable talking about this you guys just did it so why is it different I think that one comedy so I managed to god yeah Jenni is definitely doing what I did when I went down the engine I just try to act like he was fine that's like it was fine Michael it was fine but I wasn't I'm not trying to bash her or fight her I want to know how she's feeling how she didn't what is the truth I'll text her and I'm like hey a long paragraph sure give me a thumbs up like she'll do the double the double and I'm like really like it should it's not right I'm not the relationship doctor I'm a doctor drew but it's all about communication and from what I'm seeing from Jenni does she does not know how to communicate Jenny wants to brush it under the rug and thankfully it doesn't exist and like you know what when you brush enough dirt under the rug you know how to see the rug it builds up and it builds up and it builds up and all eventually comes out it's got to be addressed [Applause] a lot easier now you do that all day I like riding a dirt bike slower playschool yes go put a couple of Guido's in a ranch what a country yeah I want to do dinner yeah the Italian place still right yeah all right this entire trip is for Mike and I'm a part of Mike is all about his foods so tonight we're gonna go to a nice Italian restaurant with my roomies and eat I think Ron and Nicole are spiraling they might not hug wait they're still there yeah I thought he came back Oh balls next level brownies drinking away his problems I said yeah I feel like this spiral squad is in their natural habitat so we're just gonna go and we're gonna let them continue there goes the neighborhood survival squad clocking it again everyone leans to join dinner here right here dinner thing spotter school don't you expect put Guido's in a dude ranch are we to say sober it's happening you could put us literally in a bar with no one around and we will make the best of it so staying with Nicole's that are going to get you dinner again with the roommates was a weight better idea there really was eight but we lost – which was – in a storm oh nice nice be gone language over here it looks like the best day of my life on a plate I am very excited to get some good Italian food coz I cannot claim living my best life if I'm not including in pasta pizza garlic bread what's a dehl sticks don't a little mortadella yeah right here hey I mean life I've tried to live my best life while I still can yes did you get any of it in your mouth doesn't solve your shirt oh no what's going on with spirals ladies and gentlemen I hope you're having a good time tonight because next up we have Nicole and Ronnie the spiral squad [Applause] these dreamers should have called the cops oh man psycho I was going through a divorce I want you guys to know what I was going through everyone was so worried so why isn't everyone worrying about Jenny's divorce take him out your life oh damn

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  1. Deena and j Wow snooki are all dramatic asf and jwoww and the others are gonna get chewed up and spit out by ronnie i jjst can't wait

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