Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Episode 22 “Ranchelor Party” | AfterBuzz TV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Episode 22 “Ranchelor Party” | AfterBuzz TV

Snooki and Ronnie spiral and we also have Lauren's and strippers in the same room don't go anywhere you're watching afterbuzz TV you're tuned in to afterbuzz TV the ESPN of TV talk now [Applause] the panel here on afterbuzz TV we are so excited because it is Thursday yeah it really is the best day and we have my amazing coat here we have mama DJ Mandy hey guys Anthony what's up guys how's it going and we are all super fans of the show obviously yeah buddy today with a yeah buddy oh yeah so today was a little bit shorter than the last two weeks which you know we love our Jersey Shore but I feel like we can really get into this episode even more than we got to do before so let's just start off with Snooki and Ronnie spiraling I feel like that is just kind of like a trend that goes on and all of these things she's just hot but they shouldn't have their own spin-off of spiral squad right yeah they should that would be Sun it will just be called the spiral squad that would be amazing that would be seen here that morning memory don't make sure to not go anywhere guys because we do have our fun special segment which is spiral squad and we let you know who is the most spiral squad of the night and we also have some Vinny and Angelina drama that never seems what else is new right yeah what else is new absolutely nothing but basically we are just going back to the cabin everybody that's where they went last week everybody's still there were planning for the what do they call it Ranch party yes I mean something about the Jersey Shore they always have same name yeah so it's like interesting they're awesome yeah so they were all planning it and Pauly and Vinny decided they want to have strippers and the yeah oh oh cabs here playing a bachelor party too and there's like a little bit more different it was just more little games do you guys would you be mad at your significant on yes okay I didn't even get to okay if you were getting married and I want to know you guys in the comments to it yeah would you be mad if your significant other had strippers out there yes sir party cuz me personally I would not give a shit because I know he's marrying me right I want to hear your opinion I would be interested to seeing how he would react to those strippers that would be the ultimate test for me yeah okay is he gonna touch them inappropriately if that's the case then we're holding off on the way yeah no touching like it's a bottom like haven't cometh I'm there like I think it I would be fine cuz like I don't mind strip us I think you're fine whatever but I would just not want them touching my man's yes yeah I wouldn't get mad whatsoever as long as she couldn't donor self in like a respectable manner then I don't think it's a big deal yeah yeah yeah what you think Jesse I don't think it's a big deal at all like I think it happens as long as they don't do anything like what a strippers gonna go and like move their butt on you whatever like it's yes that's right person you love really you guys are in love and you love each other like not something like that isn't gonna really separate you Ronnie on the other hand of the party there were strippers there oh yeah we'll get into that later a difficult episode yeah Jerry he almost look like he was gonna cry then we'll episode yeah um but yeah so Jenny asked Mike to walk her back to her room because she said she forgot her phone but really they wanted to surprise him and what I thought was so funny was Jenny's like if he had any idea he would not be rolling up in a hoodie yeah I miss shirt and shorts and that's exactly what he did do you guys think it's funny how they do everything together and they planned this big night for besides the strippers that are yet to come it's just like he walks into this party and it's the same people and he's like wow that counts but would you like is that a kind of party that you guys would want to be a part of like without the strippers what is that like too boring for you guys Oh would you like to have again it's the thought that counts so I would appreciate what they put into it but you know obviously if there was an actual surprise and I walk in I would be expecting to see other people like maybe family yeah yeah ever you know yeah I loved how Mike said I don't want to dishonor my Queen like quote unquote I was like okay seriously I feel like he says everything that every woman wants to hear I just really hope he means that I'm not saying you know I'm just saying and I never thought it would be my who would who would ever think that he would say I don't want to dishonor my Queens how I like that situation with the strippers was he did he touched the girl thighs I was watching sure she knows what she's doing she was hilarious how before they before the strippers even came in the way that they had it made out and how Mike was like hanging around and he actually wanted to go and the strippers like it was so staged but it was so funny the way they had won I think it was super super stage and Pauly and Vinny H being like hi nice to meet you and when they came in you could definitely see it all over Mike's face he was not happy like I want to find a guy that is not happy see strippers because they want me like that's amazing you have a smile and Mike was like yeah like I need you dude come on its nature it's like an uncomfortable smile it's totally fine I never thought that I'd see Mike living his best life but another quote that he said that really really got me he wrote when Lauren's is around I feel like the universe is whole again and that's when you started like tearing up that was nice this is not like the Mike that we saw in season one of Jersey Shore like diet is greatly different what did JWoww said Jim I was like oh mike is one of the nicest sweetest words I never say no I was like is this okey really one of the jenny was saying one of them nicest yeah he's one of the nicest sweetest guys who won't say no when she wanted him to go walk walk him walk her back to the uh to get her phone and I was just like I never thought I'd ever hear that winner when they were when this trip is all done it was Simon saying okay this trip was every time I went there it literally looked like Mike was like terrified like he had PTSD like it was gonna be Lauren's though I really yeah okay like you know obviously you guys know that Lauren's does end up coming but what I think was I don't know I would say yes but I think he may have had an idea but the way his face was he really genuinely seemed like nobody didn't know I mean he still was probably just really excited to see her like I mean yeah but I like to think that he didn't appear okay I love how holy he was like Kathy he had to the stripper drink every time you say strippers yeah that's the right word [Laughter] cheers tripathi yeah yeah so that was so freakin cute and then they send them back the roomies I love when you call them roomies they set up their little um this is adorable except for what's with like the cab-horse now just some random but how they were like go do sex I love that and like oh I just love them together and a little backup was that you Mandy he was asking why is it why is her name Lauren's like that was like why am i calling her boys just cuz aren't they're saying and everything everything plurals I don't wise I don't know what it is I don't know why or how they came up but like it's an actual thing and Lauren's knows her name is Lauren's Lauren's I was really good in it I was like what is happening yeah well it's a cute little thing after Mike and Lauren's get their own a room it's bonfire time and okay a lot happens in here so we could just start off by Pauly D and Angelina like Pauly D's busting Angelina's balls he started it does yeah he did and he even said he's like I like to start this kind instigator I'm instigating so Angelina was basically just saying that like Vinny is what was he saying he was saying he's like basically saying like Vinny needs to get off his high horse yeah okay did you agree with this gets to me personally it just came out of nowhere it did come out of nowhere but I think I understand where she's coming from I mean I Vinny has changed come on like I'm sorry like that's my biggest yeah kiha change he does seem a bit more like you know what I'm saying like a bit of an ego yeah and and Jill I think I don't care what anybody says I swear their sexual times between Angelina they're constantly going after each other it's like you know like when you were a kid like your oh your mom's like oh it's a little boy picks on you it's cuz he likes you like I really I feel like it's that sort of situation do you guys feel that way at all I definitely see the connection there I've always said they would make a good couple me too what do you I think oh I definitely see I see it but it's so hard as it's TV that like you just don't know what to do and what for you don't know how they're playing you don't know how they're manipulating the footage yes I know so from what you see from the footage you know I see sexual tension yeah at least I'm Angelina side hoe silty I mean I definitely see the sexual tension there but I definitely don't think they make a good couple at all like it would be very toxic like they're going back and forth all the time way you give me just need to hook up and get it over with true yes attention Oh wild and crazy but yeah they were just like talking no it was just Angelina talking yeah looking for Jupiter yeah he was literally just lying there and boys go to Jupiter to get ya so Vinny is just like okay I'm out he leaves and we leave Ronnie and Angelina together and this is where things get like a little bit more serious I think Angelina was living for like the fact that Ronnie started to confide in her somebody talking don't like they picked on her again yeah Paulie I'm sorry I didn't mean to drive no go just Paulie was just saying that what do you mean just saying he was like oh it's how is it to be a part of the family like this is just a family that's not right nice guy I love probably guy he's definitely joking but I could see why it would hurt her yeah me too yeah sure well didn't Angela you know like didn't they I can't remember all the way we didn't they have a say and for her to leave you cuz I don't think she left on her own did she they were they were picking on her and she decided to go I would go to a foul she definitely played a big part in early you know they did a bunch of pranks to her don't you guys remember they like met her bad they were they moved everybody then yeah so yeah that's the way that he does the prank war champion the faster like he doesn't everybody so what I miss her but I think that you know I can understand why she feels the way she feels because yeah that entire situation is she is a little bit of the outsider she is there and everyone just kind of thinks she's there for who know who really knows but back to Angelina and Ronnie when you see Angelina and Ronnie sitting there Ronnie almost looks like he's about to cry yeah it's like no yeah I think they cut somehow cos didn't you see parts of it were like he actually was white his face was red and he was like no I didn't know really there was a little piece that I noticed and his face was red like he's face his face was red like yeah I've been crying and he was like wiping away like it literally looked like he had been crying and they like didn't want that yeah maybe there's one of my crying I really like that they paired these two together because you know how Angelina is on the outs Ronnie you're kind of on the outs also yeah they can kind of like have that they had that connection where they can open up to each other it seemed like Ronnie was still holding back he wasn't saying a lot like Angelina talked a lot well little like herself the thing that Ronnie like I did like that he opened up a little but he he has a lot of built-up anger and so when he was talking about jenni this is what I wanted to talk to you guys about I feel like this was kind of the biggest part of the entire show oh yeah Ronnie seems to have a lot of anger and I think he's taking it out on jenni I think he feels kind of like Angelina like he feels like the underdog he feels picked on he always feels like everybody's coming after him and they're like everyone comes after me why not go after Jenni so do you guys think that he really actually genuinely cares about what Jenni's going through or he's like pissed off Thanks now it's the other way around I sides always at the end of the joke I think that he does and he wants the attention off of his drama and all of the all of the feelings that he feels with what's going on in his life he's trying to get that attention on Jenny's divorce does that make sense yeah I mean they're both Angelina and Ron are both kind of like the underdogs in this situation because they are like you said both for getting picked on by the roommates and it's like everybody seems to be kind of afraid of JWoww like she's the Alpha yes like not you or whatever so interesting to see how these two hundred dogs are kind of like in a way just kind of you know trying to plan like okay we need to get JWoww stuff out there because it's not fair that everybody's ganging up on Ron on his drama but meanwhile JWoww is just not talking to anybody about it but I mean it's just it's interesting because it's like JWoww obviously we know her stuff is out there it's been all over social media and all that she herself personally will not talk about it yeah but she won't but then she did say she doesn't want to talk about it on camera so right they're making it seem like they're not talking about it even off-camera who doesn't think Ronnie just wants everything to be fair yeah I think he just feels like it's not fair and then in JWoww situation I think she doesn't mind talking about it but she doesn't want to talk about it on the show and that's what's different I don't think that I I mean I I get that that's her like feeling towards it but the show talks about everybody's drama yeah yeah no exactly she gets a pass like nah man he seems like it is her way or no way like no if I don't want to talk about him I could talk about it and like that's just kind of how it sounds always it but do you think I forgot exactly who it was that I was talking to wasn't you made your was a DJ when we were talking out there when it was all going on and he was like freaking out do you think that he's like that the whole Jen situation is really weighing in on him like right now you know how they said that he was gonna be pregnant or they may be pregnant sup do you think he's like freaking out kind of because of that as well yeah like in the back of his head it's like causing she seems really messed up right now he's definitely going through a lot of drama and it's like you know you know the show we like them and the roommates they make fun of that they poke Joan and Joe cut it and then we laugh at it but at the same time it's real life and it is stressing him out and what's even making it morg that is the fact that they keep joking about it when he's actually serious like one that holds the caucus situation is he really wants to like confide in them and them to understand him and it's not happening so he's like taking it out by drinking with Snooki talking about Jen you know it's all these different outlets that he's going after instead of instead of kind of sitting down and being like he should just tell he should have sit down with the whole crew and just like you guys are hurting my feelings I'm hurt let's talk about it please help me yeah I think they because of his personality they don't see him as a type of person where he's gonna be like that where he's just gonna say hey can we all talk and let me just tell you what my issues are you know they they see him as someone they can joke around with them they probably don't even think they're hurting his feelings I don't think they they may not know that they're really hurting like yeah Ron but they watch this show and every time that every time Ronnie talks on the show you could see that he's hurt by them he's talked about it so many times so it's like they either don't take it the show yeah he but he really does seem like he's every ron has always been in the middle of drama since day one with Sam always oh and it's like when is this going to end and I wrote down some of the stuff that he said the way he was talking about jenni we called it biatch he said but the rumor no he goes he said that she's effing fake and it almost sounded like he was starting to side with Roger he's like he understands yeah being with someone so cold that won't talk to you do you think that was messed up to to uh to bring in Roger to be on camera hurting JWoww if anybody's up the date with that there's videos out there of him like throwing Jay Bob to the ground do you think that's okay no I don't think he has any right to say anything about the relationship period because he doesn't like people talking about his relationship and and violent why yeah it was definitely something that was definitely below the belt yeah you know you can if you want to say something about Jo I'll say something about jail but don't bring in the person who was caught that's like you don't talk about kid likes off-limit like that should have been a no-go that was definitely a low blow for sure yeah I mean I don't know peaches and gravy random yeah peaches and gravy it's like I think he meant to say peaches and cream I'm like what I just think like when you guys look at yeah when you look at this situation do you guys think it's different than when because a lot of people say oh it's different because jae-hwa wasn't purposely putting her business out there but the business was out there because roger was posting about it so do you think it is different because Ronnie did put himself in those situations yeah I think it's that's almost like thinking about before I think these situations are different because Jenni obviously didn't put that on social media Rogers it unfortunately and she didn't want it to be out there because certain things I feel like JWoww is definitely a private person when it comes to her family her kids and everything and versus Ronnie who literally goes on like you know live chat talking about is she oh look at my scars this is what you know my girl did yeah it's insane and we are last season he's talking about it we were criticizing Ronnie for doing that and you know we understand he's going through some real life stuff but at the same time like I understand where he's coming from because he's going through all this drama but then also at the same time he's he's he dying too and he's he's creating his own show on social media yeah and that's why the roommates are like they're over it they can't take him serious anymore cuz he's doing it all the time it's like there's that saying peaches and cream I'm just kidding you can talk yourself into more trouble than you can talk yourself out of like he just keeps talking about it right and shut you know publicly in whatever and he's on a reality show like you four come on a reality show you can't do that and you don't even know you can't get surprised when people are talking about a and so Jay well like props to her because she doesn't really talk about her like her personal life is out there but it's not because of her right so yeah I mean I do see how it's annoying though for Ronnie though his way more out there I do see like at least in roommates at least when it comes to roommates like nobody questions JWoww literally let her just roam around and do whatever she wants and then Ronnie he's always at the like butt ends of the jokes serious yeah I feel bad really for JWoww because in this situation like they know what Roger did and he rather was when I put all the information out there poking fun at JWoww after like pretty much beating her up like it was just it's so disgusting it's disturbing and it's hard to talk about yeah you know it really is so I can understand what a rose there's a lot that goes on with ya ah not Roger my god Ronnie Ronnie and Jen I mean that that we could literally have a completely separate show and just relationships spirals flawed we have our special segment for you guys and it is spiral squad so who was your spiral squad of the night oh that's such a good one oh my goodness um I would definitely say Angelina and Vinny spiral squad oh really yeah I would say Snooki she's never not drunk she was like kicking the air yeah she was like really off like she the way she was eating oh really quickly before I it was so crazy that Ronnie said like I didn't know I was having dinner with my daughter like we should all the stuff in her hair yeah no joke before he said I was like it's like she's like a kid I'm not even kidding AG I was gay I was like a hair when it comes to hair I don't do it still don't see that look you can still turn up all these really cool makes me really happy it's really cool yeah it's entertaining but is it cool no it makes me happy to see I know it's nostalgic manners makes me happy to see that happen with her because it just reminds me of the old Snooki like I said the old Snooki every day but it's great because she's the mom she has a three kid she's a great mom but when she goes out she wants to gain the wish I mean hopefully not as bad as the way she used to get fun you know she's doing what she's a good mom she raises her kid well you know so she was still being drunk looking for water she's always looking for the beach no she's all like yeah she's she's a beach girl she's a water girl she's a water girl at heart but we and so of linguas you're all I'm gonna give it to Ron but because of the the part where he sees a wasp and he starts away and then he falls in mid-air he was literally in air in his lair and then he's waking it and that's how he fell over little stars around his head oh no boss and stuff like why don't you go inside I don't know we can't ever so I gotta figure out what these people do before we get into our predictions Mandy we have something to read our afterbuzzers hey guys we just want to say thank you so much for always tuning and listening to us on iTunes please make sure to give us five stars thank you for watching us on YouTube give us thumbs up please subscribe and like we love hearing your guys's comments we love and are interacting with you guys and engaging with you guys we appreciate it so much and we want to thank you for always tuning in and making us the ESPN a TV talk yes Thank You Mandy for this well though it is time for afterbuzz projection I'm waiting for that where's TV prediction okay so who wants to start off with their predictions we could do not only we could do next week we can do the season two like what do you expect Benny I think that we're gonna see more drama with Ronnie and Jay well and like I'm still waiting for JWoww to open up about the divorce that she really hasn't yet and I think it's still gonna come and I think that's gonna be a huge episode mm-hmm I think Angelina is gonna have a big big blowup like she's having like issues and it like with her like with herself with everybody but it's like it's so you can tell it's really resonating with her she's really really upset and I feel like she's gonna have a big huge blowout yeah I really do I agree with both of you guys like I definitely think JWoww is finally eventually maybe in the last title song season finale we'll say something we'll reveal something gives us something you know anything about what's going on and yeah and hopefully Angelina speaks up and you know continues to stand her ground and just communicate well with everybody so yeah wait I didn't say who my spy response cars nephew and Ronnie cause they're always spiraling okay my prediction is that Snooki and Ron are obviously gonna keep spiraling I think that we're gonna continue to see Vinny and Angelina drama I think like what you said Angelina is probably really gonna lose her shit because Vinny's gonna keep ignoring her and it's just gonna like make her more mad especially if they're always drinking yeah like stuff goes out like goes off like different yeah different emotions you're drinking yeah yeah and I think there was something else I was thinking that oh my god what was it I'm not gonna be able think about it now but um I think oh I think that there's gonna be I hope there's more stuff with jenni like I hope a little she opens up about her divorce more because we hear so much about it online I'm curious to hear her talk to the roomies about her real feelings yeah want to know how she really feels cuz she hides everything in so she's almost like that she's like very hard yeah I want her to come out with it like I want to hear her talk to two guys think she will cuz I really I really don't think I don't think she will I think we need a little alcohol what do you guys think yeah let us know do you guys happen also let us know what your predictions are first of all do you think that Jenny's gonna open up and what are your predictions for the rest of the season um is there anything else that lets turn out you guys episode have you guys noticed her not like Jenny not drinking as much it's because she's afraid to say her emotions have you guys noticed no like I when you're drinking like thing has come out like your real emotions come out I think she's being very very cognizant of that and I think she's treading very lightly let's watch in the next episode then see if she's drinking maybe the strippers will make strippers will make her drink I don't know I mean him before we head out is there anything that you guys that stood out to you guys as I know there's always so many quotes and stuff that I think we said every oh I was I always hope we see more Deena really haven't seen you like much in the alternate universe yeah alternate universe will Vinny be aikido with the funny and how they would directly look at the cameras like literally look at the crew and be like laughing and talking about like was when Pauly D was like way so there could be another person that's not as fresh as me honestly I wish you guys ever seen Teen Mom yeah okay so do you know how they show the way they interact with the crew I wish they would do that like behind the scenes yes like I wish you would see Ronnie crying too like the producer like they did last season or the season before when they were in Vegas like the tiniest bit but I wish they would do it more like the way guys let's have a segment on bloopers and outtakes and stuff Oh fun okay and before we I actually have a fun little game and I want you guys in the comments to let us know do I really wanna cook it up it's not really it's just who's your favorite Jersey Shore cast member pauly deep Oh everybody already knows I like Angelina remember the first season when she left I was bummed can we do boys and girls yes so who's your favorite boy who's my favorite boy uh yeah yeah I'm Paulie getting it tonight I'm Paul your guy Paulie is my boy and the girl is it laughing I don't care I like I like Snooki oh yeah she's so entertaining we literally have the same thing Pauly D all the way just because to me they're the most like prominent yeah remember like barely sticking my braids I know Jersey Shore you like snow anyway I never thought of Sammi Sweetheart I think of Snooki or Molly or the situation it was like one of those three it's nothing but uh yeah this is a super fun love you guys thank you so much for watching tune in next week obviously and let us know where we can find you guys yeah you guys can find me on instagram @ DJ underscore boyar what's up guys my name is Amanda Terry and you can find me on instagram at makeup underscore Mandy and please follow my event page which is epic la event blue we got big news coming on yeah yeah what's up guys I'm Vinny items you can find me on all social media at Benny Jay Adams and Oh correction my page is epic la official I'm sorry I said that wrong yes definitely check that out we have some big news with that you're keeping a secret till we really get out there you guys me on instagram at justine davana stay tuned next week for some more spiral squad and some ordinary gang getting together on Thursdays thanks for watching and we'll see you next Tuesday our founder Keven Undergaro and me Maria Menounos would like to thank you for tuning in to afterbuzz TV remember we're not just the first were the biggest in the world and we're the only destination for all your favorite TV shows whatever you crave we've got it so go to afterbuzz TV comm and check out our lineup later the views expressed herein are those of the host only and do not necessarily reflect the views of afterbuzz TV or its owners our principles

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  1. I think the most important thing is jenni is going through a divorce and she doesn’t want to talk about it on camera because that is stuff that can be used against her in the custody hearings. Also about roger being posted online in action, there is always two sides the story just look back at the earlier years jwoww was always aggressive with men and never backed down which can be good at times she stands up for herself but she is not innocent. I find it hard to believe that she has never put on hands on roger. Ronnie took a low blow but I do believe jenni is fake at times, it is ok to put everyones problems on blast but it’s not ok to put her business out there. Anyways great review, love you guys

  2. Yeah ronnie does post his drama all the time, but JWoww did it too. She posted the video of her and roger…so if shes going to post that publicly I honestly think she should talk about it. We all wanna hear about it and part of being on a reality show is sharing your life. I don't think it's fair she won't talk about her divorce either.

  3. I don’t feel that way I think Angelina is just overreacting to vinny when vinny hasn’t spoken to her

  4. “I love how you guys defend him” he clearly looked uncomfortable they even point out how uncomfortable he looked.

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