38 Replies to “"Jersey Shore" Gone Wilde, Part 1”

  1. This is the version I wish we could see on television!  Not that crap with the annoying orange-skinned aliens disguised as humans!

  2. Oscar Wilde + Jersey Shore = me laughing like a maniac.

    Now let's get a Pirates of Penzance/Keeping Up with the Kardashians mashup!

  3. I was so lucky to see this production of Ernest on Broadway. And this is beyond brilliant. I've shown it to people and they've been like, I don't like the Jersey Shore. And I say, just watch it. And they do and then laugh their heads off.

  4. It's also literally being done in classic Wit and Manners comedic style as well, so it is actually an accurate statement.

  5. I wish this show were still on Broadway so they could do scenes from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. 😀

  6. "I need a mind condom, because im being mind fucked." *rolls eyes cavalierly* DELIVERED PERFECTLY i laughed out loud like a lunatic

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