21 Replies to “Jersey Shore Season 3, "Behind the Scenes,""Sneak Peek " Part 1”

  1. @9:58 “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT” 😂‼️ and mike is just soaking it all up lmaoooo

    Also Me afff 💀

  2. Just imagine trying to have a nice day on the beach laying down but then w whole bunch of people surround u just staring at u and talking about u

  3. This video just proves that the "stalker" that Pauly d had was completely fake, and was just added to the storyline. Theres no way that one girl would have stood out as a stalker when pauly had mobs of people staring at him and following him everywhere he went with the cast…

  4. God damn seeing this now reminds me of that summer. My family vacationed at seaside every summer and that summer the boardwalk was congested as hell, people were everywhere and I never knew until I realized they were filming that month

  5. I'm not trying to be all naive or anything, I just haven't started watching the show until now, but is this whole show scripted or genuine?

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