Jim Webb Talks Life In and Out of Uniform

Jim Webb Talks Life In and Out of Uniform

This is Jim Webb. …and I should look right at you? OK. He’s a decorated Vietnam veteran, former secretary of the Navy and U.S. senator. …moving in this escalation in Afghanistan… Former Senator Webb has been a vocal advocate for veterans since he left the Marines in 1972 due to injuries he sustained in combat. [Music] In his memoir, he describes the great communication divide between veterans and citizens who haven’t served. There’s a bond you feel with other people who have gone through that experience. It’s a very difficult thing to articulate. [Music] People who don’t understand want to make summary judgments about what you did and how it’s affected you, and they want labels. Everybody wants labels on you. …quite a bit of sniper fire… In 1983 and 2004, Jim was embedded in Beirut and Afghanistan as a reporter to cover the conflicts on the ground. Having been a journalist in Beirut when the Marines were there and in Afghanistan, [Gun Shoot] one of the things that I’ve always said to my fellow journalists is, “You don’t know what it’s like to be there until you can’t leave.” [Laughing] You know, you can go in as a journalist, but at the same time they’re going to go, “All right, my week’s up. See you guys later. Good luck!” And, you know, there’s a good harmony with a lot of the journalists, but it’s one step away. You’re not with these people in the same way that they are with each other. Jim Webb has served and covered military conflicts from nearly every angle, and that experience is what guides him. Today, his effort to bridge the public’s understanding and appreciation for those in uniform is what drives him. [Music]

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  1. He would have been the best president we've had in decades. Its a real shame that Hillary bought the nomination and Bernie supporters are such whiny brats.

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