I'm single in a wedding dress if this isn't sad five I don't have ways so it's got a little bit padding here which you know I'm not against because this needs a little something-something I just thought where am I gonna put all of these girl of many talents alright alright change a house okay hey so I'm gonna pass out welcome back to my channel I hope you are well and happy and your week has gone smooth amazing great just as amazing as you guys are so if you and your hair please stay with me because you are in for a treat thank you so much for clicking on this video guys I cannot wait for this I mean as you can see I've got a whole bunch of puffy dresses behind me I've never done anything like this before so I admit this so excited to get these on and give this interview so so you can see in the title I am clapping with some changing house I know like it's kind of different but I'm really excited because I feel like I thought it was kind of I want you know I likes to videos where it's kind of relates boy you know how helpful for you guys there's so many weddings going on this time of year like proms and balls and things like that and of like school lots of nice stuff and yes I okay how'd it go this time of year and I really want to help you guys out as well because it was when I was at school with my body showed you guys know that I would see and I do struggle finding quotes especially I just find prom like bull dresses so bloody difficult to find yeah so I remember back then I got one from eBay like a Chinese herb salad eBay and I got information for me it came it was still rubbish didn't fit me well they then had to like spend literally another too much of town on top of that to get it like measured in Altered for me again for the Winter Ball I had skip that as well I had to spend extra even though I paid to get it measured for me it was still wasn't right I do find it difficult especially these days where there's so so many like all problem wedding dress kind of shops online you just don't know who to trust this a lot of money you know you're gambling on and then you try mean so yeah I've done all the hard work for you guys so yes JD how approached me and I really wasn't keen start off with went on their website and it reminds me of all the problems I had years ago I've never tried like changing house but you know what they are everywhere I got the website the reviews were really good but sometimes you know companies can fake reviews and things so again I just have trust issues okay okay so let's get this website up so you go on to your jayjay house and yeah they've got a new in section they've got a wedding party they've got long brides dresses short bridesmaid dresses all the mothers of bride dresses they've got plus-size they've got jackets wraps they got with sleeves they've got special occasions they got why do they got prom they go accessories they got shoes they got clothes they don't gifts they call decorations they got a sales section going on so they've got like a lot and um yeah all just really interests it's like see what it was like so yeah let's just keep this short and sweet I'm basically if they even send me at 5s is now the size 6 or the size for size 6 think was actually very very close to my measurements they have a hole measuring like service on their website so I took advantage of that because the size 6 is very very close but it wasn't right especially height I need to get that right now because every time I've done something like this online the height is always wrong and um yes so I took a bunch of that and I give them my measurements yeah actually came like in so doing they made five dresses from scratch with my measurements I think the turnaround time was like two three weeks is that good I think that's quite good so yes here we are I'm ready to try the one I'm so so excited as you can see it you can see like a few from the background there's like a yellow one and I actually got my kind of like a wet any dress vibe I just you know I'm it's so much fun in life like looking and choosing what wants to get there is so much to choose from guys a little spoiled for choice of course whenever I work with brands I always like to give something back to you honey so I've got you a discount CONUS and it can't end that'll get you 10% off your dresses if you're interested in anything in this video so again I've chitchat from me at let's just get into their eyes we gave the measurements like around the heels I would wear with these Hey but since the length is good oh my god what this is so crazy are you kidding me oh I'm bad bye happy at the same time Mads because I could have done with this at my school prom and I'm like happy because oh my gosh look at length the length is legit perfect I'm looking if I want to now like what I mean you can see them right leg I'm so annoyed this literally would have been like the perfect prom dress it's cool it's got adjustable straps which I love I mean the back even like the stomach like it it's it's really leveled I'm I am really like all right all right JJ houseboat night it's my house leave here I show they about the other question like that where you say like a Fraser or like a words and then a song with those words and phrases comments it comes into your head which is a shame about this area if it fits you know tight um it really is just that that's all it is so I am really really happy with this like I am really happy I'm just so I'm like I'm just obsessing over the color I love how it's like in all the waist and then it goes out it's so flattering so girly so cutesy oh I'm looking for it I didn't even know what to expect I mean like the material things but I'm not gonna like like the material feels really really good I mean if I went into like a bride shop and got this it would literally be like so expensive but the prices are changing house are reasonably good like considering what you spent on bridesmaid dresses like wedding dresses um I'm shocked someone needs to invite me to something where I can wear this but this is such a good start guys okay I'm gonna get the next one on and yeah let's take it off it like this so this is the next one a vibe a bridesmaid fight I'm feeling hey hey is this longer okay so this is literally ever so slightly longer but I can walk in it and I'm not fully so it really is just like five millimeter you know I mean um compared to the pink one but I mean again the length it is perfect because I can walk in it this long I'm not fooling oh my gosh this is so cute I love the blue I think sky blue is such a lovely spring summery color and I'm getting some serious bridesmaid vibes from this it's really nicely I am honestly so shocked oh my gosh the stitching on it it's like the detailing how it's like so things the color is wonderful and love the halter neck you guys know how much I love a call tonight that's why I was the choose at least one that had a halter neck because I just know that the shape of it is really nice like on my chest shape I just know it's like a shape that works for me um so yeah I really wants to get a halter neck and I love the back of it sound look back of it so there's no just mints like on the UM straps by I don't need a like honest like that it's okay no yeah so study guys I am happy like this is with you obviously I didn't know what to expect honestly I was I was worried I was I'm not gonna lie but I mean that all the views all I'm so good and now I'm kind of getting why like oh my gosh where was this website when I had all my balls and problems going on so it's got a little bit padding here which you know I'm not against because sis needs a little something-something and we can't I just kind of get over like it's not see-through at all the material doesn't feel cheap like the material feels really lovely like I would expect to go into a bridal shop and like and get this and pay like hundreds for it no I mean the soap bar get pay so it went well until then just don't walk backwards in them and you'll be all good so let's get the sparkly one on because that looks so so cute and them yeah oh oh I got a little bit of a train at the back which I'm absolutely loving I'm just trying to position myself so you can see what's going on just dissect this let's dissect what's going on I have to say when I was putting on I actually have managed to do it all by myself are you proud of me okay so I chose this dress because one is very different to all the other ones I wanted one that was really tight I just was really interested to see with my measurements if it was like fate and I'm not gonna lie it really is like I would say 95% there so the only thing I'd say I mean even the back this fitting me again it's this kind of bust area which I guess is quite difficult to get right and if that person isn't there if you know what I mean um I think it really is just a little bit wide here if it fit me you know it really is I'm being picky like it really is just a little bit if it fit me like that but it's just a little bit big um but it's got a little bit padding which again you know I'm not against but yeah I think this is absolutely gorgeous like I am so like oh I'll sustain it's gonna be a little bit tacky you know just because I'm really sparkly but not at all I think it's improving resurface Decatur's been classy you've got all the lovely detailing up here that we get a little bit closer so you can see yeah look at all of these details here like they are so nice this is just all sequins I am so sparkly and I'm living for that I you guys know I love this myself like when I stick out the back I was like I wasn't a hundred percent with it but once it's on I think it's just the waste for me on my waist and everything that's so hard to come by like something that like dresses like these that actually fit you so good hey again another winner and also the other thing I went a little bit my ring just caught on it I think the neckline is making the dress look like really sophisticated because it's high up here you can get away with having these kind of cuts open areas at the side of house I can open back you know you feel me oh my gosh living my Disney Fantasy Who am I is so pretty like this cute this is the definition of cute how amazing it's this dress okay oh my gosh the length of it is such a perfect and laughs oh my god it literally fits me perfectly look over the back oh oh my gosh look at the back detailing can y'all see oh my god beautiful look at that oh my gosh oh my I'm gonna pass out this is so so cute okay mmm someone invited me to a ball Disney themed does anyone you know do those at all if not why not I'm so so obsessed with this color so they have got so many color shades and ranges on there like so many colors I love banana yellow and ice pale yellow I think is so it's just such a pretty color and I'm so glad I got it I didn't even think of like the whole beating the Beast vibes oh my goodness I mean I kind of wish it was a little bit lower so it was kind of you know a bit more bubier um it's a little bit covet but I mean that's just you know my slice I'm coming up honestly this is my favorite wine this is actually my favorite one over the pink one this is so stunning this is for sure my favorite one I think it just thought that it fits me perfectly there's nothing false about it of other than the fact that you know I just wish this a little bit lower at the front I mean we have you the length of in everything as you can see I am at the lone away back and everything this is I just thought where am I gonna put all of these okay I just took the sleeve areas like off and like kind of having it draping on my arms I mean it's not how I'm meant to wear it if I just want it wrong the whole time I think it is meant to be on the shoulder but then if you kind of this works you know you guys we've got one left now this is kind of like a wedding dress vibe and I'm so excited to put it on because if I was to like design my wedding dress I would love it to be like poufy um back place and kind of like three cool two loads kind of long really nice lace high place on the arms so this was the closest match I could find online and yeah let's just have some fun with it I'm really excited to get it on but this is so groovy and lovely okay guys imagine I was on like a first day and then he was like is marriage something you will know like have to have kids and I'm sitting there like I've already got my wedding dress I sound so creepy but it's true like this is actually it's so stunning I think it's got a few things wrong with it like when I was putting on and it's a little bit baggy like all this please as you can see I wish it fits tighter like the lace I wish the lace was tight on my arms it is back as you can see and the other thing is that I think let me get closer so you guys can see the lace kind of like around this area is a little bit cheap so as you can see look it's not really staying there it's quite difficult to get be a place to stay there because it's quite thin so it keeps like going into the dress that makes any sense like here and the other thing like not to be picky but I'm gonna be honest and I wish the waist was higher and this was lower so it kind of fits more so it fits more like that it sort of beans like high and then this been higher you know so I would alter this I would alter this a little bit but it really is just like you know timing up the lace um and yeah having this a little bit low it's quite like high you know have you'll be things about it everything else I mean yeah like I said the up in one place I'm a tiny tiny tiny tiny little bit cheap just like because it's not staying like it is staying like you know what I mean I like at the back the back is quite difficult to yeah get the lace help oh I think I would want like for my dream wedding dress would be obviously like backless so but I mean this isn't a far-off this is so cute I mean my sister's getting married and I'm totally jealous now I want a man I'm starting to feel very like what's the word like you know broody means like you want kids what's the word for like you want to get married enough on the lace um how it's got like cute little jewels on there like I think a detailing is so stunning so pretty it's more like the lace at the top here how is just a little bit like flappy horrible words but you know I mean it's higher up in the corners you can see at the length of it and it really is perfect I mean I'm not starting on it when walking so but yeah I think it's just a little bit big it's just ever so slightly a little bit big if it fit you know tight like that that it's perfect and you're just a little lower you notice up here I want it to be sexy but than that I okay this is the last dress guys and I just wanna do this all day long this has been so much fun okay let's finish this off for you guys I really hope you enjoyed that as much as I did that was just so so much fun trying these on I am literally like a sigh blown away by changing house like it's my house and leave you feeling sad in this because I'm single in a wedding dress you know okay guys if you're interested in any of these dresses everything is down below all the links everything you need I so so recommend JJ house but so blown away by the measurements and how well it fits me I fear Lord sweep see now just being really really picky and how I wanted to be a little bit lower blushes the design but I really hope this video was helpful for you because I know there's so many websites very similar to a house and you just don't know you know what one so real ones you know to chasten put your money into yes with that which is a chatter all the links are down below and don't forget my CODIS advocate n again that is in the description box if you want to copy and paste it in the check out you 10% off everything in your basket so yeah let's finish off I mean if you haven't subscribed to my channel please do if you are new here please please please subscribe and hit that notification button I like to post Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and I'm just gonna I'm going to start like a we at letstalktuesday 5 you know like a little playlist so yeah I'm going to be posting a lot more so make sure that notification by this clip so you're notified when I post ok guys so I will catch you on Monday from a cure for Monday's I hope you have the most amazing weekend just as amazing as you guys so obviously and yeah I'll catch you guys then


  1. She has tattoos! I love women with tattoos. Poor impulse control, questionable judgement, and willing to do things that will screw up her life. My kind of woman! Good for a weekend! Marriage? OMG, no. Too trashy. But hot as hell!

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  5. Your BeautiFul self
    Makeup alwAys Look Good
    Love that thumbNail tho
    Hope u enjoying your Fabulous Weekend

  6. Me and a friend both got our prom dresses from JJshouse and both dresses fit perfectly (and we have pretty different body shapes) the quality is so nice and it wasn't too expensive. We just love it😍😍😍

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