Jonathan Richman – Everyday Clothes Live

Jonathan Richman – Everyday Clothes Live

hey hey thank you thank you everyone this time I want to sing a song called everyday clothes which tells you but when I first saw my wife it was in a dark bar but she wasn't my wife there I hadn't met her yet I think she was wearing this nice black dress maybe if I remember but then I saw in the afternoon about six months later finally in Mara well uh we're getting ready for a party nowadays and she's wondering what's the way and I said look why don't you just wear what you would have worn every day you know t-shirt sweatshirt cutoff shorts and those plain old everyday clothes she had a black dress that I remember still but in her ordinary clothes the girl was dressed to kill I loved I loved them at first sight I suppose I think I loved her more in just them plain old everyday clothes well you know jeans and a sweater jeans and a shirt I started going on Soph then I started a flood jeans and something that didn't feel right it didn't matter I loved her at first sight here she comes up the street now zips which Massachusetts in the summer afternoon she got the blue jean jacket on she got the cutoff jeans with a little friend John from watching her she got the Babe Ruth League t-shirt and it's all got holes and paint stain mmm she's dressed to kill ya see I could see even on dark night club she was one pretty girl but in Ipswich in the afternoon she was the queen of the world and I loved I loved cuz cuz that's the way it goes and I loved her more but she was just in plain old everyday clothes okay fine job then but what do you mean well I'll tell you well jeans and a sweater you know jeans and a shirt I started going soft and I started a flow that's right give me that B that's fine jeans and something and they're right but I love crumb at first sight Ishika here she comes in something from a hardware store but Pierre Cardin and a Fiorucci could have done no more what I love I love the and every angel knows that I loved her more in just them plate all everyday told well I got a plane low every day jeans and sweater jeans and shut I started going on top then I started a flood jeans had something from the second-hand quo remember what I said about Pierre Cardin jeans and some from the hardware store if the Italian boy is good I don't know more later ah yeah

21 Replies to “Jonathan Richman – Everyday Clothes Live”

  1. One of the best performers i never had the pleasure to watch live, brilliant, funny, talented.
    Jonathan Richman, one of the last great ones for sure. Music at its best. 1010

  2. Stop comparing him to mac demarco. Mac and him sound NOTHING alike. What kinda of tWAKdAddY are people smokin? Jonathan is and always will be definitive.

  3. Love Jonathan. Amazing that so many do not know how he was on the forfront of the alternative and punk scene and influenced so many with his band The Moder Lovers that included the drummer of The Cars and Jerry Harrison from Tallking Heads

  4. THANK YOU JONATHAN for 25 years of true passion for life, your music is one of the best things in my life…

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