39 Replies to “JONGHYUN – White T-Shirt Comeback Stage M COUNTDOWN 160526 EP.475”

  1. I was watching Mnet America on my TV one day, then a commercial with this song came on. I knew the voice, but I couldn’t make out who it was. Now I know, and I still support SHINee today ❤️

  2. No one can take your place Shinee's King Kim Jong Hyun 😭😭😭 You are Shinee's King and FOREVER I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY ❤❤❤

  3. Jonghyun, you did an excellent job in EVERYTHING you did. You are a legend and LEGENDS NEVER DIE. Your 5 SOLO ALBUMS and songs you wrote are pure gold/MASTERPIECES…sweet ANGEL🌹

  4. Who ever the hell said this man cant sing and hurt him you will die in hell and burn becase us real fans fot write t shirt gow bout you

  5. Noooo my YouTube recommendations are filled with Jonghyun, I’m crying my heart out every time😭😭 I love him ❤️

  6. This is a bop still listening in 2k19
    He looks so healthy😓😓😓
    Nobody can be that perfect to hide something in "just white t-shirt"

  7. I want his radiance, voice and his music back on these shows in 2019. It feels like he's having a long hiatus and will have a comeback soon.

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