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  1. I have not seen all 559 comments so the answer to my question may be here. Donna, Can you tell me what fabric line you used for this tutorial? I realize you are not likely to have this line any longer but I wonder if you have something similar in color and pattern. Thank you!!

  2. Really good tutorial. I followed it and finished my quilt. Got a bit wobbly on doing the last piece when you machine the turn back. On the whole tho for my first time I’m quite pleased. Thank you.

  3. I Love your tutorial
    They are the best
    You are a teacher that has bless me in many ways .I would like to know how to sew a straight corner on the binding? God Bless and thank you .

  4. Donna, this is an excellent tutorial. Thank you! I have so much trouble machine sewing both sides. I can do this!! I love all your tutorials. You're a great teacher.

  5. Hi there it’s Norm I was a heavy Duty Mechanic till I took not well with ALS I bin learning how to sew I am working on making work gear so not so fancy my goal is make it tuff like I did as a heavy Duty mechanic so my goal now is learning to do bias tape around the edges of my tool Raps I have had to do every thing on the cheap side do to the costs of my medical per month 800. Per month so I like the way you teach your great at it I am in Chemainus BC not sure where you work the doctors told me more I use my hands and arms the longer I will be able to I can’t walk now so sewing has bin the greatest for me keep up the great videos [email protected] norm

  6. Next time I am in Oregon I am coming to see you Donna! I have watched all your videos and have learned so much from them. You are not only a wonderful quilter but an amazing teacher.

  7. I’d like to know if you’re entering a quilt into a show would you stitch the binding in the ditch or hand sew it on the back?

  8. I am struggling to get this right but will persevere, however on a different angled corner like the friendship runner I have found it doesn't work very well, perhaps I need more practice or a bit more instruction

  9. I can't even imagine handing someone a quilt like that and saying "Here this is yours" I mean this is a Degas, Van Gough Masterpiece that would dramatically upgrade the quality of the lives of everyone who came in contact with it. Thank you for sharing this great video and this great tallent.

  10. Hi,
    I have watched several videos of your on you tube and I am really impressed.
    I am a beginner to quilting and made a double a year ago by hand so I love the machine stitching idea. I inherited several batches of material to make two more quilts but I am looking at easy for now!
    What I would like to know is where did you get your sewing machine set in the table from?
    Fiona J.

  11. I appreciate how clearly you demonstrate how to do the different processes in quilting. You've given me the confidence to try and make some quilts for my grandchildren. Thank you!

  12. New subbie from up north (Hillsboro)!
    Wonderful video – thank-you 💝
    I've always been a bit snobby about hand whipping the binding on the back and this looks fabulous, I'm going to give it a go. 😁

  13. Ok now I need to get finished making the quilt I’m working on so I can try this! I struggle so hard making the end pieces fit together trying to sew them together diagonally. It usually takes me just as long to do that part as sewing the whole rest of the binding! Thank you for giving me “permission” to sew a straight seam! I don’t enter them in fairs or anything – just for family and friends and I don’t think they will care if the pieces are put together with a straight seam or not. 😊😊

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