Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors I Stories of Jacob I Children’s Bible Stories | Holy TalesBible Stories

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors I Stories of Jacob I Children’s Bible Stories | Holy TalesBible Stories

Hello my name is Tubby. I live here in this wonderful library and I love to eat books. I live here with my friends Gumbo and Freckles. Gumbo, Freckles come out, come out, wherever you are. Over there, On that great book is Grand Old Holy. She is really old and wise and tells us wonderful stories, when she is awake that is. Oh and we love to sing. There you are children, I have been waiting for you tell this wonderful story from the Bible I hope today’s story is as wonderful as the rest. Absolutely you are going to love this one. But do listen carefully we promise, we promise. Today the story I am about to tell you is about Joseph’s Wonderful Coat Jacob had 12 sons from his 2 wives Rachel and Riya Of his 12 sons, he loved Joseph the most When Joseph became 17 years old his father gifted him a very special and beautiful coat for his birthday. It was made out of many colored threads and had long sleeves, it was a very special coat which was normally only given to the elder son. When Josephs brothers saw that their father have given him the special coat They where very jealous and angry. Now Joseph would often have nice and wonderful dreams and he could almost always understand what each dream meant. Once told his brother the latest dream that he had Had He said, I dreamed all of us where tyeing the bundle of wheat that we had harvested. While mine where straight and standing your’s bowed down to mine. His brothers where very angry They said that does mean you will rule over us. The dream mad his brothers extremely angry and they also started hating him a lot. Joseph very soon had another dream. In this dream the sun, the moon and the 11 stars was bowing down to him. He rushed to his father to tell him all about his dream. As he told his dream to his father Jacob got very angry and said Son do you really think that one day Your mother, brothers and I will bow down to you. This made Joseph very sad, since he was telling about a dream he had Had and he loved his brothers and his parents very much. Now that I am done with the story I am going to ask the question What did Jacob gift Joseph when he turned 17? Oh! I know, I know, He gifted him a multi colored coat. That is absolutely right. Hope you enjoyed the story Now off you go, Bye Bye

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  1. okey i have a VERY imporent question on this whole thing. when jesus was born, where was joseph at when they're son was on the cross?? mary was crying at his feet at the time. but, where was joseph at?? and u know what?? no one can ANSWER that one!!

  2. I Love the Bible Stories!!! you guys make them so understanding for the children. May God continue to bless your ministry that you are doing; to feed his children. I just started watching my neighbors daughter and she did not know anything about Jesus I came across you youtube channel and everything she now knows about the word of God for the level of her understanding is from the creative bible stories you guys created. God bless you !!!

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