Journal Cover Series – Packaging Based Fabric Cover

Journal Cover Series – Packaging Based Fabric Cover

hi everyone its Gail we are going to work on some journal covers and I am gonna do a whole series on journal covers coming up various types various techniques of making them the videos won't all be in order you know like video video video of all the different things but I'm gonna do a journal journal cover series and I have some other things to pop in between as far as videos go but we're gonna start that today but first I have a little housekeeping stuff that needs to be done let me get my laptop down here okay so not last video but the video before I think I showed some new digital prints that I had printed out and in the comments we had some comments about antique paper II and erv designs not allowing you to share journals that not allowing you to sell journals that you use their digital Zinn well antique paper he has a big thing on her announcements on her Etsy that yes you can so I wanted to tell you that and then I chatted with Liz at erv designs and let her know about it too and when she started her Etsy she you know she didn't have kind of that in mind and and so she did have that on her terms of use but she's changed her terms of use so let me quickly read them to you there are terms of use for erv designs yes you can unlimited personal use use of the printed digital files to create physical products offered for sale for example use in journals crafts jewelry or other products offered for sale sale of physical products made by you using digital files for small commercial volumes not to exceed 300 units or pieces per year and then please do not resell the digital files original altered digitally or as part of a collection of digital or share with so she is working on her Etsy today she's doing some updates and she said it might take a few minutes to get that policy on all her digital but that is what she's doing so yes you may use antique papery and erv designs in journals that you intend to sell so cleared that up so there's that um we're gonna get rid of this then the other thing that I wanted to let you know this cool little distressed ink applicator that you've seen me use in the past for the distress ink that is made by my cow shells husband Clint shown Clint are the rabbit rambling crafter on YouTube and Etsy I kind of quit using this because I knew they were inundated with orders and they they just they just were kind of swamped so but you can get these again all that to say the rambling crafter on Etsy I'll put her links below the video and then also um she'll wanted me to remind you that she's doing a stash giveaway so go over to our YouTube channel the rambling crafter if you want to enter that okay so I think that is the housekeeping stuff that is done so the cover we're gonna do today we're gonna use we're going to use this product box I have cut this so that it's nine by six which is kind of the size I prefer my my my journals to be inch and three quarter spine here so and I'm gonna put this fabric on the back on the front and then and then line it with this coffee guide fabric that I'm I don't remember if I did it or if my friends Carolyn and candy sent me that but anyways some cool coffee guides free on the inside and this is gonna be for my next project which is a design team project yay for crafty cat USA Amy and her wonderful digital's and I love these because the ornamental and fruit trees and everything they go perfectly with my own digital kit the orchardist so that's what the journal is going to be as we go along here and then I made this a while back this is a piece of the coffee guides muslin that's on freezer paper that is sold by Mary at three insistent dogs on Etsy so I'll get everybody in the description box below so you can can see but I'm going to incorporate that into one of the signatures so anyway that's what we're looking at and oh yeah I brought this down because I wanted to see I might want to use a piece of the ephemera kind of on the cover I wasn't sure I wasn't quite sure okay I don't know I can't decide so at the moment so whatever we put on the cover we'll have to glue is my thought there and we may not put anything I mean we may just have the pretty fabric so let's get started making this cover gosh I'm gonna try and I've got a list started of the different covers that I want to make faux leather out of a Reader's Digest book vintage books I kind of was inspired to well I've been wanting to make some covers I have some fabric and different things that I really want to make into covers and I thought I get them all made up then as digital's come along or papers or whatever I'll have a cover all ready to go so that is what I kind of started off thinking and then I watched a video by Jessica rap at two silver oranges where she made a bunch of naked journals you know no embellishing on the inside and um I thought you know I have so much stuff for covers if I got a whole bunch of covers made maybe I could maybe I could do that so anyway that's kind of the scoop so what I've done first is of course prepare this by cutting it the size that I wanted and then I cut the fabric about not quite an inch probably larger than then my my base cover because my thought is I want to sew on the fabric around so I'm not sewing through the cardboard that's the plan anyway we'll see how it works out I move my water okay so what I want to do next is I want to take my my inside my coffee dyed stuff here and I think I love it okay so I'm just gonna lay this on here and cut it approximately the same size yes cuz we can we can trim later but another thing I was going to tell you is one time I made a journal with using this technique covering a cardboard box and I got a rather pointed comment about that you know that box is gonna disintegrate well I'm not sure I agree with that it's gonna be covered in fabric if you know usually people don't get their journals wet so I I think that might be an unfounded fear I cardboard can deteriorate but I think I think it's going to be fine ink it's gonna be fine okay so get rid of this cloth and so now I have my inside in outside so I'm going to set this one aside and what we're gonna do first is I am gonna I'm in a fabric tack this down a bit so I think I want to lay it this way so that I can see that I have kind of an even edge around okay so and I'm just gonna Fabri tack it a bit in the middle just to make sure that it holds because it is going to be sewn that's it's not a big deal to have a bunch and I'm just doing a thin very thin coating of it just like so okay and then I'm going to hopefully place this right where I want it we'll see how that works out um all right you out I'm gonna call her right about there okay that's great okay and then which side of this do I want out I think I want this side out so I'm gonna take my cover and flip this over to the wrong side and I'm gonna do the same thing I'm just gonna do a skiff of the Fabri tack just to hold things hold things where where we'll want him to be and again I'm I'm thinning this out kind of because I don't want globs because especially on the coffee and the coffee died it could show through so just give it a little just kind of in and out you could use a credit card to thin it out but I don't think it's necessary at this moment to do that soo okay now we're gonna just place this so the fabrics meet up pretty much okay all right I hope yep I think I have enough in my bobbin we'll hope so okay so now what I'm gonna do is sew around those edges and this this this is kind of an upholstery fabric weight and it definitely needs some it needs some fray check on the edges for sure because I've got a little wrinkle right there and I'm so I'm gonna put more flat okay Oh bring the sewing machine over here I got another comment you guys about how often I say so I love it oh man so so I think it's a Montana thing I do and you know sometimes you can't help where you're from one two three oh okay I'm on zig-zag 1 2 3 I'm on zig zag let's now I'm in it I'm doing this kind of I feel I'm just feeling the edge of the fabric and I'm gonna try let me scoot my chair a little bit so I'm at a better angle and I'm just gonna try to go alongside the cardboard you guys I'm gonna run into something over here because of trying to do this on camera but well deal with that here in a second I'm just gonna have to hold it for a second I think now I do think that my sewing machine would probably would probably go through the cardboard but I'm a little skittish as it just got back from the spa after enduring abuse from its owner okay okay all right oh we got going on oh of course I've got the machine on the thread that's that happens okay I need to go a little further feeling the and I've got the needle down so I can kind of manipulate it as I want to I'm just gonna go one more knot one more stitch but one more zig okay it feels pretty good so let's I'm kind of smoothing the inside as they go here so let's my little sewing machine sounds so much happier than it did when it was not happy with its owner I can't really use the fabric as a guide because you know it's not cut perfectly straight so it's definitely a so I feel kind of got a spot right here on my foot that I'm trying to run the cardboard along this side okay feeling the edge again I think that's pretty good sorry if this is jiggling the camera see I think I might need to go one more there okay last side it's kind of like watching paint dry isn't it sorry about that but it's part of the process I've been asked to do a beginning sewing tutorial and I think that's a great idea that might be common but I am I'm excited about making this journal and I am excited about doing a store of covers to have to be great okay sorry guys I'm running into things back back there because I am trying to stay on camera for y'all just gonna back stitch that corner a little bit patterns very busy so you don't even really see it okay so there we go with the sewing part I think that's all we're gonna need to sew but we'll see alright so now what I want to do is so sorry I hit the hit the overhead there make sure I didn't knock you off okay I'm gonna zoom you in slightly okay so now let's cut this evenly and and closer to the stitching I think I'm gonna start here because this this right here is pretty close to the edge so since I cut my box to nine by six this little bit of sewing on the edge is gonna make it probably nine and a half by six and a half I would guess yeah see that that is great okay this is working out just as I had hoped that's got some frames so I'm going to try and cut that off but we're getting close to the stitching too so it's sort of trying to do both now the great thing about using this product packaging is you know we all have that it's not something that you know you need to have as a that's kind of a cool cool piece I might keep put it in the in the bits okay let me grab my freight check the edges but let me show you before I get it all wet with the fray check I think this is gonna be my front like so there it is there's a little cover and I'm not sure if I'm gonna do two or three signatures in this I'm not sure and there's the inside whoo that's yummy grungy isn't it okay so fray check and fray check is on my website my website to get to gales favorite things is always in the description box so if you need some of this it is on there and this stuff is great because it's got this handy-dandy little applicator type thing so I'm just going to put my fabric let me see if you can okay there you can see see how it's got just kind of that little gap there I'm going to put both of my fabrics in the middle of that and go around the edge and kind of have to it's just like any other glue we kind of have to tip it to get it going and then you can kind of see that it's wet on the edge and we're just gonna go around you know it might be easier actually to see on the muslin side so I'm going to do that maybe it's easier for me to see and for you to see and so then that is going to adhere those two fabrics together as well as as well as keeping the edges from fraying now sometimes you want might want a little fray but I don't on this one so we're just gonna go all the way around it super easy and super effective I love this stuff okay thus it's one of my favorite things because I love it alrighty um let me get back on track here and then we just have to set this aside to dry that's all we have to do see there's a little little guy that wants to free so we're gonna just stop him before he get started and that'll just seep down in between these and dries clear and you're good to go and yeah so there we go okay I am gonna set that aside to dry but we have got we have got our cover so fun okay so let's see where are we timewise weren't 25 minutes okay well these may end up just being a little bit shorter videos because I I just want to show making the covers really it's what I want to do so I am gonna set this aside to dry what I'll do is um probably probably in the you know the next time we we do one I'll show you after it's dry it's not gonna look a lot different than this but you can see how it's kind of darker around the edges from that fray check and I think I'm just gonna well it's a little sticky on my board let's see I'll just set it to the top a little bit just to dry and then I'll have to clean my glass board because it is like a glue so anyway there you go so that is the first one made out of packaging I think it's awesome and I love it and it's gonna go great with my did jeez I think so so there you have it that's it that's it for now so I will be back with more cover ideas for you out in the next you know in the coming weeks anyway I'll have a few other videos along the way too oh I was gonna show you guys this – I had this sticking out still I got this all finished and I sewed around the tag and everything this is prior to vacation so I think I need to just so this side I didn't realize I didn't put anything on there for writing so I think that what I'll do is just just so that a bit and that'll be that little project we'll be ready to go so loved that's – okay guys I'm out of here I'm so used to an hour that this feels weird but hopefully it will make the people happy that say my videos are too long so thanks everybody so much remember that anti papery ERV design you can sell the journals you make with their digital's and then also go check out the rambling crafter for her giveaway and to get the cool ink applicator handle okay everybody have a great day see you next time bye bye

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  1. I love your videos and spending time with you! Keep saying, "so" it happens to me too, an Oregonian! I love it! You're great Gayle!

  2. Love the vibrant colors of this fabric!! Just be you….I don't care how many times you say "so"!! TFS!! Hugs, Liz:)


  4. I love your videos. Looking forward to more cover videos. I missed having an hour with you too, but I’m happy with whatever Gayle-time I can get. Keep on being you! I love you just the way you are.

  5. I love it! If you do a beginner sewing video could you please show us what we need to set our machine settings on? That would be so helpful! Thank you for showing the process I love it and will definitely use fabric now!!

  6. Yay!!! I’m excited for your series on covers 😊 Question – was the cardboard packaging already folded for the spine or did you make folds? Can you piece it together with tape if needed? Don’t change anything about your videos. We all love them just the way they are 💕 Thanks, Gayle

  7. Lovely cover, can’t wait to try it. I think your videos are wonderful however you choose to them! How would attach your signatures in a fabric covered journal?

  8. I’d love a beginning sewing video. I used to sew my daughter’s clothes when she was young but I haven’t sewn in ages. JoAnn’s had a sale on Singer sewing machines about a year ago and I bought one of the bare bones models and it’s been in the box since. I think I’m afraid of it. 😂 With your help, I might be able to make it a worthy purchase. So yes please. Oh….and when I begin a sentence with “so”, my kids and grandkids know I’m going to be asking a difficult question – they hate hearing “so”. Makes me laugh of course.

  9. love ur vids. am a bit confused ….. people worried about box not lasting? cloth wears out too. Hiummmmm lol has anyone destroyed a really good book cover? I have. what I found did not lead me to believe it would last at all without the conventional covering lol looked like it has already rotted and it was new. lol

  10. Thanks for this tutorial! You've got me seeing opportunities everywhere for making journals—-I have already started saving all kinds of cardboard for covers!

  11. Hi Gayle, The only way that cover is going to disintegrate is if you bury it! LOL Enjoy listening to you so much. Love sharing your life. Praying for ya all !!!!! Love CJ

  12. OMG Gayle! You need to do the videos as long or as short as you want! We can pause you and come back or even put you on 2x speed! Personally I don’t know what to do without a full hour of my YouTube BFF! I can’t imagine doing videos and being as entertaining and informative as you are. You are awesome and glorious in your full hour! I watch because you are real— your not scripted and stiff or boring with no mishaps. You are real and you are a phenomenon! Stay true to yourself and to your creativity- trust it!

  13. I love this cover, Gayle! I've used cereal boxes before but I've always covered them in paper. I'm also just starting to use my sewing machine, so I would love you to do a beginners sewing machine video. Also, you be you and ignore the complainers and haters. You don't have the following you have for nothing. LOL xx

  14. What a wonderful series this will be Gayle…..looking forward to seeing all of them! Ignore the “negative Nellies”. You just be you ❤️.

  15. I really think some people have nothing better to do than whinge! so what!! (lol) if you say so, I love the way you talk and your accent Gayle xo

  16. "So", "like", "kind of", "you know" – take your pick – I'm sure the person complaining probably repeats one (or more) of these phrases in their conversations without realizing it and most people are TOO POLITE to point it out to them! And why? Because it "doesn't matter", does it, Rachel? You just "keep doing you" – which is a phrase I personally can't stand but it fits, so…

  17. I am so excited for this series!! So much great info! I am still a wannabe. I have been stuck with putting my first one together for my cousin for 4 months so I think this will help. Thank you!!

  18. So sorry you have gotten some negative comments. If you aren’t their cup of tea they can just move on. I love, and binge watch your videos, and have learned so much. This video couldn’t have come at a better time. I have gathered supplies, printed digits, made ephemera , and of course inked. I think I am finally ready to actually start a journal.
    Sooooo. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I always enjoy spend hours with Gayle. ❤️❤️❤️

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