44 Replies to “Journey of Cotton from Farm to Fabric”

  1. The last color shall be GOD THE FATHERS CREATION of vapor gray smoke covering the land to all colors before it rain and we was able to see cloud or His rainbows after sun/rain, its time!

  2. This is so fascinating and educative. And this is also telling me that I need to buy less clothes.

  3. I wish there were more oral explanations of what was going on….
    Good video, but, would have been perfect with narrative.

  4. I talked to a farmer, who grows cotton. I was able to get a few pieces. I would rather wear cotton, than a synthetic any day.

  5. Esto debería ser enseñado a todo niño de escuela para que aprecie todos los segmentos de la industria y su importancia. Excelente video.
    This should be shown to all school children so they would appreciate all industrial segments and their importance.
    Great video.

  6. Great video footage…too bad someone, maybe you, did some informational narration?
    Had to turn the volume down just to get thru this….the music track was extremely annoying.
    I'm giving no like, no dislike.
    Take some constructive criticism and maybe put just a little more effort in your posts

  7. I will appreciate all this when i wear a cotton t shirt next time …..thanks for the informative video

  8. Thanks for sharing this video.. fascinating, very fascinating to me and just made me think of the scripture > (the fool said in his heart there is no God..Psalm 14:1).. The creator is all around us and each day we are benefiting from His creation is so many shapes or forms… Even the people that discovered that Cotton could be used for so many different purposes, was Almighty God's purpose for those people to discover His creation and reveal it to the masses.  Wake up people for the time is far spent… There will come a time when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that JESUS is LORD.

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