JSN UniForm Quick tour | Joomla Extension Video

JSN UniForm Quick tour | Joomla Extension Video

JSN UniForm Quick Tour video Feature number 1: Create a form easily. Create various types of a form quickly. You can create a new form with clean design. You can choose to enable Capcha or not. You can make a single page form or Multipage form. JSN UniForm has different form Layout for you to choose. You just need click to add fields for a form, You can choose suitable fields from the library. And you can edit field content to as you want. You can order all the fields with drag and drop feature. You can also edit Submit button as you want. JSN UniForm lets you customize your form style via tab “Form Style” There are many options for you to customize your form. Now you can save your own form style, so you can use that style later. JSN UniForm supports 4 types of action after submission. For example, you can input your own message to the Custom Message box. Don’t forget to save your setting. Now you can go to the front-end to view the form. Here is the newly created form. Feature number 2: Publish form everywhere, Show form as module, menu or in article. Here you can publish your form via menu item In module position, Or inside article. Here are some samples of all these positions. You can see forms are published via Main menu Here form is published in an article, and form is published via module. Feature number 3: Send email notification Custom default email to send In the tab “Form action”, you can see email notification part. It’s easy for you to customize an email notification Here you define the emails to check the submission Moreover, it’s flexible to create a default email content. You can see, the message can include all the value the submitter input. Now you save the changes. The submitted information also could be sent to the submitter For example now I will submit a ticket. You see, the submitted information could be sent to the submitter When the message sent successfully, the email would be sent automatically. Feature number 4: Manage form submission efficiently. Filter and select field for each form. You can quickly access to other form’s submissions. You also can control all fields appeared in the admin panel. JSN UniForm can filter by title and date. Feature number 5: Backup and restore data securely Simple way to backup and restore your data. Go to the Configuration parameter then go to Then Data part, choose tab Data Backup/Restore Input the backup filename and choose backup options. And then the data is downloaded. When you need to restore the data, click to choose Backup file.
And then the data is downloaded. When you need to restore the data, click to choose Backup file. And click Restore button, the data is back. Thank you for watching. You can keep in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter JoomlaShine

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  1. I would love to be able to change the action of the submit button depending on what is selected or unhidden. Is that already possible?

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