July Makes and a Mini Fabric Haul

July Makes and a Mini Fabric Haul

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  1. I think your trousers would feel much better if you slimmed the side seams down a tiny amount and just stitch the pleats down they look nice to me . Your sons shirt is adorable x

  2. I love the shark shirt! Such cute fabric, I know a few boys who would love it too :). I think the trousers are not as bad as you think. As a couple of others have said perhaps you could sew the pleats down at the front to stop the bulging, having said that, I do think a drapier fabric would be more suitable for that particular pattern. Congratulations on 17 years!!

  3. I agree with lots of other comments – either sew down the pleats or convert to darts – but I honestly think the size smaller would have been a better fit and you could use the stretch of the fabric horizontally for the waistband. Love your viscose and I would vote floaty trousers. x

  4. I think the cullottes are lovely, but you are going to be the one to wear them. I usually put "not sure" makes away in the spare room cupboard and re isit them in a few months, when I've got over the disappointment! Nice to see the UK in the sunshine!

  5. Happy to see your vlog! I think the trousers would look nicer in a more floaty fabric. Maybe they will soften after a few washes? The style looks very nice on you anyway. I’m going to look for some of that honeycomb fabric!

  6. Do you like dresses that are sleeveless that circle or that, the neck. Loved the one made the sarong! Love the wrap dress.

  7. It’s not that bad, though. ( shorts). Maybe take in a 1/4 inch on each side, before “ throwing in the towel”! Who knows, might be flattering! We all have that idea being keen for fit. It really depends on the figure type. I don’t like altering! My Mom didn’t like pockets. She sewed for a lot of gals and daughters’ weddings. Guess I want to be like her.

  8. As to the culottes. Could be the fabric. I think they are to big in the waist and the hips. Remove the waist band and take in the side seams???

  9. I think you need go down a size for the trousers. There is too much room in the bum and hips. Maybe you could remove the waist band and put the zip in the side, though I think going down a size would eliminate the oddness of the back. As for the pleats, maybe stitch the first few inches down to flatten them. The shark shirt is really cute. The bright floral is pretty- I think a skirt would be lovely made with that and really show off the print.

  10. Maybe the trousers is a size too big and I the fabric needs to softer , that stretch I am afraid of i think it make for saggy bottoms and stretched knees

  11. You sewed them beautifully I think it’s the fabric and the back zip I can’t wear back zip pants maybe you should make another jersey pair in lighter cotton jersey I think that the silloquette of those pants is fantastic on you I think if the pants had a side zipper it would help

  12. I think you've sewn them beautifully.. As far as changing it to look better, start with ironing them crisply. If you're still not happy with the look it's a shame to go to this trouble, but….okay make the tucks in front go in the other direction, also to address the darts try them on inside out, that often gives a view of what is causing the fit
    problem. Good luck, Anne

  13. I like the pants on you personally. Maybe a little bit big on you. Could you try taking the waistband out in front and replacing the pleats with same size darts, then sew the waistband back on? That would bring the front hip area in a little bit on you. and make the front a little flatter. But otherwise I still like them on you. You do beautiful work. Oh, and I just bought the little boy pattern (mainly for the pants) and after seeing the shirt I just have to make one now. I am sewing for grandkids now. Thanks for sharing. Love your videos.

  14. Love the shark shirt, lovely make. Ahh I don't think the trousers look that bad on you, could you possibly sew the pleats down at the front to stop the bulging? Congrats on 17yrs, great vlog 🙂

  15. I feel like there was extra fabric in the hip area of the culottes. Maybe if you took them in a bit the zip would lay proper? I do like them anyways. I love the tropical fabric – make a dress or skirt, whatever you would wear more.

  16. Great vlog! I love the shirt! I have ordered the shirt pattern to make for my little grandson! Is the issue with the culottes down to the fabric being too thick for the pattern? Something more like a Ponte or a scuba may be better, if a bit warm for this weather…! How about the AK patterns Adrianna skirt? 😁😁😁👍

  17. I really liked your culottes. They came out quite nice. I dont agree with your husband.Tell him he has to keep up with the fashion.It sounds like hes very old fashioned!

  18. I adore the shirt you made for your wee man, I'm a fellow shark fan (which I have probably all ready told you, I am slightly obsessed! Lol I don't think there is anything wrong with your culottes, I love them & I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of them normally! I think they're great

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