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  1. OMG! I was saying to myself as I watched that I wish I had a jumpsuit to do this too…and then that black one that makes me look super super wide entered my head. I'm doing this this weekend and I'll be sure to tweet you! πŸ™‚

  2. – hi , would this work with a romper that's short? It's probably about 4in. above my knee. I have this cute romper but the legs seem a little big for me so I would love to turn it into a dress. Love your technique btw (:

  3. oh my god thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bought a romper for TT$229 which is about US$40 and I DIDN'T REALISE THAT IT WAS A ROMPER TIL I GOT HOME AND TRIED TO TRY ON MY PRETTY NEW "TUNIC". Holy shit i am so relieved you wouldn't believe.

  4. First….wow i love the way you did this video. ..it was quick and to the point and easy to understand with good music πŸ˜„ I bought a black jumper ripped off the tags then relized it was to big so I think this will save me from just throwing money away….thank you.😚

  5. I always see rompers that look like really cute dresses until I look closer, and now I can actually make them into the cute dresses that I wanted them to be!

  6. Could you do an opposite video of turning a dress into a romper? Thanks! I love your channel ❀️

  7. I bought a really awful pair of shorts off ebay (with a really pretty print) I'm keen to try this on, I only kept them because I've followed your instagram for ages and you've taught me the value of salvaging/upsycling things haha. wish me luck! thank you btw for making these so easy to follow, my sewing machine still intimidates so much.

  8. Woah, this is some vintage Annika! No talking or anything. I'll have to keep this video in mind next time i see one of those horrid jumpsuits with pretty fabric at a thrift shop.

  9. Get rid of the horrible music. too distracting. I'd rather hear you talk. Couldn't even watch the video.

  10. It is a pee thing. I bought 5 rompers love them all, but I have not worn one because I know if I have to go to the bathroom I am in trouble. I did not even think about that while purchashing one romper after the next. It just dawned on me to turn them into a dress. I am going to get most of them altered some are a little to short to turn all of them into dresses. I am glad I looked up this video because now I know it is possible. I am excited.

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