Justin Trudeau Caught Wearing Blackface in Old Picture

Justin Trudeau Caught Wearing Blackface in Old Picture

left wing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
is a embroiled in a bit of a scandal after some pictures went public of him wearing black
face when he was in his late twenties. In one picture, Trudeau is wearing very, very
dark makeup on his entire face. And neck at an Arabian themed nights party
at the West Point Grey Academy where he was teaching at the time. There was another picture in which Trudeau
is wearing a less extreme version of the black face during a high school talent show in which
he sang a Jamaican folk song. So let’s discuss this. Conservatives obviously are just falling all
over themselves to attack the left of being hypocrites. Oh, when a right wing or wears black face,
they have to be destroyed according to the left. But when a left winger wears black face, it’s
no big deal. Now, of course, this just isn’t true. My analysis is the same on black face, no
matter who did it. I don’t care if it’s Megan Kelly defending
blackface or Justin Trudeau wearing black face or whatever the case may be. It’s not okay. Black face has a horrible racist past. You can debate, oh, it’s for comedy or whatever. And then we get into that conversation about
what can just be excused away. It being for comedic purposes, but there’s
no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It doesn’t matter who did it. Black faces not okay. The differences start to show up, not in our
analysis, but in the person who did its reaction to the black face and Justin Trudeau has immediately
apologized with no caveats, period. Not, I apologize if anybody was offended. Right? That bull. You know what it is that bs thing, I’m almost
forgot I was on a broadcast radio and TV there, that bs thing about if anyone was offended,
I apologize. Justin Trudeau saying, quote, I shouldn’t
have done that. I should have known better and I didn’t. I’m really sorry. This is what’s called a real apology. When he was asked if he thought that the photograph
was racist, he said yes it was. I didn’t consider it racist at the time, but
now we know better. So one set of very clear differences between
some l some instances of blackface and other instances of blacks face. Is the reaction from the person involved or
the person commenting? You might remember former Fox News host and
is she former NBC? Has she completely been let go from NBC or
is she just in a reduced role? Megan Kelly said on that really wacky daytime
NBC show she had for a little while. What’s the big deal with black face anyway? Sort of like reminiscing nostalgically about
the era of black face that is very different from Justin Trudeau saying this was wrong. Even if I didn’t recognize it as racist at
the time. It’s racist. No excuses. I’m sorry. So that is one major difference. Number two, I do believe that it matters when
the person can credibly say this was a mistake, black faces racist, but there’s no link whatsoever
to my policies as an elected official versus a politician who was not only caught wearing
blackface but also supports racist policies, has a history of saying racist things, whatever. So it’s not about you know the what if the
person is on the left. We treat them differently than if the person
is on the right. It’s just wrong. It’s wrong period. And there should be apologies with no caveats
whatsoever. But there is a difference between someone
who defends having worn black face and perpetuates racist policies versus someone who doesn’t
and says it was completely wrong. Now, either way, this is not good for Justin
Trudeau. There’s no question about that. He actually has sort of what I think of as
a bigger scandal. Uh, that could be an impediment to his reelection
in October’s a Canadian election, which is that he is accused of having pressured a prosecution
to be dropped, which would be really, really bad. And by the way, the timing of the black face
thing, clearly someone had this for a long time. These were not pictures that were buried in
some way and not available. Clearly the, the timing of the release has
been calculated. It doesn’t make the black face anything different
than what it is, which is wrong, not a defense of the black face, but this isn’t a yearbook
that’s been around forever. Clearly this could have come out anytime and
the timing, just literally a month ahead of the October 21st Canadian elections. We’ll see what effect it has and we will follow
a, what happens with our friendly neighbors to the north.

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  1. David yes pointing out the SNC scandal which Trudeau is actually under RCMP investigation for is far more indicative of the real Justin Trudeau Liberal's. Also with out really paying attention to the nuances in Canada's politics you understandably miss out on the larger context of this.
    And Liberal's in Canada campaign, like progressives, but govern from basically American neolibs stand point. I will not vote for him again and lots of the left up here is sick of him.
    And the third picture of him wearing blackface was imo actually pretty gross. I'm glad we have other alternatives up here than liberals.

  2. I just wish he would get the same treatment from his fellow leftists that they would give to someone like, let's say, trump had he worn blackface. It makes leftists look duplicitous.

  3. So a white bloke cannot act Shakespear's Othello with dark makeup? (Don't start with the play being racist)
    A white dude cannot do a James Brown or Harry Belafonte impersonation (like Trudeau did), even if he is a fan?
    Are only black people allowed to do do a Zulu or Masai warrior cosplay?
    David mentioned context. If the person is doing blackface for racial mockery purpose (the stereotypical clown, the savage, or worse an ape), I totally agree it's racist. Cultural appropriation is getting extreme.

    In the case of Trudeau, I think it's more of a smear campaign, digging up dirt from nearly 2 decades ago, as it is election season in Canada. Trudeau probably thought it would be wiser to apologize than come up with excuses and let the scandal linger. I wonder why his opponents didn't just simply attack him for being an incompetent prime minister.

  4. David the first rule of cinematography and film is if you put a gun in the frame you better damn use it. Play the drums, my dude.

  5. I think many pro0e have done really stupid things in their past. But, the issue, at least the logical issue is has that person grown? And are they genuine about realizing how stupid last actions were. Personally, I’d give Justin a pass on this one. I’m more concerned about where he stands on oil pipelines, and what, if anything he’s willing to do on global warming, and the overall big picture. Those are the real issues. The other stupid mistakes pale in comparison.

  6. The woke industry is having a field day with this one. One on Twitter even gave Trudeau a list of near-impossible demands he had to undertake before he could be “forgiven”—this tweeter somehow acting on behalf of all Canadians of colour.

    Singh of the NDP in particular milked it pretty hard with his tearful-not-tearful “you are loved” speech, which made me feel a bit queasy to be honest.

  7. David, think you need to brush up a bit on Canadian politics. The Liberals (or Grits) are as left as Joe Biden and the rest of the corporate Dems.

  8. I hate Justin so much that I don't even bother trying to explain to americans and everyone else how Blackface does not have the same meaning at all here in Canada, lol.

  9. You totally misrepresented Meghan Kelly. She merely asked why it's offensive when you are dressing as someone you admire like Diana Ross or Michael Jackson which occurred when she was growing up.

  10. Dave's target audience is primarily American, there's not much sense in squabbling over semantics. We can't explain to the entire target audience who aren't interested in Canada about Canadian politics….

    Canadian parties are all essentially centre and right leaning, NDP are left-leaning but took actual left (socialism) out of their policy and party constitution almost the day after Jack Layton passed.

    Really when people mention that Liberals play to the left but govern from the centre, it's true but the last few elections show even the Cons are playing the part of a workers party in language only also giving lip service to conservative social values (as wedge issue by which to divide and conquer, straight from the American GoP playbook) and then donating huge sums to the already wealthy and corporations….

    So in short, Canadian politics in general appear left for Americans who only have a right and a right leaning party. In Canada there is also a People's Party (former Christian Heritage) which uses the wording of the left but is very far right and on the other hand there are 1.5 communist parties which occasionally get seats.

    Democratically elected communist reps are far outside of the understanding that Americans have about what communism is (and outside of the understanding conservative communists have too) so it's a huge topic that wouldn't make sense for Dave to cover in a spot about how politicians and media handle racist expression like black face.

  11. OMFG! Really?? If your intent – intent! – wasn't – was not – in anyway racist or defamatory in anyway, you just thought, as a young idiot, you were just having fun like everyone else at the fucking place, party were, your still being racist??? Please then, call ME a racist and a disgusting piece of shit for having fun with my black friend when I was a teenager calling him a N-word! He knew it was ok and I knew it was ok BUT if that was on tape and that's all you saw, then, that's all I am to you. Fucking children. If there was tape of my friend calling me a chicken cracker you would never be talking about it.

  12. This seems like a good example of a word like racism having its power eroded through misuse. By which definition would Trudeau's actions be considered racist?

  13. the big difference is it's a long time ago and he did Apologize, we all know he' very educated amazing guy right now, and we have the most racist misogynist such evil fat ugly lies he never apologized for one, and his name is Donald Trump,

  14. Dude can't even say he was to immature he was in his late twenties and he's not even that old so it was never acceptable in his lifetime this is just racist

  15. Thank you for covering some Canadian politics, David! Just a quick FYI, as a Canadian, we consider the Liberal Party to be centrist. The NDP (New Democratic Party) are considered the left and the Conservative Party, the right. I do however understand why you might think the Liberals here are left though, because compared to American politics, this party probably appears pretty left to you guys! Lol.

  16. Wish Trump had a blackface pic . We could compare the differences in reactions . I'm sure the left would just say he said sorry ….. right .

  17. The biggest difference between Kelly and Trudeau is she was saying as a kid if you wanted to be Diana Ross for Halloween, because who doesn't love her ,for the Day, she did not think it was any big deal and she apologized for that later. Justin actually did black face and apologized so you tell me which is worse ? The man loves to play the moral authority and is a Prime Minister . Kelly was a talk show host she had a big audience but it's hardly the same ,

  18. Is black face inherently racist? No. That would require intent to view as lesser in some false capacity. That’s a simple linguistic, categorical fact that can’t be argued against, full stop. However, is black face acceptable? No. We’ve denounced it long ago due to it’s racist past of usage.

    By both of these demonstrable facts – was Trudeau’s black face racist? Very Likely not. Was it acceptable either now, or back when he did it? No. Again, we’ve determined this to be unacceptable long ago on a western megacultural scale. In that, is a genuine apology acceptable? Idk, that becomes a question of personal values, as there is no large scale consensus on the apology aspect of a public figure.

    But in my mind, moving away from the objective and into the subjective, because Trudeau almost certainly didn’t hold the belief that the black face race he was portraying was inferior, but rather did something in bad taste that may otherwise offend people, I’d accept a genuine apology. But that’s just me, and am open to other thoughts

  19. No defending if, it's not okey. Whether or not he ment harm or to appropriate is irrelevant, his realizing the wrong of his actions and being sincere in his apology is what's important. It does not cancel out or undo the wrong, but it shows understanding and recognition to admit that it was wrong and to not try in any way to defend his past actions.

  20. It was 20 years ago. Not today. I'm not offended as a black person. You learn you grow. I had negative views ppl before. Did things I'm not proud of and I changed. People learn grow and get better.

  21. Yayaya, and Prince Harry apologized for wearing a nazi uniform on a costume party in 2005. I still do find that we move into a direction of rigid correctness and controlled boredom. Why does everything becomes so complicated? Don't we have all a skeleton in the closet? To make such a big deal out of a maybe tasteless behavior on a one-time-event is such a waste of … what? … time? energy? There are far more important things to take care of!

  22. Smear campaign from the dreadful conservatives… That's all it is. People from Canada actually do not give a fuck. This shit isn't considered racist here anyway, Trudeau apologizing is just politics.

  23. Literally thousands of people have used charcoal, paints, etc etc. for decades dressing up in costumes for Halloween, plays or whatever else.. WTF cares anyway. It's not racist. I dressed up as an Indian once in my Sisters hand me down Halloween costume when I was about 6 years old. Does that make us both racists? I don't think so.

  24. I don't think Trudeau is a racist, he's just a spoiled dumbass and an embarrassment to all Canadians. The problem is that his behavior and dumb goofs drive voters towards the Conservatives and that's not a good thing. I vote Green but they little chance of taking power.

  25. It definitely bothers me that he would never have been able to become leader of the Liberal party had these photos come out beforehand. Party leaders including Trudeau himself have expelled candidates from the party for far less than this. Yet now that he's PM, it's just another mistake he can apologize for and move on from.
    But the fact of the matter is, the other left wing parties have no chance of winning the election, and a vote for those parties is a wasted vote in a lot of ridings anyway so a lot of us will have to end up voting Liberal in spite of their several scandals, because the alternative is not voting at all, which indirectly supports the Conservatives.

  26. Pakman being an apologist and HARD deflecting. I expected as much. Trudeau has made a career out of being a diehard SJW and he got CAUGHT.

  27. To be honest I think its ridiculous. No one was hurt and it wasn't a malicious move by Justin. Let go of the past. It wasn't racist. Being malicious towards a race is racist. What about this…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwarte_Piet … is this wrong?

  28. So Al Jolson was a racist? Al Jolson, byname of Asa Yoelson, (born May 26, 1886, Srednike, Russia [now Seredžius, Lithuania]—died October 23, 1950, San Francisco, California, U.S.), popular American singer and blackface comedian of the musical stage and motion pictures, from before World War I to 1940. His unique singing style and personal magnetism established an immediate rapport with audiences.

  29. I think this may be an important perspective to consider here: https://twitter.com/RitikaGoelTO/status/1174516789453250561?s=09

  30. More than 2 events. Check the BBC article that came out saying that he can't even count how many times he did it 😛

    Let me make what I'm saying clear: That was literally a party trick for him.

  31. How is using face paint to jokingly appear as another race racist?

    I don't get it. I thought racism was discriminating against someone because of their race?

  32. Our prime minister just likes to be mister dressup. We’ve seen it before in his India trip for example. I’d be shocked if he’s a closet racist when you consider how he’s governed for four years. I’m a Canadian who usually votes Conservative btw:

  33. disagree with you on this one David, sure the culprits reaction to getting caught was different but maybe he is just smarter and playing it down more smoothly, he should be harassed, ridiculed and held accountable as much as any right winger, these are the times where we must keep it real and try to recognize and set aside our biases to make better judgements.

  34. I don't care. This "everything is offensive" is a slippery slope to censorship and rewriting of history. But remain a useful idiot to left authoritarians (SJWs). Soon enough your own freedoms will be gone.

  35. The dirt comes out because we just started the elections. But Trudeau is in very good spot to win again. He managed the new nafta very well, and made a good a trade agreement with the Euro zone.

  36. Trudeau traveled around the world with prime dad very young. He was exposed to tons of cultures. So no, not racist, nor sexist, nor anti-gay-lgbt.

  37. He wore blackface, okay. Did he ever wear whiteface.? If so, what the hell is the difference.? There is nothing racist about wearing a costume for Halloween. But, now we know that you can't "dehumanize" people with "insensitive" costumes. Also, you've better not "appropriate" other's dresses, hairstyles, or culture if you're white, or you'd be a racist, too.!

  38. Just to correct something said here, The liberals in Canada are NOT left wing. A true left wing would never buy pipelines.

  39. Taken in context, I dont have an issue with it. Over the years black comedians and actors wore white faces and who was offended? Context is everything.

  40. 1- A 'black face' has no meaning in Canada. We don't have the black racism history USA has.
    2- The Canadian Black League said Trudeau has nothing to apopoigize for.
    3- It was a themed party. As a Dramatic Arts teacher, Trudeau was expected to fully play the part.
    4- Where is the scandal?

  41. The left in one sentence: "Problem X is not okay, whatever you say." Luckily, we are still living in a world where you can ignore whatever they say. I hope it stays that way. This is, BTW, the reason why Trump is winning cos all this nonsense monitoring of cultural appropriation. While we should talk about real issues we analyze old tweets and pictures looking for somebody who has never done anything that would seem offensive to any group 🙂

  42. I regularly black up before I go hunting for intersectional feminists with my high velocity tampon gun!😂👍🌿
    Pew pew pew!

  43. What load of BS the guy put some black paint on his face so fucking what?
    As long as we judge people not the color of their skin but based on their merit should we really give shit how they have fun if it does not hurt anyone.

  44. Shit, that was a squirmy, cowardly video, the worst sort of dishonesty you ever practiced, David. Trudeau said he didn't know it was racist back then – well, sorry, but he must have lived in a bubble. He was almost 30 years old and EVERYBODY knew it was racist back then. EVERYBODY!

    Stop being a stupid petty dishonest ideologue and grow a pair. You don't have to compare him to some TV nobody on the right – he's the PM of Canada, a virtue-signalling PC vacuous boy-prince who we now know more about because of this. You should have been brave enough to confront this in the proper way, but you had to – once again – play party politics…

  45. "Because truly, you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Like, back when I was a kid, that was okay, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character." -Megyn Kelly (2018). ALSO the entire left (2019).

  46. Nice try David of trying to covering leftists asses, only virtue signaling leftists where blackface, you dont see anyone on the right wearing it,
    Btw Trudeau has to go he has to be one of the worst leaders of modern times next to obama

  47. So in this video David spends more time applauding Trudeau’s apology than condemning his actions and analyzing the political implications.

  48. Makeup cannot be inherently racist when absent from the conversation is value and attitude expressed by the wearing of said makeup.

  49. He did not apologise, listen again. He blamed white privilege, not his fault, it was the fault of the group, not him as an individual. No he is not a centrist as some are saying in the comments, he is a leftie, no one in the centre would be an adherent of intersectonal politics or view the world through that lens as Fidel Trudeau does .

  50. . He is our Clinton. He is a fraud. An unfortunately everyone I know is acting like this is a 2 person race and we should suck it up because Scheer is worse. I hope Jagmeet can get more traction and momentum behind him. Everyone has the same mind frame unfortunately that he has no chance. If he can move up in the polls, maybe just maybe, people will feel better about voting for him.
    If Trudeau had done electoral reform like he promised, we wouldn't be in the position of having to worry about Cons getting a majority government with 35% of the vote.

  51. Trudeau is not left wing. Many American think that the Liberal Party is left wing and it is not. Liberals have had both centrist and right wing polices on the Canadian political scale.

    The NDP are left wing but have zero chance of forming the government. Practically, we have a choice of the Conservative Party which is definitely right wing or a centrist Liberal party. In 2005, the leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, made an irrational speech and compared same sex marriage to a dog's tail and has never apologized. We have to choose between a bigot and a racist. At least the racist apologized and admits it was wrong and accepts now that what he did was racist.

    Based on current polling, I think the best case scenario is to have a Liberal-NDP coalition. The Conservatives have no friends so it is unlikely they can form a coalition.

  52. Im honestly going to vote for either NDP or The green party to increase their seats. Chances are its going to be liberals who will win unfortunately. We have medicare in canada, but there isnt coverage for dental, mental health, orthopedic and drugs. Still better than the the US but not the best it could be.

  53. He was trying to be Aladdin. He’s brown. So he painted his skin brown. I give him points for going the extra mile for accuracy. We dye our hair as part of costume, so why is skin different? I understand the history of blackface, but I think intention is important to consider. He wasn’t mocking Arabs by trying to look like one.

  54. If he had just made a mistake and apologised for it that would be one thing but he's consistently been a sanctimonious panderer knowing that he'd been "problematic" in the past by his own standards.

  55. One thing you didn't mention is Trudeau blamed it on his privileged upbringing for not knowing what he was doing was racist. Not much of a Drama teacher if he knew nothing about the minstrel shows in the early 19th century.

  56. 3:05 Justin Trudeau's legacy of fighting Indigenous Canadians for basic rights, like to clean water, and stewardship of their land does not paint him in a good light either. This is more to do with him being a trash-bag neoliberal and an ignorant one to boot, but it's still relevant in this context.

  57. 4:05 The release has been credited to (and credit taken by) the Conservative Party of Canada – likely in a bid to suppress Liberal votes enough for them to form a majority government, which would be the worst possible scenario for the left in Canada. Ideally, we would hope for a Liberal minority where the NDP could hold the balance of power (Greens are neoliberals as well, and neither green on the environment nor pro-labour, which is why I don't include them in "the left").

  58. 4:20 a month in Canadian elections is the whole election cycle, "a month before the election" would be like if the Trump camp had released every bit of Hillary's emails in January of 2015.

  59. You think he apologised because he meant it? The problem isn't necessarily that he did it, it's the hypocrisy on both sides. "Times have changed" argument is BS, example Bernie Sanders. The reality is that Trudeau is an idiot and panders to braindead idiots who follow the moral trends of the moment

  60. You definitely want a racist to admit he's racist and if they show remorse that's a plus, it doesn't remove the racism from their dna but it's a good thing that they play the roll. It's those quite sneaky racists that you have to watch out for.

  61. As a Canadian I have never heard of black face until the Megyn Kelly instance. I was never inclined to dress up as black face, but had I done so, it sure wouldn't have been to mock or belittle anyone. I brought the topic up with a friend today and he hadn't a clue what black face was. Trump can get away with all kinds of utter corruption, but Canadians want to lynch Trudeau for what he did many years ago. Racism will be with us as long as we focus on the past and people continue to take pride in the color of their skin (all colors of people are guilty of this). We will always get more of what we focus on, so we should reserve our call outs to blatant acts of racism. I'm willing to bet that Andrew Yang's method of dealing with the comedian's racist remarks, will have a much more positive effect on the perpetrator, than the cancel culture mob did when he lost his job. That guy probably feels like a total heel after Yang was the only one supporting him in losing his job.

    Self inflicted shame and guilt is much more effective than the resentment and vindictiveness cause when other shame and guilt people. Yang understand human nature far better than most people do.

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