Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface | The Daily Show

Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface | The Daily Show

There are so many problems
with this photo. First of all, it’s obviously
never okay to do blackface, and secondly, if you
are gonna darken your skin at least get the color right. Okay? Yeah. Trudeau
isn’t dressed as Aladdin. He’s dressed
as Aladdin doing blackface. That’s not the color of Aladdin.
What are you doing? And also, Trudeau
didn’t even need the brownface to make the costume work. He’s in a full Aladdin outfit at an Arabian Nights
theme party. No one was gonna see him
and be like, “Ah, white skin. Are you the snowman
from Frozen?” (laughter) So Time magazine published
this photo of Canada’s prime minister
in brownface, and, uh, and in response, Trudeau hopped
on his magic carpet and flew straight to
a press conference to apologize. In 2001, uh, when I was
a teacher in Vancouver, I attended an end-of-year gala where the theme was
Arabian Nights, and I, uh, dressed up
in Aladdin costume and put makeup on. It was something that, uh, I didn’t think was racist
at the time, but now I recognize, uh,
it was something racist to do. I’ve always, uh–
and you’ll know this– been more enthusiastic
about costumes, uh, than is somehow, uh,
is sometimes appropriate. NEWSWOMAN: Trudeau says
he also wore blackface for a high school performance
where he sang the Harry Belafonte song,
“Day-O.” When I was in high school,
I, uh, dressed up at a, uh,
talent show, and sang “Day-O” with-with-with,
uh, with makeup on. (laughter) This is not good, man. Because you realize
what happened here? Trudeau came out to apologize
for one blackface, and ended up admitting to more. He’s like, “I did brown face
for Aladdin, “and I did blackface
when I sang the song “Day-O. “And now if you’ll excuse me, daylight’s coming
and me want to go home.” (laughter) (cheers and applause) It’s also… And it’s also funny, it’s also
funny how Trudeau says he only did this because
he’s more enthusiastic about costumes
than is appropriate. Because besides
being problematic, it also sounds like
Justin Trudeau would be the most annoying person
on Halloween. It’s like, if he commits that
much, I bet his wife is like, “Justin, have you see my keys?”
He’s like, “Me not Justin, me Hulk!” Like, “All right, Hulk,
have you seen my keys?” “Hulk eat keys.
Hulk need doctor.” And look, and look, two instances of blackface
would be bad enough. But it turns out
we can’t even call this a blackface controversy anymore, because, apparently, Trudeau
has been going full body. Video uncovered by Global News, which has been verified,
containing images of liberal leader Justin Trudeau
in blackface makeup. It’s pretty grainy. We are looking at Justin Trudeau
in this video. You can see that he has
blackface makeup on. It’s covering his face, neck,
his arms and hands, and you can see between
the tears in his jeans there, that he also appears to have the makeup down
his legs as well. He has it on his leg– like, he’s wearing jeans, but he still did the legs? This guy’s committed. No, ’cause most people
do the face, but Trudeau was like,
black neck, black back, black pussy and black crack. He’s like,
“I’m doing all of it.” I mean, aside from the obvious
offensiveness of it, having black makeup
on your entire body must have caused
a lot of problems as well. Like, think about it.
Like, the whole day, what, you’re leaving makeup
on door knobs, or you’re getting it on food. It must have been terrifying
for any white person he met who didn’t know
he was in blackface. Yeah, ’cause if he touched them then you leave
a black handprint on them. And white people are panicking.
They’re like, “Oh, my God. “I think black people
make other people black. “Oh, my God! I heard about this
on Facebook.” So with the Canadian election
just one month away, many are wondering
if this blackface scandal is gonna hurt Trudeau’s chances
of being re-elected. And to be honest,
I’m just sad to see another black man
being brought down. (laughter) It breaks my heart. (applause) You know… When you look at Trudeau and… and all these new stories of
blackface coming out every day, at some point, we have to admit
that this problem is bigger than some people would like
to believe, all right. From the governor of Virginia
to multiple TV stars, and every frat party in town, it seems that when white people get their hands on brown makeup, they just cannot
help themselves. So we need to treat this like
the epidemic that it is, which is why today,
ladies and gentlemen, I am proposing a buyback program to get blackface off
the streets. I also think
we need red flag laws. If you hear your white friend
talking about buying an Afro wig
for the school talent show, we need to stop that
before it happens. And for those people who already
have a blackface photo that hasn’t come out yet, we need to have
one day of amnesty where you can put it out online
without getting cancelled. And don’t use this as an excuse to make new blackface photos,
okay. I see you, white people. Old photos only. Don’t abuse the amnesty day. And last but not least,
we need makeup companies to start taking responsibility
for the products they sell. Clearly, these things
are dangerous. So from now on,
all those makeup ads need to be a lot more like this. SLOAN: I want a makeup
that’s made for me. YOUNG-WHITE:
I want a makeup that speaks to the truth of my color. And I want to look
like a black person. Um, I don’t think
you want to do that. -No?
-No. SLOAN: And with the new
all-shade palette, I can find the shade
that fits my tone. YOUNG-WHITE: It’s not just
makeup, it’s who I am. And I want to go as Fresh Prince
for Halloween. -I swear to God,
if you put that on… -Huh? Okay, so, look at
this color palette right here. You’re gonna want to stay
on this side of the palette. Maybe at a long day at the beach
you’d be maybe right here, but that’s about it. I see, actually,
because of the racism. -Yes. -Yes.
Fenty Beauty. SLOAN:
Don’t do blackface.

100 Replies to “Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface | The Daily Show”

  1. When you're an American, you should know what black faces mean, that's the symbol of your racism.
    In other countries they do not care about your color only about your religion or your language.
    Depending on the country you grew up you had other experiences.
    When you were born in Burundi, your color didn't matter, two black races were killing each other because of racism.
    Each country has its own history and black & White racism is in the US a big problem, as it is in South Africa, while in Zimbabwe it is again black against black.
    There's a tendency to export the VS-racism concept all over the world, But we cannot rewrite history the whole time, each country has its own discrimination problems. And yes, in other countries they might have not realized how deep the racist wounds are in the VS when we were painting our self black, something I never did. But I've seen so often in the US people making caricatures of Gypsy, they live in trailers because they travel….in the US this is a big and accepted swear word…
    Maybe the US should start to realize how many Gypsy were murdered by the nazis…and when you are making jokes about trailer people or caricatures of Gypsies…that hurts them a lot.
    So instead of complaining about Trudeau, you might look into a mirror and try to discover your own bad language.

  2. He's not afraid to point out other shit from his past.
    That's strength.

    This is embarrasing and shameful for Trudeau, but at least he can admit mistakes.

  3. People in 2019 getting upset with Black-Face/Brown-Face photos back in the early 2001s and earlier…. Just wait until Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, and other big Channels get exposed for many of their productions

  4. Quick history of why blackface is racist in the USA https://nmaahc.si.edu/blog-post/blackface-birth-american-stereotype
    Thank you Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture. I too was initially ignorant to the reason, but this blog explains in under 30 seconds.

  5. I’m brown , I don’t mind President Trudo of Canada. It depends on person. If it’s 45 or his cabinet members, the gop wear brown or black faces , then they could consider. Raciest. But Trudo is a good man.

  6. Each time I hear this guy speak he seems very real and decent. Should he have done this, no. These videos have been around for a long time but all of s sudden come out before election time….Come on now. Politics is total bullshit.

  7. This is being going on for so long that we can c the world belong to so don't get offended by this they owned the Wright for this just look and send sms to God for forgiveness as a prayer u can not win u don't have nukes so watch and pray and stop complaining cause that's entertaining them hos them

  8. "And I want to look like a black person."
    "Oh. Well, you know, here's the address of a good dance school."
    "Oh. Okay. Thanks. Yeah, that really is much better."

  9. Wonder if by 2030 we will have a chart how tanned can you get before it's considered racist.

    Random politician in 2030: "I'm not racist, I just like to sleep next to the pool!"

  10. He handled it 10 times more gracefully than Ralph Northam.
    And in his defense, he IS from Canada where there aren't as many black people to tell him 'NO.'

  11. Honestly, until dishearteningly recently, I would not have seen blackface or brownface as racist, myself. I'm not Canadian, so maybe my sentiment doesn't count, but I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. The "I didn't know better" argument is one I've had occasion to make.

  12. I'm not even mad at him, he did this WAY before it was political correct… I mean really, even thou I hate Donald trump if he was pictured 20 years ago with blackface I wouldn't be mad

  13. I don't see it as rascism if there is no evil intent behind it. What if it was the other way round, should white be offended?? 😒

  14. Did anyone ever complain in public about blackface in 2001 and before? Isn't it a rather new no go. I'm not American so it's just a question. We had almost 0 black people in my country until the past 2 decades so blackface was rather normal for Carneval. Not many people bothered but it was always advertised.

  15. you guys you all determined to employ all tools even things which do not seem racists to some people who have owned it, in order to bring him down

  16. 15 Years ago the society was not that sensitive, "black face" was not a big deal. I think he did a dumb mistake. I think he really regrets it. But then again u never know.

  17. To be fair, you can not judge people who wore black face when it had nothing to do with racism back then. It is like if the future generation judged us for using chop sticks, because the norm changed to it being racist

  18. This will also backfire on all men who dress up like women. I've always found it rude especially on SNL when they could just use real women. I do not find men dressing up like women and acting stupid funny at all.

  19. We are looking at a picture of a man who has allowed in thousands of Syrian refugees. Let's leave this alone. I think his policies have made up for it.

  20. I'm life long Democrat I'm black and live in the south I don't see the big deal we have more important things to take care of in this world like climate change why are we talking about blackface 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ liberal snow flakes

  21. I believe he was honest and explained why he did it and how at the time he didn't see it in any other way but as a costume. There are old movies and commercials that actors will do black face for a role. I believe it wasn't with bad intention. It all depends how you use it I believe. Some people use make up others go and get toasted in the sun until they change their color. There is a woman that got injected to change her pigmentation looking to really be black permanently(She claims she is african) All I'm saying is not all black face it's done maliciously and sometime ago it wasn't really known how offensive it could be. We are changing day by day and this is one thing that is starting to change. Raising awareness is key.

  22. Trevor, if you think a white person who buys an afro-wig needs to be stopped, you surely also think that a black person buying a red-haired wig needs to be stopped, yes?

    How fucking stupid.

    Edit: Oh my god, that last segment, Jesus Christ, "Don't wear make-up that doesn't look exactly like your skin already looks. That's racist! Everyone needs to be put into clear racial boxes! Separate but equal! I never thought the Daily Show would embrace "separate but equal". What the fuck is happening to this world?

  23. No personal disrespect to anyone who feels offended, of course, but we have FAR bigger problems in the world right now than (ridiculously bad) costume makeup from 18 yrs ago.

  24. In Denmark it's normal. Young people paint ourselvs black to treat ourselves as equals. White people paint themself white, no big deal

  25. The people who are saying they’re not offended probably don’t even know the back story of black face. It’s more than just a white person wearing black paint.

  26. The problem isnt that he did black face. The problem is that he apologized for something he did in (WTF) 2001 and in high school. The problem is with all this sensitive pussies. I dont see the wayans bro apologizing for white chicks or downy jr for tropical thunder which by the way he was fkn funny.

  27. It's funny how they were applauding him for doing a lot of good stuff to immigrants in Canada, and helping Syrians to settle down in Canada, and now because of a mistake he did ages ago hes a bad guy now ? Really trevor ?

  28. Im not white and I really don’t get why it’s such a big deal.
    I know the history of blackface being used in minstrel shows and all but it’s pretty clear that Trudeau doesn’t have much or any nefarious intent. I feel it’s a little stupid to go after this.
    I feel there is some excess cultural awareness these days. Wearing an ethnic costume on Halloween is taboo, pointing out tears or cultural fact is somehow racist.
    As an Indian living in Japan, I think I know what it’s like to be a minority citizen. I believe that I’m justified in saying that all minority’s, yes including black people, would rather have real problems taken care of rather than fretting over things like black face.

  29. He wants to be black. It feels good to him. If he could whare it everyday he would. I'm not mad. Stop putting out pseudo racist stories. Getting people all rowled up over nothing. He's just honoring a culture he loves. And wants to be as true to character as possible. Everything designed to fuck with Black people heads dont always work. Where on to you white people!!!

  30. This blackface being racist thing started in the US because of actual racist blackface charicatures in the past, you exported that sentiment and ruined Zwarte Piet that were originally anti racist because they were freed slaves.

  31. Maybe he really wishes he was black, I mean we are so beautiful, talented, smart, strong, innovative, the list just goes on and on#Proud2BeBlack💖

  32. I’m a black man and I have to honestly ask…. “What’s racist about black face?” I know its history, however, I don’t see how someone wearing makeup 18yrs ago affects my life at all.

  33. That was in my mind too just sad to see another black man being brought down, I guess that's his second identity he should have done plastic surgery just like Micheal Jackson.

  34. I would have this same reaction to any politician;I’m not going to blame you for being racist or ignorant about blackface in the past as long as you recognize what you did was wrong and apologize.Trudeau did exactly that so I’m cool with him on this issue.

  35. Get off his back, this shouldnt even be a problem. A young man 20 years ago had a costume that was/is inappropriate and this has become a talking point now because he's a prime minister and society is getting offended by the slightest hint of bad behaviour, no matter the context.

    There's some rule of thumb thinking that should always apply before being offended by something: is the person intending to offend? Was the context offensive at the time the act happened? Did the person continue to act the same way after being made aware of the issue?
    Trudeau wasnt a public figure and this party wasnt a public appearance. He didnt mean to offend black people. He still shouldnt put on this make-up, but he owned up to it and appologized (to whom I wonder…). To the best of my understanding, this is a non-thing from the start.

  36. This is funny to me .
    I think he did it because he likes black people and wear costumes. Some other people do it to make fun of black people

  37. This is RACISM!, I'm not allowed to think black is beautiful? I'm not allowed to try and emulate that beauty? What if I have a small penis? What if I think putting on blackface will add inches and girth? AM I NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE HOPE! (sure false hope, but) AM I NOT ALLOWED TO "DREAM"?!

  38. People can get offended by the dumbest things nowadays. I couldn't care less if a white person wears whatever colorface he likes for a costume, because it's just that, a freaking costume! People need to tone it down, or else we won't be able to do anything without people getting offended. Besides, he apologized for it, and admitted that it was something insensitive to do. Other politicians wouldn't never done that.

  39. Judging past actions by contemporary standards… Come on Trevor… you're better than this. We need to consider intent. Do you really think it likely that either of these instances were spurred by malicious feelings toward the cultural groups represented?
    Trevor, rise above the scandal culture of our time and be more discerning in your criticism. Provide balanced analysis as John Stewart would have done. It is fine to point out examples of blackface and to continue to raise awareness of its offensive and damaging effects. However, don't damn those who would be allies in your cause. These images of Trudeau aren't evidence of deep seeded racism in the man, but rather misguided attempts to express an affinity for the cultures in question.

  40. What's the fuzz about? If a costume offends you, probably you are the problem, not the costume. Is the movie "white chicks" racist, too? No, it's just stupid. Legit, but stupid, as is black-facing.

  41. Yo guys can't someone tell me how is blackface racist ? Not sarcasm or anything, I just don't get the whole concept of it to be honest.. I mean if the guy wants to disguise as his idole isn't he free to do it ? I don't understand. Please don't kill me I'm stupid I can't help it.

  42. This isn't even racist! What the fuck is the media doing this days. Will come a day when calling someone stupid will be a racist thing! The world is going to shit! don't let them change you be yourself and say what the fuck you want to say and say things as you think. If i don't like some color this doesn't make me bad it is just the way i am. If gay people can be what they "are" why can't us normal people do what WE ARE. Don't let this system change you. The system is made by few to change the majority. Clear the chains young people i am talking to you you because our generation still remembers the good old days when you can make real fun humor and be yourself without being afraid to chose your words, because no one got offended those days, even black people where much more enthusiast

  43. i have no idea why black people making this into such a big deal.
    what happened to 'it depends on the context?'

    did trudeau purposely wore the black face with malice?
    did he do it to mock the black people?
    did he do it with the intention to be racist?

    youre going to ignore all his liberal achievement just because he made a stupid mistake 20 years ago?

    grow up.

  44. He did it 20 years ago, it was a different time when it was acceptable and I don’t think he didn’t mean to do it in a racist way.

  45. I hate to admit that nowadays you can screwed over the thing that you did a decade ago . I mean come on
    People are on the streets just to get offended
    This thing is not serious to follow

  46. You want to talk about something…talk about getting that evil out of the white house!…and bring back the things that make this country a better place…all i see is that these people want to be black!

  47. Please don't take this the wrong way but I genuinely don't understand why people get so upset over this. He wasn't doing "blackface" to insult or make fun of people of colour, at least as far as I can tell. Are people upset because he made himself too dark?

  48. He apologized for it, if it is wrong…he could have been a racist, all it matters is,he is not racist now…he is a nice gentleman…

  49. Honestly this blackface thing is starting to get out of hand. It is a costume, somebody dressed up as something that he wasn't. Real racism means beliving that a person is worth less than you because their eithnicity and not dressing up as something you are not. Would you say its sexist if a man dressed as a woman or homophobic if a women dresses up as a cliche lesbian? Because I don't see it that way.

  50. To finish his black experience… all that was missing was a black mom, coming into the bathroom and seeing that dirty shower after all that makeup getting washed 🧼 off!! 😳


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