Kaleidoscope Eyes NeoPixel Ring Costume Goggles

Kaleidoscope Eyes NeoPixel Ring Costume Goggles

These are the Kaleidoscope Eyes, a set of
LED goggles built using NeoPixel rings and Adafruit’s tiny GEMMA or Trinket microcontroller.
They’re fun and easy to build, and go great with your mad scientist Halloween costume.
Let’s get started. Our 16-pixel rings fit perfectly into most
round-style goggles, and we even carry a set of costume goggles in the shop for this very
project. You’ll need two rings, a GEMMA or Trinket, battery pack, wire, and a switch.
From your tool bin, grab your soldering iron, helping hands, wire strippers, heat shrink
tubing, and hot glue gun. Build the circuit according to the diagram
for this project you can find at the link in the description. Make sure you leave enough
wire to travel from one lens to another, and orient the rings properly so the animations
look right side up. Upload the sample code to your microcontroller
and test the circuit before putting it in your goggles.
Create a switch for your circuit by soldering up this JST adapter to a tactile on/off switch.
Don’t forget to add some heat shrink before you solder!
Test your complete circuit on battery power, then it’s time to set it up inside the goggles.
You can use the goggles as-is, or pop out the dark lens and use it as a template for
some paper diffusers. Remember these are costume goggles, you wear
them on your head or hat, not over your eyes. Secure the rings inside the lenses with dabs
of hot glue, and likewise secure the connecting wires, microcontroller, and the switch. I
added a bit of E6000 after the hot glue to keep the switch very securely in place.
I tucked a 500 milliamp-hour battery into the second eyepiece without glue, then cinched
all the wires at the nose bridge with a zip tie.
For longer battery life, you can run long wires to a bigger battery pack in your pocket.
You can find all the parts for this project in the Adafruit shop, and PhilB’s guide
on the Adafruit Learning System will walk you through the steps to build your own.
How will you style your goggle costume? Let us know in the comments, and subscribe for
more Halloween wearables from Adafruit.

14 Replies to “Kaleidoscope Eyes NeoPixel Ring Costume Goggles”

  1. A vicious cycle… Watch video, want to build gadget, realize I'm between paychecks. >_<

    Why are you all so awesome at this? (Please don't stop. 🙂 )

  2. Can you just use the other V+ and GND on the neopixel to go to the 2nd one instead of putting the two wires into the same hole.

  3. I have some of the goggles I made and I guess I was a little rough on the battery when showing them around. The small Lipo pack looks to be in good condition but the wires popped off. It is the 150mAh one and I was curious if it would be easy enough to solder the JST connector back to the battery? Or how I should properly dispose of the e-waste. Definitely ruggedizing the next pack I get

  4. What is the battery life of the goggles with the mentioned 150 mAh battery?  With it in either demo mode or continuously on. I just want a rough estimate so i know what size battery to use for my intended duration of use. Awesome project and awesome tutorial! Thanks for the help 🙂

  5. Also why can't you wear the goggles over your eyes? Could you wear it if you made some shielding behind the NeoPixel rings?

  6. I have watched this video a few times to get decided if I wanted to build these or not and just realized the solder station has googley eye. Nice touch!

  7. This is awesome! What other material could you suggestion instead of the 3D printed bracelets for a group of about 20?

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