3 Replies to “Kate Middleton hid baby under loose clothes, mid-term with George, Charlotte and Louis”

  1. These people speak only lies..
    Don't believe anything they say, most of it doesn't make sense..
    I don't understand how they are allowed to say so many lies and not get any backlash for doing it.

  2. Print William look after Kate she is like your mother with your children as with you when you were a child don't think the grass is greener on the other site of the fence and ask your farther what kind of life he is living now.

  3. Williams and Kate Iam so happy for you .And your H.R.H KIDS, You will be King & Queen of UK . Let's MM & Harry and baby Archie do it MM ways. Something we know baby Archie needs milk ever 2hr and then 4hr sleeping on baby time, she run to that hospital did she and baby can not sleep all night at first.see will all been there if you have kids it a leading role that you have do.

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