44 Replies to “Kawaii Tutorial #14 – How to Wear YUKATA (Traditional Japanese Summer Kimono) With Ayumi Hoshino”

  1. I really love Japanese culture, so my grandmother decided to give me a kimono… Put me a sheet and tie a pillow on the back (not to offend Japanese)

  2. I m indian and momden.. But i loved it how gracefully she is carrying it.. Beautiful lady.. Luv frm india

  3. I did heard that Kimono are very hard to put on by yourself but this video makes it easy to put on a Kimono by yourself.

  4. Ayumi San looks so fragile and kawaii I feel like I'm going to break her just by looking at her I feel ashamed to call myself a girl while I'm so manly..lol

  5. is this how men wear yukatas too?? isn't what she's wearing also called a kimono? i have a yukata and want to figure out how to wear it properly but i'm pretty sure the pieces in the ensemble are a little different than the ones in this video

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