Keith Urban – You Look Good In My Shirt – LIVE

Keith Urban – You Look Good In My Shirt – LIVE

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  1. Man, he's killing it up there. It's always nice to see a musician who can perform outside of the studio.

  2. WTF? I had to look a 2nd time. I thought he gave that girl a vintage Les Paul Jr. It was only an Epiphone. Whew! Made her day though. The look on her face was priceless.

  3. I’ve been to many concerts in my days and Keith’s are by far the best! Never seen anyone involve the fans in his shows as much as he does. Cheers Keith! You’re the best!

  4. Dad: How was the concert Sheila?
    Sheila: Pretty good…Keith Urban picked me out of the crowd of 50,000 and gave me his signed guitar.
    Dad: That was nice of him.

  5. Can somebody tell me what guitar he gave her? Was it some cheap epiphone with bolt on neck? If so im suprised that he could play live on it.

  6. Maybe it's a little too early to know if this is going to work. but she nows she can wear my shirt any time.

  7. No one has more fun than someone at a keith urban concert!!!!!! The guy is phenomenal!!!! Thanks for this vid…i love those days!!! To anyone who hasn't been to a keith concert…get yourself there asap!!!

  8. Hello , I love this concert, no matter how old is..:do re mi fa mi re do 🙂 just call me . 🙂 Hugs LOL

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