Ken Ashcorp – Wear

Ken Ashcorp – Wear

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  1. Your voice melts my bad mood away so easily it’s so smooth and relaxing I hope your well you’ve been a way a while and don’t know what’s happening and just want to say this and thank you

  2. "Wear a smile
    Wear a frown
    Wear it up when it
    Wears you down"

    That shit is so good for some reason. That is one of my favourite lyrics ever

  3. You know… call me pathetic… but everytime my day is shit and all i want to do is cry, i listen to these types of songs and try to feel more sane
    but this song in particular hits the strings and actually makes me feel better
    Who else does this? and who else agrees?

  4. This has been my favorite song for about four years. I love it so dearly, it still brings so much emotion to me when I hear it. I don't think I'll ever get one better. Thank you, Ken

  5. I thought all you really did was goofy comedy songs. But man you really came through with this one. Such a beautiful and well constructed song. Nothing against the rest of your music btw, I LOVE were shameless. Anyways keep on keeping on Ken. You're a great musician

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