KILLSTAR Vs ALIEXPRESS – Milky Way Skater Dress Review + Try On

KILLSTAR Vs ALIEXPRESS – Milky Way Skater Dress Review + Try On

hey guys and ghouls so today I'm here with another kill star slash Chinese company knockoff video basically so recently I have been completely immersed in Chinese market places some of which which I'm sure you're very familiar with such as wish and Aliexpress now whenever I go onto any of these market places some language I am straightaway bombarded with as soon as I type in the words gothic dress is a million and one pictures of kill star clothing now these aren't just like look-alike pictures these are actual stock images off of the kill star websites which they have just stolen and re-uploaded so I did begin this journey by comparing the spirit Walker hooded dress from the kill star with the knockoff version from wish so I will link that up in the corner for you today I have decided to delve into the world of Aliexpress now I am fully aware that it's not a new thing for companies such as Aliexpress to take a product and duplicate it however I kind of assumed this was more like small independent stores on Etsy which don't get me wrong I do not condone in the slightest amount and that's one reason why I stay away from Aliexpress and wish because I don't want to buy a design off of them at which perhaps is from a small independent company but I had to say I was intrigued when I saw the care star dresses so I thought I would buy a kill star dress of Aliexpress and compare it to a kill star a genuine kill star dress which I already owned so I would buy two of the same dress and compare them so I wasn't just kind of guessing whether or not the quality was the same I can visually see the difference between the two so the dress I'm going to talk about today is called the Milky Way skater dress and is this black-and-white dress it's covered in moons it's covered in stars and they've also got various different constellations of the different zodiac signs now originally I saw this dress and really liked it I saw a couple of people wearing this dress in the kill star addicts group and it slowly it was just calling to me and then Ashley O'Neill did upload her kill star and percise Hall which I will leave up again in the corner for you and where she reviewed this dress so if you would like a full review of this dress definitely check out her video and I just thought you know what I need to buy it I need this dress I'm so pleased I did I did buy this dress long before I bought the rip-off version and I have been loving it so I'm gonna give you a bit of an overview of this dress just because they haven't talked about it before on my channel so it is a kind of strap sleeved dress and on the bust there is this little kind of v-shaped thing going on and then you have the star and the moon constellation of print now it is in a skater style dress which is my favourite type of dress and it's very simple other than the kind of two bits on the bust other than that it's just really a skater dress it has kind of a bit for the bust there is a band that goes right round the waist which is made of the same material it's all very stretchy material and then you come down to the flowing part of the skirt at the bottom so that's the dress really other than that it is just a skater dress it is made out of a really nice kind of material it's very kind of cool breathable material almost cotton feeling I believe this is made out of rayon rayon I think that's how you pronounce it I do feel like it is a nice kind of high-quality material as you can see like a nice thickness I'm holding it up in the front of very bright lights and it's not see-through at all it sits nicely it's very comfortable to wear and I just genuinely am in love with this dress and that's when I noticed that they also sold it or not express it so this dress is one that pops up all over the place when you type gothic dress on to Alex this dress comes up literally nearly and every single page they definitely were trying to sell me this dress and I guess it worked because I did purchase the Aliexpress version of the Milky Way dress to the kill star version of this dress does retail at $39.99 which would though is on slightly the pricier side I did use a discount code to get this I believe I paid about thirty pounds for this dress and I definitely would say it is a hundred percent worth that price now on Aliexpress as you can see they've got the exact same dress however they say that it was originally 11 pounds which unlike the one that I review from wish where it tried to claim that the dress was originally 70 pounds it sounds like a relatively reasonable price for an Aliexpress dress however this was reduced down to 6 pound 50 so this dress was purchased for 650 I'm pretty sure I did have a discount code so it came to around six pounds in all which I paid for this so I fought the Aliexpress dress I paid around 1/6 of the price to the quell star 1 now on al Express this isn't described as the Milky Way skater dress it is described as the Gothic star moon print hallow out women dress her Aki fashion Punk a line a mini dress summer casual sexy black strap Vesta Doss dress I guess and yeah the pictures are literal just stolen stock images so I was not sure what to expect from this dress they did actually have a couple of pictures of the actual product so unlike wish where you only see pictures of the kill star dress they have a picture of a mogul wearing at the kill star version of this and if you scroll bright to the end you'll see just a picture of this on a kind of plain and mannequin and you can definitely tell that it's not quite the same dress so let's go for an overview straight up the main difference I would say is the material as you can see this one is kind of a inside white material is how I would describe it if I get anything it'd be socks whether it be a top whether it be a dress if the material inside is white and the outside is black you just know that it's gonna be a very swimming costume II kind of artificial sort of silky in a bad way dress compared to the kill star one which is fully black on the inside and a kind of more cotton II material so straightaway you can see this one from an express is definitely a lot more shiny whereas the kill star one is more of a matte black you'll also be able to see as well when comparing the waist bands the kill star one is a lot darker than the Aliexpress one and I believe that's because they have printed the color black on white material this straight up I have to say the material is a lot different it is a swimming costume material however unlike the previous dress which I bought from wish this material does have a nice weight to it does feel nice and weighty it does have a nice kind of flow to it although it just looks cheap like there's no way of getting around that he just kind of looks cheap especially when it's up against the Kel style one so giving you an honest review the Aliexpress dress has been finished off really nicely there seems to be no phrase no seam problems no holes it does seem to be finished off very nicely and if you are just looking for a casual dress in this sort of style maybe for a photo shoot or just if you wanted to kind of try out a style maybe this would be a nice option but this dress has got exactly the same cut it has the same shoulder straps we have the top part it goes into the waistband and then off into a skater dress this dress however was only available from a size small to a large so I bought the largest one but I definitely think like look at this waistband I would have definitely a hundred and ten percent benefitted from getting this a larger size the material although it is stretchy has very very little give when you get to a certain point where as the kill star one is incredibly forgiving you could eat as many cakes as he wanted and still have room for more now when comparing the kind of fronts of this dress can see that the kind of strappy bits are quite large on the kill so on it kind of swoops across your whole chest whereas the Aliexpress one almost looks a little bit like an afterthought and it's a lot smaller and a bit more compact and when you wear it it doesn't give quite the same effect I always feel like this kind of strap thing almost gives the effect of like a kind of almost harness II look underneath whereas this just looks a little bit like the seam has come apart despite the straps of being shorter when you line these dresses up in the middle you can see that the Aliexpress one is a lot longer than the kill star one so again possibly a good option for if you have tried and tested the kill star one and it's a bit short for you although I'm pretty sure you may have to be like six foot five for that to be the case because this dress is relatively long on me I think the main difference and something which really confuses my brain is the way that the print is presented so we've already talked about the fact that the material is a lot different although it is a swimming costume material it's not see-through at all so I can't kind of critique it in that way the thing I can talk about is this print so I'm gonna show you this print side by side so let's just like focus on one thing here let's focus on this area here this is the Pisces area I'm a Pisces hence why I was self-obsessed and chosed my own sign so let's look for the Pisces on the killed star dress so here are the two pi see sections as you can see they are very very similar we have Pisces written in exactly the same font we've got the little moon that comes off the side and then we have the different size stars coming around to the constellation on the side I think the overall look of this Aliexpress one is that the print is larger when you are placing them side by side you can see the print is actually exactly the same size it seems like they've almost scanned in the kill star one and then printed it on a material now something which I was a bit unsure about when I first got the kill star one is the fact that it is a black material and then the white pots are a transfer so it's not just a printed material is a black material with white transfer whereas actually the Alex wrasse one is fully printed like you can't differentiate what's kind of star and what's black whereas when I feel this I can feel the Stars I can feel the constellations they are just a very tad bit raised I was at first worried when I got my kill star dress is that the transfer would crackle or fall off or it would just look horrendous when it's stretched but actually there's so much excess material that it's not really stretching at all it just fits really comfortably and the bits that do stretch the transfer doesn't seem to like budge or crack at all this has been through the wash it's been ironed and it's held up really really nicely and actually when I was going through my wardrobe I did find multiple other dresses such as a black one covered in little white bats which is exactly the same as this from Kill star and the transfer has held up so well so actually it's not really a big concern for me but if you are someone who really just dislikes transfers then maybe Aliexpress is the way to go because there one is printed on whereas the kill star one is transferred on it have to say overall the Alex rest dress isn't exactly the worst thing the sizing is awful but the actual overall look of it isn't terrible it definitely looks cheap but after all it was incredibly cheap to me it doesn't have as much of a Gothic look to it I think it gives more of like a dressing up v whereas this dress makes me feel like a mysterious witch when I wear it so overall I do feel like the Alex wrath dress is a good option if you only have like a fiver and you really want to try out this dress and see if it would suit you do I think that it's gonna be long lasting and look high-quality no do I definitely recommend getting at the kill star version over it yes I think the killer one is very reasonably priced it is a really nice quality and it's so comfortable to wear you can definitely tell at that spending that little bit of extra money pays off and if I have learned anything in my times of dress goth is sometimes better to spend more on one really nice dress than by seven kind of cheap mediocre dresses which never quite meet the cut [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so there you go that is my second comparison video this time I did try out Aliexpress versus kill star I have to say these sites are riddled with loads of kill star clothing and I too am riddled with lots of kill star clothing so if you guys did like this video do let me know down below I'd be really happy to buy some more items whether it be from wish or Aliexpress or another similar counterpart to this weird Chinese marketplace and talk about the pros and the cons of buying legitimate kill star or complete knock-offs Suzu let me know have you bought anything gothic from Aliexpress which you really liked anything that was a complete flop or even anything which was maybe a kill star knockoff do you let me know if you liked this style of video I'd be really happy to make some more do let me know which one you'd pick would you pick the 6-pound Aliexpress one or the 30-odd pound kill stolen so thank you very much for watching if you do have any questions please leave them down below if it's any where you are I hope you enjoying the shade and I will see you next time bye you

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  1. Loving this series. Could you do another one with a ripoff of a killstar design that is more complex. By that, I mean something that is ripped/ made up of several different materials with lacing or metals, hanging straps, or is of an an awkward shape, such as the killstar city's in dust crop hoodie or their corset style tops and see how the ripoffs compare

  2. Honestly, Killstar also looks cheap for me too. The material is so thin and see-through. Again I think this brand is highly overpriced and everyone pay for brand badge.

  3. Great revieuw,The killstar is really pretty black , the white still shines a little too much through the Alie Express one …
    Thx for doing this!!! πŸ–€ πŸ–€πŸ–€

  4. Am glad you mention "cheap"
    I nothing against people who do dress in "cheap" clothing, but cheap clothing does feel nasty to me.
    You know, and here in the states, it feels like that is the style now. And I hate it. Or how in winter, we have no long sleeves. I have to order all mine online.

  5. I LOVE ALIEXPRESS! Am been about pleased 99% of the time! haha.
    I so agree with you. I ACTUALLY by from real sellers on ailexpress, who's storefront is on the site.

  6. I love your dress. Thank you for show me the online order. I will looking at it. πŸ‘πŸ€ŸπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ–€πŸ¦‡πŸ’€πŸ˜˜πŸ“±

  7. Rayon is a manufactured fabric made from, and please don't let this turn you off, cellulose/wood pulp? material. We've had rayon (your pronunciations is correct) in the US for decades. Rayon is very soft but decades ago it was found mainly in shirts that would wrinkle like linen, but in the last decade or so, they've manufactured it as a knitted fabric and now it is not only is super soft but it it have more give and it doesn't wrinkle. I love when I can get a knit rayon, or rayon blend item. Also, to me the fabric seems to breathe like cotton. This is my unscientific explanation, I'm not in the fashion industry. Congrats on your teaching position, the children of the U.K. are in for a treat.

  8. I have bought some of the killstar knock offs on aliexpress too. Just make sure that the material is cotton and not polyester, spandex or other synthetic materials. You should avoid those cause they look terrible. If it's cotton though, it's gonna hold up well.

  9. The Killstar one definitely looks (and I'm sure feels) better. I got a dress from Dress Lily that I didn't realize was a Banned knockoff. The quality doesn't seem too bad, but I'd like to get my hands on an actual Banned version to compare.

  10. Please keep doing this type of video I really like comparison videos and I think you are the best person on YT to do these because you go into a lot of detail which other videos really do not πŸ™‚

  11. Omg!! It me!! πŸ˜‚
    The fit isn’t even as nice as the Killstar one. I also wonder how those wish and Aliexpress dresses wash? I can’t imagine they’d wash well!

  12. Great video thank you for letting us know about these and sharing πŸ§›πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘»πŸ¦‡πŸ’€πŸ–€πŸ’œ

  13. Another great review! Again I can’t get over the colour difference, Killstar always kills it deep black colours. I would love to see a β€œ goth on a budget” video. You must have lots of tips and tricks from your student days. Xx

  14. I actually like how the aliexpress one looks, but I do think the killstar one is better. The biggest difference I think when you tried it on was the color. Other than that, they pretty much look the same on.

  15. Oh my goodness, I do actually like aliexpress for some things but I so wish I could show this one pair of pants (trousers) I ordered that was a total joke!! Lol.. So so bad.. I have had the very best of luck with collars and jewelry and 99 percent of the clothes, but I don't look for anything super fancy from there.. lol

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  17. I like the killstar dress better. Some outfits on that website just don't look right. I don't know maybe it's just me.