KING of İSKENDER KEBAB – 150 Year Old TURKISH Street Food in Bursa!! BEST Street Food in Turkey 2019

KING of İSKENDER KEBAB – 150 Year Old TURKISH Street Food in Bursa!! BEST Street Food in Turkey 2019

[Music] welcome to another episode of chopstick travel I’m Luke and today is day two of our Turkish Street food series we are in the city of Bursa the first capital of the Ottoman Empire but if you didn’t check out yesterday’s episode we were in Izmir the third-largest city here in Turkey where we took you to the historical kemerall tea bazaar so this is a lamb today we’re gonna be taking you all around the city of Bursa on an ultimate Street food tour here visiting the market the most famous sights and the best versus street food so let’s just go and get started [Music] our first stop today here in Versailles is at this really famous breakfast joint this place is called Abdullah submit dreamy and they serve all kinds of different Turkish pastries so I’ve got their classic which is the submit basically like the most popular street food you will see here in Turkey it’s sort of like the Turkish version of a bagel but honestly it has more of a texture of like a pretzel and you can see it’s just completely coated in sesame seeds they are cooking them fresh in a wood fire oven and we were sitting on the street side with a nice little bit of chai so let’s give this a try wow so many sesame seeds so it’s a very dense bread like I said almost like a pretzel but it’s also got this very strong flavor of sesame seeds the sesame seeds go all the way around completely coated and you can definitely taste that smoky wood fire oven this is a very typical thing that the regular Turkish person is going to have for breakfast and you can’t to have it without a little bit of Turkish chai tea a really good way to start today this place is really interesting they have a little ticket window you just line up get what you need and then sit down and order up a tea but right here I have a tiny pea day so a nice thick dough around and covered in this tahini sauce which is made up of sesame paste and it’s been sweetened and it’s really thick so I’m really excited to try this it looks delicious oh wow that’s about as thick as a doughnut and not sesame paste the tahini sauce has been sweetened and oh my goodness it tastes delicious it’s very nutty almost like a peanut butter on top our third and final Turkish pastry for breakfast today is this and this is called zum mu kick and it’s actually stuffed with cheese and the owners here were really friendly they gave us this one just for a free sample oh yeah and you can see there’s almost like a it almost looks like a cottage cheese inside so let’s try that in that definitely has a different texture than the CIMMYT and pide to Eenie it really is like crumbly and soft and then that cheese on the inside is very savory it’s really nice that this bakery is awesome I had just really popular with the locals thank you oh my that was a really delicious Turkish style pastry breakfast this city of Bursa is very cool right at the foothills of Mount Loulou daf and it’s just a ferry ride away from Istanbul so very easy to get to very historical and lots of good food so we’re heading now to the market [Music] [Music] so this market is so cool I love going to markets and this market has to be one of my favorite in the entire world there’s so much diversity of vegetables and fruit there is honey there’s nuts dried fruits dried vegetables all kinds of herbs and spices really everything is here and all the vendors are very very friendly so we’ve got some honey here I’m gonna try it out it’s kind of falling out that spoon oh wow oh because absolutely delicious when it chestnut honey I get chest that honey okay let’s try this one oh it’s more it’s a lot different Wow I can’t believe how different is it’s actually get a little bit of a sourness to it [Music] Wow it’s good that’s so good it’s better if it’s awesome good for asthma okay thank you some cherries they’re fresh right on the side of the street there’s tons of them here and I think they must be in season I think we’re gonna buy some so the Wow thank you [Music] so I’m gonna try and all of here it’s like a read all of I don’t know if I’ve ever had one that looks so dark in color like red like that but let’s give it a try what very meeting she’s a big hall a little bit sour a little bit salty I freaked them so we found something really interesting that we never saw before this is actually a mulberry but it’s called a honey mulberry and you can see it’s all white instead of like a deep dark purple so interested to see what this is gonna taste like everywhere very life very very very sweet she’s very tasty delicious lots of delicious samples here at the market – lots of just everyone’s so friendly they’ll let you try it really good so our next stop is a shop that is directly inside of this market it’s kind of hidden away and they’re serving something called can take we are sitting down now at card s virgin take the owners and the workers here are extremely friendly they just gave us the full demonstration on how to prepare the gent ik so we saw them putting it in the oven downstairs and then we saw them preparing the meat and the mixture that goes on top of the bread upstairs and what that is it’s basically cubed beef that has been mixed with tomatoes a little bit of thyme some salt and I think onions as well so we’ve got ours here it looks really good it’s kind of like a mini pide that has been stuffed full of all of that minced spiced beef and then on the side we’ve got the classic Turkish drink Iran which is like a sort of like a savory salty if she over drink is very interesting I haven’t had it in a long time but this looks really good hey let me rip a piece of the Genting off make sure I get lots of that filling and this just smells so good and it’s nice and fresh let’s try that that is awesome such an amazing texture of that bread it’s very doughy there’s a lot of an elasticity to it but then it’s all about that meat mixture that’s in the middle a little bit of the tart sourness from the tomato very like beefy and then very oily and then rich in those spices that they put in which is mainly just that time it gives it sort of like a fresh horrible sort of floral kick to it and let’s wash it down with a little bit as I rock [Music] oh yeah that’s just how I remember it very very interesting sort of somewheres between sour and salty and very cold and refreshing so I’ve finished off with our gem tic that was really good and you would never know that this place has this whole outdoor section where there’s seating and so Brentley everyone here just incredibly friendly they’ve got the whole production going on down here I’m going to do my best to give you guys the best direction for finding that place but it’s definitely going to be hard to explain it because it’s really hidden in this market but your best bet if you can’t find it is just to ask some locals because it is quite packed out and certainly everyone that works at one of these stalls in the market will know where that place is one of my favorite things about Bursa is that it’s a very compact city so you can easily walk and we just walked maybe two minutes from the market to cosas ha which is the old silk market it’s in this big square structure very typical Ottoman architecture it’s the old silk market so that used to sell silkworm cocoons here and textiles and nowadays it’s kind of packed it with all these cafes there’s lots of little shops selling silk items and then there’s also a mosque in the middle it’s very beautiful here very peaceful with the birds singing and all the trees [Music] one of the most important and famous sites here in Bursa is this behind me the Grand Mosque of Bursa this place was built in 1399 so it’s incredibly old its beautiful architecture and it has 20 domes and two minarets which is one of the unique features of this place so it’s definitely a must visit [Music] [Music] [Laughter] we just finished off at the mosque that is certainly a sight to behold right here in the center of Bursa massive mosque very beautiful and just the architecture of it is incredible we are heading now to eat vs. most famous food Iskender co-op this is the Iskender kebab special species versus versus Pennsylvania [Music] we are at this kender kebab restaurant and you can see right behind me here the big kebab on the vertical spit rotating cooking right on wood fire and he is just carving this thing like a samurai with his big long knife pretty cool [Applause] we are sitting down for eskender kebab which is the ultimate bursa food but first I have to tell you about this restaurant and it’s really cool this place is called kebab Shima met Oh blue eskender Carolus and it’s been open since 1867 so over 150 years old and they claim that this is the place that invented the eskender kebab so Iskender is named after eskender effendi who was the creator of this dish so they had a shop that was about a hundred meters down the street from here but then about 60 years ago they had to move because it was starting to fall apart because they got too old but other than that everything has stayed the same this is a fifth generation restaurant they’ve got the doner kebab outside cooking it up slicing it up and this just looks absolutely incredible you can see all that thinly sliced lamb meat on top you can smell the lamb coming from this then they poured a little bit of a tomato puree sauce on top it’s served with tomatoes and some peppers and then on the side we’ve got this like very thick yogurt cream and then just when you thought things couldn’t get better they bring out bubbling hot sheep’s butter to your table and pour it all over top of the eskender kebab and this is all sitting on top of a thin sort of bread that has soaked up all of those juices it looks absolutely insane and I just have to go in right away and try a piece of that so let me grab some of this lamb and I got to get a piece of bread underneath you can see there and I’ll get some of this yogurt and put it on top and oh man this just looks too good I can’t wait to try this can smell that butter [Music] that is the perfect dish there’s no way that that can be healthy for you but I don’t care because of that labor is incredible such a rich lamb deep lamb flavor with a little bit of sourness from that yogurt it kind of cuts through the oiliness of that lamb with that sheep’s butter all over top of it and then of course the bread on the bottom has just soaked up everything together let’s go in for one more bite I’m kind of a little piece of tomato to go my lamb here just check that out this is absolutely beautiful I honestly could not conceive a better idea for a dish than iskender kabob that is so good so this restaurants were really cool and on your table you’ll find a pamphlet of all their history here but we were also talking to some of the owners here and they said that they were one of the first people to make a doner kebab the regular vertical spit that you see nowadays before they used to have just a lamb rotating the full lamb and they decided that that wasn’t gonna work because some people got good cuts of meat and some people got back bad cuts of meat so they changed it all they changed the game and then they made this so this just smells amazing and I’m gonna go in for a bite because my mouth is watering lots of yogurt on that one the amount of butter that is soaked into the bread on the bottom is enough to be good for this restaurant but the meat on top of it is extremely tender Wow flavors are amazing there are a ton of Iskender kebab restaurants of course in Versa it is the typical food of Bursa but this place is seriously famous there are a couple other places that are very famous but this is Kenda himself this is his restaurant from five generations ago so you can’t really argue with that the interior of this place too is really cool it’s all wooden they’ve got these stained glass windows all these cool and mosaic tiles and really cool setting and really delicious honestly this is just like my favorite food I can’t even think of anything that I would like better to all of the flavors that I like all of the textures that I like and it is seriously just to die for wow that was amazing definitely did not disappoint I could eat that every day but I’m sure I would be a lot heavier than I am now we are heading to the tophane clock tower now [Music] we have come to Tofana tower you can see behind me here this is a clock tower right on the top of this hill I thought it was pronounced tophane but we talked to the taxi driver and he told us that is actually Tofana and it’s this beautiful area overlooking the city of Bursa and really gorgeous architecture of the clock tower itself and really peaceful lots of people just relaxing and enjoying the sunset we’ll about to be sunset it is really really beautiful up here amazing views over the city of Bursa the clock tower itself is pretty cool but honestly I think the views speak for themselves this is definitely worth it to come up here when you visit Versailles so that was a really cool visit to Toph on a clock tower we came here at sunset it’s a about 5:00 p.m. and it is gorgeous here at sunset so I definitely recommend coming down at that time you have beautiful views of the clock tower so now that we’re gonna head back to where we were earlier and get some tea too and the night [Music] you we walked back down to the area that we were in earlier we’re between the Grand Mosque and Koza han behind us and we’ve come and sat down and got tea you can get tea anywhere here in Turkey like we’re just sitting out in the park very very cheap these are two lira each and it’s just an amazing way to end the evening oh yeah that’s you can have your tea with sugar if you prefer they do serve a couple of cubes of sugar alongside the tea and this is like the ultimate people-watching destination you can just sit right on these tiny little wooden stools and check out all the people coming from the moss going around the markets and it’s just a really nice way to end the day with some Turkish tea overall impression of Bursa did you enjoy our stay here yeah Bursa is awesome actually like I can’t believe that this is hiding this close to Istanbul it’s just a very ride away or you can take a bus and there’s so much to see here you don’t need long though because it’s all within walking distance but there’s so much food to eat and so much to see and the people here are so friendly good key to addicting that’s gonna be it for today’s video what an awesome day exploring versa this is one of our favorite new favorite cities I would say it’s just beautiful yeah it’s absolutely beautiful and all of the information for the spots we visited today will be down in the description box so if you guys come to birthday you can check it out and find all these great spots and if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and we’ll see you in Istanbul bye bye bye bye

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