Kiss me – The Cardigans

Kiss me – The Cardigans

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  1. The person who uploaded this vid doesn’t know the artist. We get it. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy the song. If you don’t want to then at least let ME enjoy it. “If you don’t know what to post, then DON’T POST” umm gtfo? The person knows what to post but doesn’t know the artist. Instead of being such a pain in the ass, go tell them who’s the artist please ☺️ Like if it’s that easy go and make a vid yourself and show us your “talents”. Like damn, you’re so annoying.
    Thank u, have a great day.

  2. Que gracioso, he visto vídeos de esta canción, con el nombre de artista: The cranberries, the cardigans y M2M.

  3. Actually for anyone who doesn't know The Cardigans did a cover of this song so they could be right. But still should say (cover)

  4. erm..  you did read and done some knowing absorption before you posted it right? not like, "one dude told it was them who sang it, or : Oh  well I'll take a gues..* right? Right?  Oh damn.. one moron with Napster-Knowledge is still alive!!!  :p POST RIGHT STUF, OR DON'T POST!!!  

  5. Six Pence Non The Ritcher…. NOT The Cardigans.. if you don't know what you want to post.. THEN DON"T POST!!!!!

  6. this is not the cardigans. the cardigans have a song called and then you kissed me. this song posted was sung by six pence non the richer

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