Klebold and Harris – Radioactive Clothing (best quality)

Klebold and Harris – Radioactive Clothing (best quality)

yeah the government here wants to take out none of those radioactive clothes the best campus yeah we've been doing those for the past few months they get harder and harder every time now we're gonna keep doing this stuff I think we might have to get some more weaponry BAM seems it's almost like there's a master coming after that blast Hotel who's right yeah few years ago when that first atomic bomb went off near here the reasons of these coals been just get pretty radioactive on us so I'm gonna go take them out it's a good thing we those radio mic well we got this new guy on her team now names fuck was unity help get this new guy on our team now who's names of bow ski apparently comes in from up north somewhere it's gonna be replacing Sanders and a pulling yeah I see would be taking this job even watch they just got wasted we didn't even have a chance to save them they were dead when we got there yeah sometimes he's closed this week to lay ambushes for us in traps I mean he'll remember what happened to Jackson damn they just grabbed him right out of nowhere got any smartness yeah yeah it's a good thing bow ski here's gets some veterans here got text okay got you Taggart seems like we've only been doing this for a day or two it's already been six months since that explosion experience helps out though yeah seems like almost every time a rookie gets killed down there smart they learn on the job yeah yeah he's been able to carry his own hasn't been a low pile guy just begging to be shot yeah Tex is a good guy that's all here's the place Jack's good hey boys is that it's gonna go next you got point as usual rewind stop my boys use drill go they ambushed you keep your eyes open fucking fingers on the triggers shoot anything tiger you got point Tex green up the rear bow ski got right in front of text keep up don't get killed I've got right behind him keep together okay doing here okay so I guess they've got a tiger yep all right so far we got a victim over here all right let's go see how all right is he gonna be all right dude yeah it's gonna be fine I think just knock out all right cool we're ready to leave in just a minute here Roger you got it all right let's get going here great to go in a minute don't you just move text take Thanks you're right yeah all right come on pick up let's go pretty good bust yeah yeah yeah Kowski what do you think so would you think bow ski is definitely intense yep one must to go through I like it we got a call down on another place different neighborhood you gotta take care of that too for their way let's do it that's the job

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  1. if yall are curious:
    The driver is Mike Vendegnia (played as Tex)

    The cameraman is Eric Veik (played as bowski)

    The one at the house is Chris Walker (played as Apone)

    Eric harris the one in the backseat on left (played Taggart)

    Dylan Klebold is the one on right (played indigo)

  2. eric @ 8:39 makes me really sad, ‘hey man!wassup man?! u like that?!?!’ he could’ve been happy if he didn’t let his anger blind him. he ended his life before he got the chance to really live it… & he took that same opportunity away from innocent people.

  3. there is one driver…one cameraman..and the two we know…who are the two that we dont even know?…they were part of what happened…

  4. I am in Dylan and Eric's age group. This makes me sad because they seem like the kind of people I would have been friends with in high school (liked Doom, games, designing Wads, industrial music and movies)

  5. If only the marines would have accepted Eric and let him fulfill his psocopathic urges in the Iraq war the marines already create psychos in some cases why not get ahead and take one it what could it harm he seemed very military oriented he would have done fine. Sad this happened and made others copy but let be honest it was going to happen either way at some point.

  6. They were obsessed with thrill of violent movies and once they realized they were really bad at making them they wanted the real thing. Violent movies aren't good for people monkey see monkey do

  7. its crazy to think about they acually killed ppl with those guns. actually insane. this columbine cult needs to stop. they are way too famous for this shit and all those copy attacks. its sad.

  8. Eric: “you wearin a different shirt or sumthin?”
    Dylan: hella confused “Yeah…”
    lmao Idk why this made me giggle.

  9. Whenever i hear Erics voice all i really hear is….Get Up!! Whats weird about a kid like Eric is he played fantasy sports and shit so he did have some normal interests. Then there was the dark side, and jesus was it dark.

  10. It was mainly Eric that caused the shooting. Eric had serious anger, as shown in the threat video where they are threatening a kid. Dylan was the depressed kid, and really had no anger.

  11. That stance by Erik at the end was scary cause that famous photo in the commons is of Erik holding that same stance with his shotgun Arlene after murdering the kids in the library !

  12. Dylan would’ve been better looking if he cut his hair short, almost looked like he was balding where the part on his hair is, and those 90s homes, wow just wow !

  13. my favorite thing about this video is eric and dylan trying to hold their laughs back for the acting

    i cringed a little with eric lighting that cigarette lmao

  14. It's like when they committed suicide in the library they actually didn't, eric let dylan kill him and dylan let eric kill him

  15. Can't believe people find these assholes cute and adorable, fuck them. Pretty sure that's why the police won't release the tapes. Fucking wierdos…

  16. This is goofy shit like me and my friends use to do, lol.. to bad they had to shoot everyone like a couple assholes!

  17. i like how parents made it to look like Eric was the ring leader and sweet innocent Dylan simply was manipulated

  18. Rumors about the man behind the camera or driver being “bones” the rapper. That would explain the songs about columbine and how he watched them load mags while he rolled blunts. Apparently he made a deal to make songs about it instead of helping with the shooting.

  19. The crazy part about all of this that makes me so intrigued is the fact that they are just normal kids. People with personality, creativity, and humor. People you’d hang out with. It really makes you wonder what got to them to make them do what they did, and how many people you know that would be willing to do the same.

  20. It amazes me the fanclub these two have. The internet romanticizes the shooting. That's not to say that these two were just heartless evil murderers to the core- they were angry and sick humans with issues that could have been addressed if we knew as much as we knew now. It's a shame they did what they did, and yes they were normal people, but their actions were despicable. Not just the murders, the hate crimes.

  21. Years before YouTube got even started these two bastards were already nailing it with their video blogs. All that talent wasted, so sad😔.

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