19 Replies to “Knit a Cardigan: Lapel Cardigan”

  1. Here's the pattern link. It's free to download. https://www.yarnspirations.com/row-en/patons-lapel-cardigan/PAK0129-001215M.html?cgid=knit-patterns-women-sweaters-cardigans#prefn1=yarnProjectSubType&prefn2=yarnProjectType&sz=12&start=79&prefv1=Sweaters+&prefv2=Women

  2. Please interpret the decrease instructions given for the back section. I’m unsure when to start the decrease. Thanks.

  3. The free pattern site given does not work. Please can you give us the exact site from where we can print the pattern . Thank you.

  4. A very beautiful pattern, but your explanation,I'm afraid,is not sufficient. you can't explain such big project through little swatch. Besides you have to show how to make this collar, how to assemble the whole pieces of the jacket.

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