Kohima's Tetseo Sisters emerge from Chakhesang Baptist Church in full fusion attire

Kohima's Tetseo Sisters emerge from Chakhesang Baptist Church in full fusion attire

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  1. Dear Nukolu svenuh, for your kind information, it was American missionary Dr. E. W Clark who came to Molungkimong Village under Mokokchung District in 1872 and he was the first missionary to established the first baptist church in naga soil by baptizing 15 converted christian. ☺

  2. The traditional attire are the indicate of olden days where the head hunting took place before we know christ …the flok song n tune are the ritual practice by the warriors..When the British missionaries came to nagaland they had replace the flok song with deliekevi (hymn ) song to n change our dressing style … n tech us the gospel of Jesus Christ..So dear church leaders we shud not practice this kind of old tradition in church as we all know Chirst … we can always preserved our culture and tradition but not durin the church service… n not in church … church is holy place we shudnt bring back our olden days those headhunting tune n dress….we have many other days to participate our culture and tradition … So please in future generation we shud stop this….Fear the Lord…Respect God…
    We break our old tradition to live a new life with Jesus…..

  3. It's sad to see many people following church rules instead of Jesus,the way(to live a human life,to heaven n to eternity) if Jesus was here he would chase all D's people out like he did 2000 yrs ago…where r his teaching. Note D's many Christians dont seriously take the fact dt God said he will say idk u on the day of judgement.Jesus told many times don't seek earthly things n yet here we r chasing money,lifestyle,Honor n respect,popularity …. For all D's things comes under "greed"{the greed for money, popularity,ego,respect} God wants humility in humans.How humble a God died for us, n we humans his creations so proud (don't u feel ashamed,we r nothing to him he can kill us anytime any moment bt it's becoz of his mercy dt we live}
    Heaven is so holy n pure dt God WL not allow No single sin. Repent!Repent!u must b born n born again(sanctify n purify urself for God's coming)God is seeker of pure hearts n mind ….n who seeks him will find him….don't seek him only on Sundays seek him each n every moment of ur life,talk to him everytime for he is inside us,near us be it anywhere,make good friendship with him,n dt day when u die u will know n he will say dt he is my fren,we always were together through the hard times,good times n he loves n obeys me

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