KonMari Clothing Purge

KonMari Clothing Purge

hey guys welcome back to my channel so I just finished filming a gratis haul video and I decided to really quick film an intro for a video I'm about to start filming so first of all let me just tell you kind of where my inspiration for this came from I have done quite a few D clutters on my channel before and I did it I actually did do a closet clean-out before my channel – actually not too long ago so I've been feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the clutter in my house I've been married for 13 years now I had to think about that I have three children and as time goes on you just accumulate a lot of stuff things that I've purchased things that were gifts hand-me-downs just I don't know you just you accumulate a lot of stuff over time and I feel like I'm pretty good about kind of going through and sifting things out here and there and trying to get rid of the excess but sometimes it just kind of gets away from you and you feel a little overwhelmed by how much stuff you have in your home I definitely feel like since our last move because we came from a very large house to a little bit smaller house it's still a pretty good sized house but it definitely was a downsize our last move and we don't have as much storage space and closet space in particular and ever since we moved into this home I feel like I never quite got it where I want it if that makes sense I never put things exactly where I want them I don't feel completely organized I feel very cluttered there's specific rooms in my house more than others like our office I can't hardly go in there because it just drives me nuts so anyways I've just been a little bit overwhelmed as a good word with the amount of stuff that we have in our home so I wanted to do some organizing some spring cleaning as a lot of people call it and I've been seeing a lot of videos on my feed coming up on my YouTube feed about this con Mari method for cleaning and decluttering your home so I watched a lot of different videos from different people and specifically recently I watched a video from Jam Beauty Jessica is her name and I love her channel I watched her channel all the time and I felt really inspired after that so I bought the book from Marie Condon is the author and she calls her method of cleaning the con Mari method so I purchased the book on my Kindle and I'm like 3/4 of the way through reading the book but I wanted to begin the process so it's a very long process that she has for decluttering it's very specific how she teaches you to do the declutter and it's very thorough so I'm excited to do this because I feel like it is time it's been a few years since I really went through my whole home with a you know very critical eye and got rid of items I've kind of pulled things out here and there as I'm cleaning and said oh yeah we don't use this I mean I think everybody does that a little bit here and there but I haven't done a deep purge where I've really gone through every item that I own in a very long time so I'm excited to do this I don't I do I can't even wait to finish reading the book I'm going to start with my clothing and I'm doing it today I think what I'm going to do is start with my items and go through everything I own first and then go through my kids drawers because there's a lot of stuff in their drawers that don't fit them anymore I try to save some of the older kids stuff for the younger kids but I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed with how much I have saved too so I think at some point in this process I probably will go through the saved clothes that I have as well but I'm not sure I'm just kind of taking it one step at a time and today I'm going to begin with my items so this is going to be a whole series that I'm going to film it's probably gonna take me a long time to go through my whole home and everything that I own I know a lot of you enjoy watching these types of de-clutter so hopefully you guys will enjoy watching this whole series but this is something that I'm doing because I really feel like it is kind of a weight on my mind constantly like I feel like there's always something that I need to be doing and I'm just tired of feeling like my home is just overwhelming for me I want to be relaxed and comfortable in my home so it's definitely time that I take these steps to do this so I'm gonna take you guys along on the journey and lets you see a little bit more into my life so I'm going to be showing you guys the whole process from the beginning and I hope you guys enjoy this if you want to continue seeing these videos please make sure to give this a thumbs up and leave me comments below let me know so that I know that you're enjoying it and then if you're not a subscriber and you like these types of videos please make sure to subscribe so that you can keep in the loop and it will notify you when I post another one of these con Mari videos but yeah so I'm gonna take you guys to see all my clothes so this is gonna be really bad the way that that con Mari method works I have to pull everything that I own as far as clothing out like I mentioned I'm just doing my clothing today not not my children our husband's clothing but I'm gonna pull everything from my dresser and my closet last time I did a closet clean-out it was just my closet this time I'm going to be doing my dress or two which has I haven't gone through that in a very long time plus everything that's like in the downstairs hall closet everything that I own clothing wise I'm going to sort through today I think I'm going to do my shoes and purses and accessories in my next video because I think it'll be too much to do all at once so today will be just clothing and yeah let's get started so I already took all the clothes that were in the closet downstairs from my hall closet mostly jackets and like a couple sweatshirt type things that the Zippy's zip up hoodies that's what's there so far I mean that's where my pile is going to be and then if you turn this way this is my dresser which is as you can see a total mess like yeah everything's kind of hanging out of it nothing is organized in there or folded in there and there's even some like on the floor in front of my dresser so that's all gonna come out I'm gonna add all that to the pile and then this is my closet um it stayed pretty close to organized like since I did my last declutter not too much has changed I've kept it pretty much the same but there are clothes on the floor so I obviously am not doing a very good job with keeping it completely clean but yeah so I'm gonna pull everything out of here and out of my dressers and add it to the pile and I'll see in a minute this is my pile after I pulled everything out Lexi's using it as a bed honestly I did not think it would be this big of a pile I knew I had a lot of stuff but I just cleared through my closet a couple months ago so I'm a little bit surprised how much I still have left now keep in mind this is everything this is my socks my swimsuits underwear dresses coats all the clothing articles that I own are here the only thing that I did not include is like scarves gloves accessory related stuff and purses and shoes which I want to do all separately but this is a lot and I can tell you this is definitely gonna be more emotional than I expected it to be my heart is already beating really fast well sure I'm really surprised about but um just knowing that I'm going to be getting rid of a lot of this and so this is gonna be hard for me to get rid of but I'm gonna start going through everything so I'm according to the con Mari method you need to pick up each item and feel if it brings you joy and what brings you joy you should keep and if it doesn't bring you joy you should get rid of it honestly my heart is beating so hard right now I I don't know why I'm nervous this is really weird but um it's kind of hard to tell starting out because I'm just like really anxious I can't believe how much anxiety I have over this is very weird because I I didn't think I was one of those person that people that had like a really big attachment to clothing in particular maybe makeup makeup gives me anxiety trying to get rid of it but this is really surprising for me so anyways I'm just gonna go ahead and start going through everything okay so right here we're Lexi's line this is my get rid of pile it's pretty big let me move the camera better so you can see I feel like there's a lot here I feel like I did pretty dang good so that's my get rid of pile right there and then moving over here this is my keep pile it's also pretty large you know I feel like in here let me get this ankle better so I feel like I probably got rid of 50% of my clothes and I know Marie Condon said that you should get rid of probably what did she say I think she said what did she say in her book I think she said like 3/4 you get rid of but I just did a closet clean-out just like not even 2 months ago so I feel like I had gotten rid of quite a lot already and there was just more that needed to be sorted through so I think that 50% is a good amount so what I'm gonna do now is put all of the get rid of stuff in garbage bags and get it out of my room and then I can start folding things properly and putting them back where they go so this is the after this is the after of what my closet looks like see if I can get a good angle here for you so I have a lot of extra space on this side now as you can see and I did do it in the descending order that she talks about so like dresses and longer items here and then heavier items like coats jackets sweaters cardigans and then my lighter more flowy type of tops are here and then have one skirt left that's all he kept for my skirts so that's what it looks like right now I will probably kind of spread things out and stuff but right now it's still feeling a little cluttered in here because my shoes still need to be done that is the next step is shoes and then purses which are also over here making it feel super heavy on that side so I still have a lot of work to do in here but now I have to finish on my dresser so I wanted to show you guys the finished product in my drawers this bottom drawer here is going to be my pant door so like on this side here are all my jeans and then in the center here I have some leggings and like workout type pants and then on this side over here is just my pajamas so I didn't keep that much in this category I think I have what one two three four pairs of jeans and then I am doing a little bit of laundry there were a few things that I found kind of stuffed in the back that work really wrinkled and just I needed to wash them just to freshen them up but this is most of what I have left I'm going to show you the next door so this drawer here drawer here is all of my tops so I have sweaters and bulky items on this side and then on that side I have like t-shirts and tank tops and everything else and then I didn't think I would show you guys this but it turned out so beautiful I do want to show you guys my sock drawer and underwear and bras and lingerie okay so this side here this is where I have like my bras this whole line is my lingerie and swimwear and then on this side all my socks and legging like tight type of leggings and then underwear so that's how it all looks after doing the con Marie folding method and I actually feel really good about it I feel like I'll be able to keep this clean because it's really easy to just pull something out you need and it doesn't create like a big gap or anything if you pull it out gently and then once you watch it you'll be able to return it just fine so I think this will be really easy to maintain when you pull things out it doesn't mess everything else up like traditional folding method is where you're stacking things on top of each other so anyways I wanted to show you guys the finished product and in my next video I'm going to go through my shoes and purses and all of that so I'll see you guys next time bye guys

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  1. what an amazing lesson for your kids as well. I'm sure as they try to be more like you they will start to grow a healthy (non)attachment to things !!

  2. Girl, I just retired from 30 years of teaching. My closet is my next project using the Konmari Method. Great video. I bet that you did not have 3 full raincoats and 12 rain jackets!

  3. i feel like most people fast forward their decision making part, and yet isn't that the most important part? i feel like most people don't discuss/show this part so many are confused

    tonnes of these people then say "i actually dont know if lots of these items spark joy or not!"

    the thing is, as far as marie kondo is concerned, the item has to "spark joy" to an extend that it lifts the person up.

    throwing the "don't look good on me" items simply isn't good enough coz its not to the extend that shows one LOVES the item

    am i right?

  4. Glad to see you working through the process and not just showing before and after.  This is the kind of youtube videos I like to watch.  I have purged my clothes a couple of times, but I usually do it on smaller segments.  Right now I have a full second closet that holds excess clothes that I must go through and I think there will be very few things I'll love and will have to purge most of it.

  5. I am new here at your channel. How long are you doing the konmarie method? I am busy to it is a long process. I can't let go a lot of stuff.

  6. Thank you so much for this video!!!! I love watching organizations video so inspiring , especially the Marie Kondo. I also read the book twice and have done this method….love it!!!!! It transformed my life. I hope you experience the same!

  7. Great job! It is really inspiring, I just love this method I have yet to buy the book though, but still I want to do this too! I know when I declutter my makeup I feel better and lighter 🙂 so I can just imagine how one feels when all the rest is done. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Surprisingly I have been getting more and more into these KonMari organizing and decluttering videos. I enjoyed watching you declutter and look forward to more videos!

  9. Good job! I love to see your daughter jumping and lounging on the pile. I wonder about doing this with kids around so it's inspiring to see you plunge into it while your little one hangs out.

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