KonMari Method | Mairi Kondo Folding – Baby Clothing

KonMari Method | Mairi Kondo Folding – Baby Clothing

hey guys this has been a highly highly requested video and so what I'll be sharing with you is how you fold baby clothing according to the Kumari method and the three items that I will be showing you include a sleeper so that's like footed pajamas long sleeve as well as a diaper shirt and a small little pair of pants so I'm going to jump right in and quickly show you how you fold these particular items so the first demonstration here is how you're going to fold infant or child sized pants now I'll let you know that folding pants is folding pants according to the connemara style of folding meaning it is the same way no matter the size of the pants so as you see I have them laid out flat here you're going to take one side over to the other so just like this and have them be flat that way now what you're going to do when I find that this you really have to do the larger the size of pants is you're going to tuck in the crotch area I like to just push it in like that some people prefer to fold it over that way it's whatever you like so I'll go ahead and push that in and the reason that you're doing that is you want to create a uniform line okay so it's all the same size going down I mean obviously it's going to taper near the bottom but for the most part this is all uniform and flush then you're going to take the bottom up towards the top leaving a little bit of a gap here near the top and then from there you're just going to fold over now this is something that you have to play around with depending on the size of pants sometimes you might do a trifold sometimes you'll fold them over four times just depending on the pant and there you have it it's teared up perfectly for diver shirts here I've laid it down face up you're going to start one side and then do the other by just folding it in towards the center just like I shared with you with the pants what you're trying to do here is make uniform all the way down that's how you get your even style of folding so what I do with the bottom portion here this is a diaper shirt it's folded up once just again so that you're getting that uniform line one and two and that's it for that shirt now this is the article of infant clothing that I'm asked most often about and it is a sleeper this particular one is fleece so it's even a bit bulkier but it's really not a hard thing to fold so I have it face up here again starting first with the sleeves you're just going to tuck those in I put the legs together there so that you can see it's even bringing the other side and then you're going to bring the two feet up again not quite to the top and then you're folding one and then you're folding twice and that's it all of the arms and the legs everything is tucked inside now it is a bit bulky but when placed in the drawer it definitely stands I thought I'd show you once more with a larger size sleeper so this is a 2t sleeper I have the legs out of the frame there so what I'll do first is just pull them right up here okay so that it's uniform try and make everything as flat as possible that's what's going to help you reduce the amount of bulk that you have with the item and then from there I'm going to pull in the sleeves just down like that down like that and then I'm going to start my folding one two and three and there you have it it stands and that's it so I hope that this helped you if you had this question if you have little tiny baby clothing that you are trying to fold in the komari style I hope that this has given you a visual look at how you do this so until next time guys thank you so much for your interest in watching this video take care and we'll catch up in my next one bye guys the length for my new 12 weeks to tidy Kumari virtual tithing program can be found out below in the description box the $75 program provides you with an exclusive Facebook group weekly emails webinars additional course information and exclusive videos to help you from start to finish through your own Kumari journey

12 Replies to “KonMari Method | Mairi Kondo Folding – Baby Clothing”

  1. It is not a diaper shirt. It’s a VEST. Sorry but that really annoyed me lol. Also you called your video Marie kondo method of folding baby clothes – she doesn’t fold baby clothes like that.

  2. Thank you for explaining WHY we are supposed to do little things like fold in the crotches of pants😂 lol.
    Very helpful video! 👍🏻

  3. Just watched tidying up on Netflix, you should update your video. Marie K folds baby clothes differently and in a way that seems more practical

  4. Thank you so much for this. I am 6 months pregnant and am trying to be as organized as possible. I just tried folding our daughter’s newborn pants and it looks great. Thank you so much for this video. Just subscribed to your channel. Can’t wait to see your other videos. Thanks!

  5. I'm giving my boyfriend an adult onesie pajama for Christmas and didn't know how to fold it, so this video helped me. Thanks!

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  7. So informative! I've recently started folding my clothes this way, and it's so much easier to see everything that's in my drawer! 😊

  8. This was so interesting to watch! As always I enjoy your videos. Thank you. I have been folding my baby's clothes a little differently than your method but, with similar results. For baby socks I usually lay one sock right on top of the other. Then, fold them in half one time and place them in a small box in a drawer. For bibs I tuck the neck part in and fold one time and stack them in a row in another little box. Having little separators or boxes (I have used lids or bottoms from packages) is helping me have a place for all of my son's clothes. It is kind of therapeutic to fold baby clothes haha.

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