43 Replies to “Korean Fashion: SPRING OUTFIT IDEAS🌷”

  1. 1:37 I never got that style it's cute but what season is it for not winter cuz legs would freeze not for spring unless windy or summer cuz top would die of heat

  2. what is this, your feet are not as white as your face, your feet are black, take care of your body not just your face treated

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8QZrbE7t-0
    Best Airport Fashion of BlackPink, Twice, Red Velvet/
    Thanks for watching!

  4. Hi Nuria! If u dont mind me asking, what is your height? I really wanna buy the clothes you wore here, we kind of have the same body type, but i’m not sure if we have the same height. It will be my first time online shopping clothes so i’m relying on you tubers with the same body as me. Thanks xo

  5. I am from Serbia and…..I FREAKING luv THIS!
    Gurll u did slayyyyy this u are sooo cuteeee gurll?!!

  6. When you can't pretty much wear these type of clothes because you live in a country that's super duper hot

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