Korean Govt. Promotes Hanbok, Traditional Korean Garment 한복의 대중화 [Arirang News]

Korean Govt. Promotes Hanbok, Traditional Korean Garment 한복의 대중화 [Arirang News]

Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress, not
usually worn these days apart from special occasions like weddings.
But hanbok may be set for a comeback, as the government wants to encourage people to wear
the garment more often. Park Ji-won has this report. Lee Hye-soon is a renowned fashion designer
of Hanbok, traditional Korean clothing. She not only designs them, but she herself
has been wearing this delicate clothing for the past 20 years. She believes hanbok has so much to offer. “Hanbok is from nature, including its fabrics.
Its fabrics are made out of silk worm cocoons, cotton balls, and the like. That’s why it
makes people feel comfortable. It’s not tight, but it’s not big. It definitely makes you
look beautiful.” Hanbok has been worn on the Korean Peninsula
for thousands of years, but these days people only wear them on special occasions, like
for weddings. Lee hopes this traditional garment can regain
its popularity and be worn more widely. For example, hanbok could be a perfect piece
of clothing for newborn infants. She launched this baby line,.. which is made
out of organic cotton, that is dyed with natural ingredients. “For hanbok to develop as an everyday piece
of clothing, first I believe hanbok should position itself as a ceremonial costume, rather
than changing its forms and designs to fit into modern ways. When more people begin to
wear it on important occasions, they’d realize it could be worn more often.”Contrary to people’s
concerns that it’s too complicated to wear, it actually is not. And more than anything, it is beautiful, and
fits whatever body figure you have. “As you can see, I am wearing a hanbok. The
Korean government is trying to promote this beautiful garment and encourage more people
to wear it in their everyday lives.”The culture ministry, together with the Korea Craft and
Design Foundation, has been campaigning, for hanbok to be more popularized in modern Korean
society. They recently held a fashion show, solely
dedicated to hanbok, as a project to identify young talented hanbok designers. The government efforts will continue this
year, with hopes that more Koreans and people outside of the country notice the beaty and
comfort of hanbok. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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  1. I'm not Korean but if my culture had such a beautiful traditional garment I would want to have more reasons to wear it. Kudos to their government for trying to help keep the Korea's traditions alive in modern times.

  2. I am not Korean and I am behind this 1000%!
    Why deny such lovely and functional attire from more cultural exposure? It will definitely bode well for the people, I'm sure. 🙂

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