Lady in a Black Dress: Kuroi Doresu no Onna 1987

Lady in a Black Dress: Kuroi Doresu no Onna 1987

The Lady in a Black Dress Translation bybLoodZWhat are you doing? Can’t you tell?
I’m walking. How far are you planning to go
that you’re walking on the highway? Tokyo. Get in. No. Why? Because you kind of look like
a gangster. Do you hate gangsters? I really hate them! Are you really a gangster? You are lucky that I picked you up
while you were still safe and sound. Where in Tokyo are you going? There’s a racecourse in a place
called Ooi, isn’t there? – Ooi?
– Yes. Ah… Yes, there is. That’s where. What for? That doesn’t concern you.It doesn’t matter where,
just send him abroad.
I leave the method to you.Somewhere in Japan won’t do?
Like in Okinawa for example.
That won’t do.
He’s targeted by other gangsters. Wherever in Japan he runs,
he’ll get caught in the end. How much?How much do I get for getting that man
out of the country?
2 million.Wow…
You sure are splurging on him.
That means you’ll be putting
your life on the line. – He’s crazy.
– Uh? He tore off the winning ticket. And it was on a dark horse. That’s the kind of man Shoji is. Huh? That’s his name, Shoji. See you then.
I’m counting on you. Watch out! Behind you! Run! Where did he get you? In the belly. But I’m fine,
it didn’t gouge anything.Thank you very much.– Good night Master.
– Take care.
Just walk with us a little.– What for?
– Why not? Come on.
Welcome.Can I take a seat? Yes. Go ahead. A margarita. Right away. Good evening. Good evening. I sure walked around a lot
searching for this place. Searching? Yes. Searching. On purpose? On purpose. Here you go. It’s delicious. Would you like a drink? I’ll have one. Sheesh, I had to walk them
all the way to the station after all. I hate it when they force me… You can go home. Yes Sir. Thank you for the drink. I received this from someone. – I’m going ahead.
– Thanks for your hard work. Aren’t you going to ask? Ask what? Who gave it to me? I thought it might be impolite… Was it your boyfriend? Don’t tell me it was from a patron? Something like that. It’s from Ms. Yoko Mitsui,
from Shizuoka. Yoko? That’s your younger sister,
isn’t she? Sister-in-law. I haven’t seen her in 7 years. Did you come from Shizuoka? I want to work in Tokyo. Would you mind hiring me? Hello.Since when did you get
a woman?
Uh?A woman answered
when I called the bar.
I hired her as a live-in
since tonight.She had a pretty voice.
I hope the same goes for her face.
– Never mind that…
– Uh?But stop eating ice cream
while on the phone. You did well figuring that out.That’s because my receiver
is starting to become sweet.
Shoji’s wound is lighter
that I thought.Yeah.And, after his wound gets better
I plan on sending him to you again. So take care of him. Only if he really intends to run. What do you mean? I was watching him the whole time and it looked to me like
he was waiting to get stabbed. No booze, no women. My life is as good as over
without those. It looks to me like you have
a few women. Just a few. About the courier… I found one. We’ll get him on a ship from Shimizu. I’ve searched for the courier that used
to transport U.S. military deserters in the past. I hope the mafia isn’t involved in it. So he’s a gangster? He won’t be able to hide
anywhere in Japan. That’s how it feels like. Are you there? Hey.Is it okay to go through your
employee’s luggage as you please?
But I don’t remember hiring an employee
that illegally possesses a gun. It’s for self-protection. This ain’t New York you know. Then let me rephrase it. It’s for my suicide. Suicide? You’re surprisingly dark. You better not do that in here,
but somewhere outside.That’s going to raise
Japan’s baseball level.
America and Japan aren’t the same,
I tell you.
This is Japan you know.It’s useless to form a union
in a controlled society like Japan’s…
Reiko-chan, add ice first. One about this size. And… two about this size. Okay.Welcome.– After that add water in moderation.
– Okay.Welcome. Please come in.Thanks for your hard work.
I’m going ahead.
– Welcome.
– Welcome. Can I take a sit? Are you closing? No. We’re open as long as we have
customers. However, we might turn away
unwanted customers. Oh. What about me? Can I at least get
a whiskey-and-water? A whiskey-and-water? Coming here unannounced
is inconvenient for me. Sorry. Mister Yamamoto told me
that he got your consent. Mmm… Not bad. Weren’t you supposed to be
in the hospital? I just hate hospitals. And it’s also dangerous. If they were to find
my hospital room…I’d have to get stabbed again.Would you please refrain from saying
frightening things in front of a young girl? Ah… Sorry about that, young lady. But what am I to do now? Unfortunately, that girl lives upstairs. I wouldn’t mind sharing a room. What about you? That’s what the customer says, but… I… … don’t mind. I’d also like to remain here… And, as long as he doesn’t try
anything funny… I won’t mind. Will you… … try anything funny? I might. You’re oddly tempting, young lady. I’ll shoot you. I’ll shoot you if you try anything funny.So you left that Shoji man behind,
together with that girl?
They instantly hit it off,
almost like a father and daughter.
Let’s hope it won’t turn into incest. I couldn’t care any less. In the end, that’s their problem. Are you sure about that? Things just turned out this way.
It’s not like I planned it. – Excuse me.
– Yes? Pour me some vodka in here. – Yes Sir.
– You better not. It’s fine. Alcohol in moderation
expands your blood vessels. That’s better for the heart. But when you start drinking
the “moderation” part vanishes. That’s why we should take care
of the business talk first. The contact with the courier
is tomorrow at 18:30. Wearing a coat, you will walk around
the Miyashita Park with a woman. It doesn’t matter who the woman is. Got it. Then, let’s drink for the success
of that Shoji man. You better not think of going for
another round. I still value my life, you know.Sorry for the wait… teacher.Just in time. What a strict teacher you are. When a girl sleeps with a man,
she just stops caring about math. Here comes the New Year! – Wow!
– She’s pretty. – Amazing. You’re pretty.
– It suits you. What’s this? It’s supposed to be a date, right? So I’m just trying to play my role. Aren’t we going to sit on a bench? We have to keep walking.The other party is supposed
to approach us.
Master… Are you using stimulant drugs
or something? Something like that. I see you’re doing fine. We are always doing fine. Tsk.
Appearing in a kimono… Don’t you think that stands out
too much? It’s fine to stand out a little… Since it’s our first meeting. – I presume you know the price, right?
– I want to hear the plan. Give me 3 days. 3 days, huh? 3 days from now,
the same place, the same time. You must bring just the client then. – If I find anyone tail you…
– Cut the bullshit. I’m not an amateur. Okay. If the client loses his life
on the way… You’ll have to pay for it
with your life. Is that how you always
did things? I managed things well enough
not to resort to that. Let’s do things well. We have to. I heard the whole thing. The client must be Mr. Shoji, right? Don’t worry. Every person has a secret after all.– Welcome.
– Oh my, welcome back.
What’s going on here? It was way past the opening hours, but
the bartender was nowhere to be found. So I’m acting as a substitute. Mr. Shoji is a pro you know,
maybe even better than you.– Good evening.
– Look who’s here.
I really don’t want you showing your face
in public, you know. Sorry. I was bored. “Bored”, huh? When your time comes,
no matter where you’re trying to hide, there’s no escaping it. I wonder if I should order
a whiskey-and-water? Trying to test my skill, huh? You can tell a bartender’s skill
from a whiskey-and-water. Isn’t that right? You also tested my skill
with a whiskey-and-water at first. Mmm… Not bad. Well then… It was a nice business day. It was also easy to move around
behind the counter. It felt like you were born and bred
as this bar’s bartender. Maybe I should run a bar
over there? I’m sure you’ll be able to do it. Well… That’s only if I manage to arrive
in one piece. Should I go together with you? Maybe you can hire me at your bar. Are you also on the run? My sister-in-law from Shizuoka
sent her here. She even gave her a gun. Who are you running from? The mafia. Oh. Why is that? Can’t tell me, huh? I’m one of them after all, right? This girl, you see… The adults, or better said… She doesn’t trust the society
made by adults at all. She’s right about that. But you should stop sleeping
with a gun. It cools your body, but… It also makes your
soul become lonely. You knew about it? Master, I’m sure you know
what kind of gun that is. Yeah. It was the gun
of my wife’s brother. Do you have a brother-in-law
in the mafia? But he’s already dead.
And so is my wife. I had a respectable
general contractor job. And after that… Your life fell apart. Why would you think so? It’s my thug intuition. I’m sorry, we’re closed. I said we’re closed! And also, we don’t allow
your organization in here. We’re searching for someone. We’re searching for a woman
called Reiko Asabuki. Go upstairs! What if I say that there’s
no such woman here? The woman that was over there
is Reiko Asabuki! This is my bar, I won’t allow you
to do as you please. Hand her over before you get hurt. Can’t you understand
that this is my bar! Hey, hey! You son of a bitch! Wait up! How dare you mess around
in someone else’s house? – From what family are you from?
– Out of my way! Don’t move. How… It’ll gouge something if you move. Who the hell are you?! Be gone.Did she vanish?It looks like she didn’t trust us either. Master. We’re sorry… about that earlier. Where did you hide Reiko Asabuki? Where did she flee to?! Where did she flee to?! – Take this!
– Here! Where did she flee to? Master. The mafia are scary, don’t you think? Let’s put an end to this. Where did Reiko Asabuki flee to?! I’ll tell you… She went orange picking
on the hill behind. You shit! Why you… Take this! You bastards! Take this! Bastard! Wanna keep going?! Bring it on! Bring it on! Isn’t it too soon… hey? Ain’t it too soon to go to bed?! Meeting you here must be fate. Are you alone?Did you meet him?Uh?Didn’t you say you were looking
for someone?
I met him.And yet you’re all alone
in the middle of the night?
That’s because I ran away. Did he try to harm you
or something? Not him, but some other guys
from the mafia. I don’t really get it. That’s fine. I don’t expect you to. It’s so dark. So cold and dark…
What a helpless view this is. Even so, the sea is nice. I saw you stab someone. That was my mentor. He’s someone important
who trained me since I was a rookie. And yet you stabbed him? I didn’t gouge anything. I thought I might settle things
through that stab. But the family says
they aren’t satisfied with that. Once again… So now I have to stab him
once again. It looks to me like
you enjoy doing that. You gotta be kidding me! I’m doing it just because
it’s my job. You can’t fool me. I really hate gangsters. Do you really have to stab
that mentor of yours? Yeah. He’s already stuck in our net. He’s supposed to get on a ship from Shimizu, so he’s probably driving there by now. He has no idea that’s our trap. Damn it. Wait up! I already told you. We’re fated, so we’ll meet again
somewhere. I knew it… Were you tailed? Yeah. – It looks like things went well.
– For now. Wow! Get off, please. We’ll go to Angel Hotel in Shimizu. Are you taking your lover there? Even though it’s called Angel,
it’s one dirty hell of a hotel. Get on, please. Even hell is fine as long as
you arrive there in one piece. I reserved a room under
my name. What about you? I have someone I’d like too see first. I somehow felt that you were
going to visit me, so I started working on this. It’s been around 7 years
since I saw you arrange flowers. More exactly… It’s been 7 years since my sister died. I was surprised… when the girl called
Reiko Asabuki mentioned your name. And on top of that,
she was carrying that gun. Was that some sort of a message? Did you remember about that gun? His own wife…
was holding it tightly… And she was killed
without firing a single shot. That’s why… That was supposed to tell you
that she’s being chased by the same guy who killed
my brother and sister. By Nogihara? She’s being chased by gangsters
that work under Nogihara. Why is that? Who knows… She didn’t tell you? No. Then I can’t tell you either. She found the one
who killed our brother. She said she wants to settle things,
otherwise she couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sure you have no idea
how my sister felt. Would you please accept it? As a memento from your dead wife. An office worker has no use for it. Excuse me… Who are you? I’m Ono from the Investigation Unit 1
of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police. I’d like to hear your full name
and relation with Yoko Mitsui. I hate cops. I told you my name. It’s Tamura. Tamura… Uh? That… Mr. Tamura? I mean… The husband of the dead Keiko Mitsui? The one who used to work at the
Tokai Branch of the Far East Brewery and is now running a bar in Tokyo? – I see you’re quite well-informed.
– I was in charge of that case. But I was just a novice gofer though. I see now… No wonder your face
looked so familiar. Why… did you come here? What about you? Why are you staking out
this place? You see, I’m looking for
a woman called Reiko Asabuki. Reiko’s father fell from
his mansion’s veranda and died. And I was questioning witnesses because
of the suspicious cause of death. So I left her in Yoko Mitsui’s care
in the meanwhile. But then, suddenly… Reiko Asabuki
was nowhere to be found. Do you get it? I got it. I came to an agreement
with the courier. It’s tomorrow afternoon at 8. At a snack bar near the harbor. The time has finally come, huh? Would you like to sleep with
a Japanese woman as a farewell memory? I wouldn’t have been here
if I still had the sex appeal for that? This is tasty. If I were to choose a woman
to see for the last time… … it would be that girl. Reiko Asabuki… Did you find something out? You went to look into her,
didn’t you? Her father fell from the veranda
and died. There are doubts about
the way he died. That’s all I’ve found out. Hello.Master, is that you?Yeah.
Where are you right now?In Tokyo.How did you know I was here?I called Ms. Yoko.Mr. Shoji is is getting on a ship
from Shimizu, right? That’s… a trap. A trap?
How do you know that?Someone told me.Who told you? Hello? Hey! Listen to me,
the ship deal is a trap.Welcome.What would you like?Whiskey-and-water. I see you’re doing fine. We are always doing fine. Where’s the client? Outside. He’s waiting in the car. Friends of yours? Your client’s actually. And who might that client be? Of course that would be Shoji. Shoji Katsuaki, one of Chiba’s
Hokusan-kai top executives. I see. This tastes bad. Uh? Do you come here often? No. Why do you ask? I don’t think I can trust a guy who has
no problems drinking this whiskey-and-water.Is this person your client?Yeah. Is there something you want from him? No… It looks like we got the wrong person. So? Do you really think I’m going to
let it slide just like that? Sorry about that. Let’s forget this ever happened. Since Chiba is our territory, we were sure that he was the one
we’re looking for. In other words… You guys are just stupid. The same goes for you too. The one you’ve turned to is a bastard who rips off other people’s
money by taking advantage of them. After all… You were manipulated
by this guy’s fake information. Shit… This gentleman? I want to leave him in your care
for about a week. I messed up
and lost his place to go. Welcome. Thank you for your help. It’s me. It’s Tamura, from Dust Hall. Master.How many days?Uh?For how many days
am I supposed keep that girl?
Around 3 days should do it. I’ll look for another place after. Hmm… 3 days, huh? Here you go. Thank you. I can’t ask for the reason, right? I don’t know much about it either. And yet you’re still helping her. Things just turned out this way. There are men and women who end up
sleeping together just like that. It’s delicious. You’re good at making coffee. It’s not just coffee, you know. What else? Sex. You see, this person is a math teacher. That’s why she’s so straightforward. I think it’s wonderful to be
a math teacher who’s good at sex. Thank you. It looks like we’ll get along well. If it’s just for 3 days. In this rhythm, it looks like… … 3 days are out of the question. I’m sorry. I might be a little jealous. Of me? Of your bottom. You’re the second person
to tell me that about my bottom. And who was the first one? My father.You write with such scary characters.Scary? The characters look like
they’re slicing people. Slice people… It’s a bad deeds list. My family’s bad deeds list. I was thinking of getting rid of
future troubles. I… Until a little while ago
I was a certain man’s woman. A certain man? Eiichiro Asabuki. Reiko’s stepfather. Just until a month ago he either
used to drop by here, or call me to his mansion. There’s also the daughter matter too. He liked showing off in front of that girl.
“I’ll train you well” he used to say. What a weird father. He was a sadist after all. And then suddenly one day the sadist father fell to his death
from the veranda. I’m sorry but we’re closed. But the neon outside was still on. I just arrived here in Tokyo
on the last bullet train, you see. Well, good for you. What will it be? Uh? A glass of water please,
I’m on duty. Hey. This is a bar you see. I see. This is bar water. Okay. Thanks. About Reiko Asabuki… I came all the way here
to look for her. You’re not the only one
looking for that girl, you know. I know that. Congressman Nogihara, and also
Wakuta from the Far East Brewery. Wakuta? He used to be a coworker of yours
at the Far East Brewery. Now he’s the manager
of the Tokai Branch. He sure climbed up the ladder. Hmm! This is such a delicious water. That’s right. That Wakuta climbed up
the ladder so high that he started sending company money
to Nogihara as he pleased through someone from
a certain mutual savings bank. And the director of that
mutual savings bank is Eiichiro Asabuki. Asabuki? That’s Reiko’s father, stepfather though. I see. And her father died one day. Felling from… his mansion’s veranda. Was he killed? Uh? I don’t know. But that’s one of the reasons
why I’m looking for Reiko Asabuki. And the other reason? You see, Eiichiro Asabuki… He had documents in which he noted down
the flow of the money in detail. And those documents… … disappeared after he died. Did Nogihara or Wakuta took them? No. If that was so, they wouldn’t be chasing
after Reiko to try and kill her. In any case… That girl is the key off all of this. Do you get that? Kind of. Reiko Asabuki… Where is she? Hey. Perfect timing.
I was just looking for you…What will you do now?About what?To be frank,
there’s nowhere to run now.
That was the best place. Why did you leave? Because I wasn’t very welcomed there. Since that teacher is sharp, I felt that
she might see right through me. And what would that be? That you’ve killed your stepfather? You knew about that? Did you really kill him? No! Ow… – No.
– Reiko! Reiko. No… What is it? Could you reserve us a room? A twin room. Under Tamura Shusuke… and Reiko. Yes Sir, certainly. I don’t want to sleep with you. I’ll be sleeping in the same room
to protect you. I feel much better now. I see your body’s fully grown up. You want to say that
I’m a half-wit, right? Why would I?
You’re quite a wise one. You’re not swimming? I really want to, but I can’t because
of the state my body is in. Hi. Thank you. I brought all this girl’s luggage
as you ordered. I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry for troubling you so much.A trade?That’s the same as helping
Nogihara and Wakuta, you know. Their lives depend on those notes,
after all. I… don’t really care
what happens to Nogihara. I got sick of this silly tag game. I’m returning this. I don’t need it anymore. Reiko-chan, I don’t really want you
to deal with them. Please understand. I have a much more important
matter to deal with… Patricide that is. So, where are those notes? – At the mansion.
– At the mansion? They weren’t there,
not even in the hidden safe. There’s another hiding place. He was very cautious after all.Mr. Shoji.Will you come with us? If we get ambushed… I won’t be able to handle it alone. I’m coming too. Please take me with you. Stop the car. I have a little business
with the car behind us. I’ve been expecting you. I didn’t really want to come, but… But you’re here. Can you give me some time? I have to take care of something
for an acquaintance. After I finish that, I’d like to
take you on man to man. Can you do that? I’ll be waiting.Hello.Are you Mr. Nogihara?Yeah, that’s right?Asabuki speaking. Please prepare 100 million ¥
until 3 o’clock tomorrow.What?I’m going to sell you the thing
that you’re frantically looking for.100 million ¥?That’s cheap, don’t you think? If I give that to the police
you’ll probably end up in prison, right?What?The exchange place will be
Angel Hotel’s front lobby.Angel Hotel?Since it’s just a small dirty hotel you’ll attract attention if you
don’t come only with Mr. Wakuta. Did you understand? You sure are something. The 100 million ¥ deal is now set. Where are the notes? Could you… hand that over to me? I want to revenge my brother and sister
who were killed by Nogihara. I beg you. I saw it. I faintly saw that kimono’s color
as I was losing consciousness. You were there at that time,
weren’t you? Yeah, I was. Bound with a rope though. That’s because he liked bondage. That’s when you came home. And then, he suddenly
started assaulting you. That means… You’re the one who killed
Eiichiro Asabuki? Stop right there!
Don’t get in my way! You hit the old man’s head
from behind, and then you threw him over the handrail
while he was unconscious. Am I right? That’s right. I’m really sorry. I was meaning to tell you
the truth one day. One day. “One day” is too late. Do you know what I’ve been through? – Forgive me.
– I can’t forgive you. Killing someone for your
own convenience… … and then shift the blame onto
someone else. I can’t forgive you for that. I’ll shoot! Mr. Tamura. Sorry. I slept with this woman. Because I love you. That’s mutual. Are you alone? Mr. Shoji is dead. He told me to give you this. This here, was soaked in many
people’s blood. I’ll take it. You’ll sleep with that, and stay
in the mafia your whole life, right? You’re going to die
just like Mr. Shoji, right? Farewell. Wait! We’re bounded by fate, you know. That bond was cut. That knife just cut it. I don’t think we’ll meet again. That’s my hunch. Farewell. Hi! Go ahead, have a seat. Long time no see. Yeah.
So you were still alive? Sort of. I’ve heard you got
one hell of a promotion. Hanging out with such a young girl…
I see things are going well for you too. Master, you knew each other? Yeah, we used to be coworkers. Ever since those days,
he was an asshole. Indeed. He threatened me he’ll make the gangsters
rape me if I don’t give him the notes. I think you’re the one who wanted
to rape her, am I right? I think it’s time we get down
to business. Did you bring the 100 million ¥? Where are the notes? It’s the real deal. Do you want to listen to the tape too? I hope you haven’t made copies,
have you? I never want to hear it again. If copies of these were to pop up consider your lives over. You better remember that. I see you became better at bluffing! It’s not a bluff. You know that better than anyone,
Tamura-kun. I know. Because it’s scary… I called the police in your name. Mister Nogihara and Mr. Wakuta. There’s something I’d like to check
with the two of you, so could you voluntarily accompany me
to the police station? Good work. You’re coming too! Look. You left some aftereffect
on the back of my head. That’s interference with official business
and assault! Give me a break. I did you a meritorious deed here,
now our deal is complete. Rather than a meritorious deed… … the pain of being hit by a rat like you
is much more serious. Take this! You’re going in a cell
you son of a bitch. – You bastard!
– You son of a bitch. Poor thing. Hey, hold him right there! You bastard! Take this! – Restrain him already!
– Restrain him! Restrain him! She’s gone. What’s gone? The lady in a black dress. After the winter comes the spring.
After the spring comes the summer. After the summer comes the autumn.
After the autumn comes the winter. After the winter comes the spring.
After the spring comes the summer.After the summer comes the autumn.
After the autumn comes the winter.
Production: Haruki Kadokawa After the winter comes the spring.
After the spring comes the summer… Producers: Mitsuru Kurosawa,
Katsuhiko Aoki Original Work: Kenzo Kitakata
Screenplay: Yozo Tanaka Shooting: Takeshi Hamada
Art: Tsutomu Imamura Lighting: Tatsuya Osada
Recording: Toshio Nakano Editing: Isao Tomita
Assistant Director: Toshihiro Sato Music: Masahide Sakuma
Music Producer: Kou Ishikawa Production cooperation: Central Arts Harada Tomoyo Toshiyuki Nagashima Mariko Fuji Takashi Fuji
Yuji Honma
Saiko Isshiki Akihiro Shimizu
Sachiko Ito Katsuo Nakamura Mikio Narita
Isao Hashizume
Hideo Murota Saburo Tokito Bunta Sugawara Directed by Yoichi Sai Translation bybLoodZ

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  1. Do you like Hiroko Yakushimaru or Tomoyo Harada?
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