Last Minute Halloween Costumes! Super Easy & Cheap!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes! Super Easy & Cheap!

hey guys welcome back to my channel are welcome to my channel if you’re new here in today’s video I’m doing a halloween video and super duper excited for halloween let me know in the comments below what you guys are going to be for halloween find today’s video I put together for like super easy last-minute costume DIYs you guys can do they’re so easy and pretty much already had everything but if I think i can spend like five dollars total at walmart for all four of my DIYs this is also a big lot with all these youtubers right here and I legit just felt like sponge on when he goes edge of a badge in a hearing but anyway they’re all doing halloween videos also so make sure you go check out their videos after you watch mine and subscribe to them because they’re all unbusy gonna see some super easy halloween costumes just keep on watching for the pinata custom you’ll need address some streamers some fabric glue some clothes pins or whatever you want to use to tie it down scissors and some cardboard so what i did was i just put the cardboard through the dress so it kind of like stretch it out a little bit and then he took my streamers and I measured it out and I cut four of those like colors and then I did it with every single color and this just makes it easier if you do like multiple lot of times you don’t have to like constantly do this so what you’re gonna do is you’re just going to do this with every single color so once you have all of your streamers cut you’re just going to want to lay them out on each other and then closed pen then this just keeps it so they don’t move around when you cut them and then I just took a pair of scissors and I cut them about like halfway probably about like half an inch apart just to make it look like an actual pinata once you’re done with that you’re going to take your fabric glue and start gluing on the streamers and this was really fun but it did take a little bit but i think it turned out really cute so you guys should definitely try this one out I did two rows of each color just to kind of give it that pinata look and it turned out really cute once you don’t just cut the edges or you can do this on the back too next I’m going to show you how to make the dog snapchat filter and i love this one so much all I did we just got all these supplies and then I printed off the dog filter from google i just typed it in and printed it off and then I got some cardboard and i trace those out and then I glue that on there so it’s kind of more like sturdy and it doesn’t look as cheaper like flimsy and then for the mouth i just did the same exact thing and then I had a wooden dowel leftover from another DIY but you can use whatever you want to kind of hold it in place and that’s the mouth and then for the ears I just glued on to a headband and it stayed put and it looks so cute so next I’m going to show you how to make Lilo’s dress from lilo and Stitch are going to need is some white felt some tape scissors a pen and a red dress so what I did first was I went online and I found Lilo’s flower from her dress printed out cut it out and then i trace it on my white felt once you’re done tracing out a few i used i think 6 i’m just going to place them on my dress kinda see where I want to put them before i take them down and if you want to make this more permanent you can use hot glue but i wanted to use the red dress later without the flowers on it so I just used tape and I taped it on and was super cute next I’m going to show you how to make the easiest last minute costume all you need to do is print out some social media logos and then cut those out place them on your shirt and then you put on some butterfly wings which I got mine from the dollar tree and now you are social butterfly alright guys that’s going to be opportunities video i really hope you enjoyed let me know in comments below which one your favorite was and I wanted to say thank you for watching this video and i’ll talk to you soon in the next 15

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  1. Great video👍🏻, My friends and I are going to be bikers for Halloween and I made a Get Ready With Me for Halloween Party on my channel and I would really appreciate it if you would go check it out!

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